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    Chapter 867 The Real Purpose

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    At that moment, a group of people from Hidden Cloud City Base and Earth Dragon Base had been discussing where to go at a crossroad that could lead to Upper City District or Sea City Base.

    Have you figured out the situation in All Beings Base yet? Will our plan work?

    According to the information we got from Sea City Base, that base is located in Upper City District. Only three batches on people have joined that base. They only had about ten-thousand people by now. A lot of those people must have died recently, so I guess they only have thousands of people now. Most importantly, not many of them have superpowers.

    I heard that Chief lady has level-seven poison power. Shes probably not easy to deal with, right?

    Theres nothing to be afraid of. You may not need to use violence to defeat a woman. We can use our hearts, right? You can also use your kidneys. I heard that shes pretty, hehe

    Are you saying that youll seduce her, make her fall in love with you, then kill her when she relaxes her vigilance against you?

    Not me Youll do it! Make your pretty face useful.

    Yeah. Zuo Chen, youre the prettiest one among all of us. You have a big chance to succeed.

    I agree. You should do it, Zuo Chen.

    The group of people all looked at a handsome young man who was in his twenties. Zuo Chen paused briefly, then smiled and said, Are you asking me to compete against Wu Chengyue from Sea City Base? Why do I feel that I have no chance?

    One of the groups immediately responded carelessly, He has been pursuing her for so long. Everybody knows about that. I think that woman isnt interested in that smiling man. I think youre good. Youre handsome. Which woman doesnt like you? Which woman in our troop doesnt want to get into your bed?

    Then, he narrowed his eyes and continued, Am I right? You have tasted all of them, havent you?

    The smile on Zuo Chens face turned sluttish when he heard that. There are so little of them. Not enough fun at all. After hearing what you said, I am now interested in that Chief lady. Lying upon a level-seven female leader must feel nice.

    On hearing him, the others laughed viciously.

    Soon after that, All Beings Base people heard the news that a group of people was approaching their base.

    From the Southwest I guess its those people from Hidden Cloud City and Earth Dragon Base. How many are they? Yuan Tianxing and Lin Feng were both sitting in the office. Lin Feng asked Li Zheng, who brought the news to them.

    Three or four thousand, Li Zheng answered the question, They look like hunters and not soldiers. I think there were more of them at first. Among the leaders of this group of people, a few are at level-six. Quite some of them have superpowers.

    Level-six? How many? Lin Feng asked.

    Seven, said Li Zheng.

    Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing glanced at each other alertly.

    Seven level-six people couldnt make a big threat to the base, but they still needed to stay vigilant against them.

    Keep an eye on them. Figure out their real purpose if you can. If they purely want to join our base, well surely welcome them. Im just worried that they might have some other intentions, said Yuan Tianxing.

    They are under watch, said Li Zheng. His people still had eyes on that troop.

    Let them come. Even if they have some bad intentions, they need to be capable enough to make it come true. Were not afraid of them, said Lin Feng blandly.

    Yuan Tianxing thought for a moment, then agreed with him. Their base did have a small population, yet they had a huge zombie army! Many of those zombies were powerful. Why would they be afraid of those people? If they caused any trouble, they would be thrown out of the base by the zombies.

    Have you counted the seeds that Sea City Base provided yet? How many acres can we farm with those seeds? Lin Feng turned to Yuan Tianxing and asked.

    Liu Jun hasnt given me a number yet. But she will soon, I think, said Yuan Tianxing.

    She has talked to Chief about that, and Chief agreed on that idea. But, Sea City Base people brought it to us even before we talked to them about it, Lin Feng wore no expression, but he seemed to be delighted.

    Its reasonable for them to come up with that idea. If the other farms are all dead, our farm will become very valuable in the future, said Yuan Tianxing with a faint smile.

    Currently, no base had figured out a way to save the polluted soil. If that situation continued, not only Sea City Base, but the other bases would all turn their eyes to the farm in All Beings Base.

    By that time, some might be holding unfriendly intentions toward the farm.

    In the temporary base near Green Mountain Base, Lin Jing was walking upstairs, holding a bottle of water and a hard steamed bun.

    Some noises were suddenly heard from upstairs.

    He went crazy! Stay away! Go! Go!

    Get downstairs




    Lin Jing was stunned a little. She didnt hear the sounds that came from upstairs clearly, so she stopped with confusion, looking at the others rush down. Those people looked scared and anxious, with no other emotions.

    Some of them didnt see Lin Jing, while some saw her but pretended not to. Some pushed her away violently as she was in their way.

    Get out of the way!

    Ou Lin Jing wasnt prepared for that. Her body bumped against the guardrail on the side. Sensing a dull pain from her waist, she knitted her brows into a deep frown.

    Get down! Get down! A level-four man went crazy! A woman from Lin Jings room saw her and reminded her, then ran away without her. Hearing that, Lin Jing figured out about what was happening. She quickly turned and ran downstairs, her waist still aching.

    She was bumped to the side a few times on her way down the stairs.

    The noises coming from the upstairs had stopped by the time Lin Jing followed the others down the stairs. It seemed that some base managers had gone upstairs and fixed the problem.

    Lin Jing gasped for air. The running made her feel weak and dizzy.

    She opened her bottled water and took a few sips, trying to catch her breath. Suddenly, someone bumped her from the side, almost throwing her water to the ground.

    Can you not stand in the middle of the way? A cold voice was heard from the side.

    Lin Jing turned and saw that person, who was from her room too. She had been unfriendly to the former all the time. Every time she saw Lin Jing, she would talk to her sourly.

    She was now doing it again. Lin Jing was on one side of the road, in nobodys way. That woman bumped into her and blamed her for it.