Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The Reunion After Death

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At this moment, Lin Yu walked into the Sea City Base. He looked glazed, his eyes were filled with a deep confusion.

He got in. He really got in! The virus checking devices failed to detect anything abnormal from his body.

Before getting in, he had been worrying about himself. He looked like a normal human being, but he couldn't tell if it was because the virus was resting inside his body, and he didn't know if he would start turning into a zombie once he was checked by the devices.

However, he cleared his own doubts when he saw those zombies which hungrily pounced on him. If he truly harbored the zombie virus, why would those zombies charge at him?

Therefore, he finally decided to try entering the base first. If he couldn't, he would have to wait outside.

But fortunately, he got in safely.

After getting in, he headed to the registration department right away. After finding out that his Captain and teammates had indeed returned to the base, he went to find them.

His Captain was a level-five ice-powered man. As a superpowered member, he was temporarily accommodated in a not-so-bad flat by the base administrators in an old residence community. Every building in this area merely had six or seven floors, and the people living here were mostly superpowered members and their families.

In this base, it was pretty lucky to be able to live in a place like that. It was like a high-end apartment for the people in the old world.

Lin Yu's Captain, Li Zheng, and all his teammates were accommodated in that area temporarily.

He asked around and finally found the location of that residence community. After locating the building where Li Zheng and his teammates lived in, he rushed up to the sixth floor and stopped before a door. He checked the room number, then raised a hand to knock the door.

"Who is it?" The door was soon answered. An average-looking young man who was about twenty years old opened the door to look outside. When he saw Lin Yu's face clearly, he suddenly widened his eyes, looking stunned.

"Brother Lin Yu! You're alive!" Three seconds later, a scream was heard.

The others in the room were doing their own work, silently wondering who was at the door. However, they paused simultaneously when they heard the scream as if someone had pressed the pause button for all of them.

In the next second, they rushed up to the door together.

Lin Yu stood by the door, looked at the suddenly opened door. Li Zheng and the other few of his teammates all crowded near the door, staring at him in disbelief.

"Lin Yu You Didn't you?" Li Zheng stuttered to ask, eyes filled with shock, delight, confusion, and all the other complicated emotions which disabled him from speaking fluently.

The young man who had opened the door was named Feng Yuming. He widely opened his small eyes as he gazed at Lin Yu while saying, "Brother Lin Yu, aren't you affected by the zombie virus? You How did you"

The others all had a bewildered look in their eyes.

Lin Yu smiled, then looked around alertly. After confirming that no other people had noticed him and his teammates, he said, "Let me in first."

Hearing him, the others quickly woke up from shock and stepped back to let him into the room.Feng Yuming shut the door after Lin Yu walked in. If anyone heard what Feng Mingyu said just now, Lin Yu and all his teammates might fall into trouble.

After entering the room, Lin Yu found that it was a studio, tens of meters squared in area. Two bunk beds stood against the wall for the four men in the room to rest.

Behind the beds was the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen was connected with the balcony.

This type of accommodation was like a very simple and often-seen kind of shared home for workmates in the old world. The rent for a studio like this might cost hundreds of yuan per month. The living condition here couldn't be counted as good; but fortunately, the four men who lived here all liked to tidy it.

Aside from the two iron bunk beds was a square table and a few plastic stools in the room.

Lin Yu grabbed a stool to sit down, then leaned against the wall and waited for the others to sit.

While staring at Lin Yu, Li Zheng, Feng Yuming, Fei Chonglin, and Lei Yao each found a seat. Their sharp gazes seemed even to tear him apart to examine every inch of him and then put all the pieces back together.

Lin Yu faced their gazes with a complicated feeling. He knew that they were all very curious about what happened to him. Even he wanted to know what exactly had happened.

He remembered that he had locked himself in an empty warehouse, then fell unconscious. When he woke up, he found that he didn't become a zombie. But before falling unconscious, he had sensed some strange changes in his body indeed.

Back then, he couldn't move, and his limbs were slowly turning stiff. His head ached so badly that he had slowly fainted. But when he woke back up, he found that he was perfectly fine. He could run and jump like a healthy human being, and even his blood continued to be red.

But later on, he found somethinga pair of tooth marks on his chest, seeming to be left by sharp canines which had pierced into his skin. He thought he was bitten by some kind of animal, because those tooth marks didn't look like they were left by zombie teeth.

Lin Yu organized his thoughts, then began talking while four pairs of eyes filled with curiosity were fixed on him. "In fact, I don't know what happened either. I locked myself in a warehouse. I wanted to kill myself at that time, but I couldn't raise my gun because my head ached too badly. So, I fell unconscious. I didn't know how long I slept, but then I woke up to find that I was still in the warehouse, perfectly fine," he said.

The others stared at him with disbelief on hearing what he said.Li Zheng frowned slightly and asked, "Did you find anything strange around you? Or, has any part of your body mutated?"

"Yes," Lin Yu nodded and responded.

"What was it?" Asked Li Zheng immediately.

"I checked the door of the warehouse which I locked, but it was pried open. I felt that something had entered the warehouse while I was unconscious!" said Lin Yu.

He trusted his teammates very much. After all, they had been acting together as a group ever since the apocalyptic era began, helping each other to survive in this dangerous world. This time, his teammates never thought about giving up on him even when he was scratched by a zombie, but he asked to stay behind to cover them retreat himself.

Therefore, he wouldn't keep secrets from these people.

A concerned look was shown in the eyes of the others when they heard Lin Yu say that something had entered the warehouse while he was there alone and unconscious.

"What was it?" Li Zheng asked.

Lin Yu shook his head and said, "I don't know. When I woke up, there was nothing in the warehouse. The door was open, but the zombies nearby didn't come in."