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    Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 337

    Chapter 337 Where Are You Going?

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    “Roar…” The zombie dog didn’t grasp the opportunity to leave, but went crazy after seeing Lin Qiao walk toward the mutant tree. It gave a raging roar, then sprung up and leaped high, brandishing its claws to charge at Lin Qiao.

    Lin Qiao turned, then raised an arm and conveniently swung it.

    Thud! The huge zombie dog which weighed about two-hundred kilograms was slapped away by Lin Qiao, as easily as slapping away a fly.

    “Stand still! Don’t move!” Lin Qiao pointed at it then yelled loudly.

    “Roar!” The zombie dog which had struggled back up from the ground refused to listen to her words at all. Instead, it rushed forward to attack her again.

    Lin Qiao turned around and raised another arm.

    Thud! Once again, she slapped the zombie dog away. This time, she didn’t stay where she was after sending the zombie dog flying away, but darted out fleetingly. Before the zombie dog landed on the ground, she suddenly leaped onto its neck and punched its head violently.

    “I told you to stand still, but you just won’t listen! Do you think you can take a beating because you’re a zombie dog? I’ll punch you stupid big dog to death!” While saying, she quickly and consecutively punched the zombie dog’s head.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    “Aw… oar….” She punched the dog so quickly that the dog’s head was even sinking into the ground.

    Lin Qiao didn’t hit the zombie dog with a great strength, so its head wouldn’t break. In the worst case, its head would be buried in the earth.

    “Roar… oar… ooo…” The zombie dog’s voice turned weaker and weaker, and Lin Qiao finally stopped her violence. She got off the dog, then pointed at it and gave another growl. Her pants were stained by the dirt and blood on the zombie dog’s body.

    “Don’t move! Roar!” She also gave the zombie dog a roar.

    With the warning roar, she successfully made the zombie dog quiet down. After that, she turned around and covered her nose while she kept walking toward the mutant tree. Seeing the black and stinky fluid flowing all over the ground, she stopped, then looked around and picked up a branch.

    The soft and flexible branch had now become a hard and dry, regular branch.

    Lin Qiao carried the branch and stepped on the broken tree trunk as she walked over to those bone pieces, then rummaged through the pile of bones with the branch.

    She pushed aside those bones, then found an energy nucleus which was inlaid in the tree trunk. Then, she quickly waved her claws at the nucleus for a few times to cut the piece of tree trunk into smaller pieces.

    After that, she turned those wooden pieces with the branch in her hand, and soon found the one with the energy nucleus. Next, she swept the piece of wood outward with the branch.

    As Lin Qiao finally picked the piece of wood with the nucleus out of the dirty fluid, a glass of water suddenly appeared in her hand. Next thing, she poured the water on the energy nucleus.

    After washing the energy nucleus with the water, Lin Qiao bent over to pick that piece of wood up.

    The energy nucleus looked like a gnarl on the tree trunk, a little smaller than Lin Qiao’s fists. Through her hands, Lin Qiao sensed a strange type of energy inside it.

    As she prepared to enter her space and ask Viney if she wanted that nucleus, she saw the zombie dog silently get back on its feet. It kept its belly on the ground, but slowly moved its limbs to inch its way into the woods nearby like a turtle.

    “Where are you going?” Lin Qiao watched its move and asked abruptly. Her voice made the zombie dog freeze.

    “Awoo…” The dog turned around and gave Lin Qiao a pitiful moan.

    Lin Qiao walked to it, then bent down and gripped the sticky and dirty fur behind its back, bringing it into her space.

    In the space, Lin Qiao threw the dog aside.

    “Don’t move!” Seeing the zombie dog struggle up the moment it landed on the ground and attempted to escape, Lin Qiao immediately shouted at it. Hearing that, the zombie dog instantly stopped moving.

    Before Lin Qiao turned to the lake to call Viney’s name, a few jade-white vines had already reached toward her from the lake. Specifically, those vines were reaching toward the piece of wood in her hand.

    Lin Qiao raised her hand and directly threw the wood at those vines. Viney accurately caught the wood piece, then rolled it up and drew back into the water, only reaching out a long vine to coil around Lin Qiao’s hand.

    ‘Mama, Mama… This is great, this is great… This energy smells wonderful!’

    Recalling those bone pieces and sticky fluid, as well as the pungent stench outside, Lin Qiao honestly didn’t know which part of those smelled wonderful.

    “Do you know which level this tree nucleus is at?” she asked.

    ‘Four, ‘ said Viney.

    Lin Qiao nodded, then pointed at the zombie dog which was now lying by her side and said, “No wonder this level-five thing couldn’t even defeat a tree.”

    Mutant animals and plants were normally stronger than same-level zombies or superpowered human beings, because their powers were unpredictable. It was difficult for people to estimate how powerful those creatures were or how much energy they had.

    They could be very powerful, or very weak.

    But reasonably speaking, zombie dogs should be more aggressive than zombies. The level-five zombie dog should be nearly as great as a zombie king in both terms of fighting capacity and reaction speed. However, it actually failed to kill a tree. What made it so weak?

    Wondering about that, Lin Qiao stared at the zombie dog curiously.

    Viney, who was coiled around her hand, sensed her thoughts and said to her,‘Mama, Mama, this zombie dog can only hurt that kind of mutant tree with its claws. The dog’s fire power is ineffective on the mutant tree. The tree was able to absorb powers.’

    Lin Qiao turned to look at Viney with surprise, asking, “How do you know the dogs has fire power? And how do you know what the tree was able do?”

    Viney responded a little proudly, ‘Once a creature comes inside this space, I can tell what kind of power it has.’

    “I see,” Lin Qiao responded.

    ‘Mama, I may need to spend a long while to absorb the energy this time,’ said Viney, ‘Mama, be ready. I’ll fix your stomach after I have absorbed all the energy.’

    Lin Qiao automatically touched her stomach. She was curious about what was inside her stomach now, but didn’t dare to cut it open and find out… What if she ruined Viney’s work?

    “Alright, I’ll be waiting for you,” she nodded and said.

    ‘With this mutant tree nucleus, both Mama and Viney will become different,’ Viney said happily , ‘Wait for Viney’s good news!’

    It sounded that some big changes would happen after Viney had absorbed the energy.

    “Great! I’ll be expecting your good news,” said Lin Qiao.

    Viney unwrapped her, then drew back into the lake.

    After watching Viney disappear into the lake, Lin Qiao turned to look at the zombie dog which was huddled on the ground and shaking the whole time since Viney showed up.

    She fixed her eyes on the dog and looked at it from head to paws.

    ‘So ugly! So disgusting!’