Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing?
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    Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 52

    Chapter 52: Sot Hot, It's Unbearable...

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    There was blood on the sofa, and Ji Nuan—who sat on it—was also covered in blood.

    Her hands were all cut up, and her gaze was wild. She held onto the fruit knife and the glass bottle tightly with her bloodied hands, using all her effort to prevent anyone from coming close. Her clothes were ragged, and she appeared so battered that it was difficult to imagine how she looked initially. However, nothing was exposed, and it was clear that no one had managed to take advantage of her.

    Ji Nuan's hair was messy, her face dirty, and her expression vacant. However, her hands resolutely remained lifted. She cut anyone who approached, refusing to let go of the knife even though it hurt her hands.

    "God damn it, stupid woman!" The lecherous man who had been stabbed did not notice the movement by the door. He yelled angrily, raising his hand to discipline her.

    Mo Jingshen's gaze darkened. From the entrance, the guards immediately rushed in, and forcefully restrained the two men. They kicked them onto the ground and pressed down with their feet without holding back. There was not even a chance for them to struggle.

    "Ah…" their cries of pain rang out.

    It was as though Ji Nuan did not notice what had happened before her eyes. Like a female warrior that had rushed onto the battlefield, her two arms held onto her weapons as she remained alert of her surroundings. Even if she could not stand up, she still sat unyieldingly straight, unwilling to bow down.

    Mo Jingshen looked at her and then walked over. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    Although she was disadvantaged, the two well-built men clearly did not take advantage of her. Their bodies were all covered in wounds.

    "CEO Mo!" Shen Mu rushed forward, wanting to stop him. "Miss Ji is not conscious right now. If you move too close, you might get injured. Let's have the bodyguards first…"

    Mo Jingshen did not speak, but he also showed no intention of stopping. As he approached, his feet landed on the hand of one of the men lying on the floor.

    In an instant, the ominous, cracking sound of rang through the room, accompanied by the man's pitiful wailing. With a shift of a movement, he stepped on the other hand.

    Just as he was nearing Ji Nuan, Mo Jingshen spoke calmly without turning back, "Cripple their hands."

    The moment his words landed, the sounds of bones breaking came from behind. The pitiful, piercing wails of the men filled the air. Just listening to it caused one's heart to tremble.

    He then glanced toward Ji Nuan who was extremely wary and unhurriedly removed his tie.

    Shen Mu could see that CEO Mo… was really provoked this time.

    "Keep everyone that showed up today for the evening ball!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    Shen Mu turned back to give the guards his orders. At the same time, he forcefully picked up those two men who were half dead and hauled them out of the room.

    After that, Shen Mu glanced toward Mo Jingshen with some worry. He looked toward Ji Nuan whose hands were still gripping onto the fruit knife and broken glass. Although he was worried that Mo Jingshen would not restrain Ji Nuan due to her injuries, after thinking carefully, he felt that Ji Nuan, who was so overwhelmed at the moment, could not injure him anyway. After all, her movements were completely in disarray.

    Shen Mu cleaned up the scene, cleared up the room, and quickly closed the door.

    The private room remained silent. Just like this, Mo Jingshen stood watching Ji Nuan.

    Her gaze was vacant and barely focused. She stared forward at his long figure with no expression.

    "Ji Nuan," Mo Jingshen softly called her name.

    She stiffened, tightening her grip around the knife in her hands. Her eyes were wary as she sternly said, "Don't come closer…"

    Mo Jingshen walked over.

    Feeling his approach, Ji Nuan frantically shrunk back against the couch. Mo Jingshen took advantage of the moment she became distracted, reaching out to hold on to her wrists. Her eyes glistened ominously as she raised the knife toward him. He increased his grip slightly, and the knife and glass bottle in her hands fell to the ground. He then quickly tugged her into his embrace just as she began struggling hard against him.

    "It's all right now; don't be afraid." He pressed down against the back of her head, feeling the burning heat of her body.

    After being drawn into his embrace, Ji Nuan's stiff body stood unmoving.

    "Be good; nothing happened. You weren't taken advantage of. Everything is all right." He hugged her while his low soothing voice whispered by her ears. Gently and patiently, he kissed her forehead. It was a quiet and silent comfort. "Baby, you were fearless today. I'm back now; don't be afraid, en?"

    Ji Nuan tightened body gradually relaxed. She leaned against his embrace as all the strength left her body. The tears she did not dare to shed earlier finally came flowing out.

    She pressed against his shoulders, her body leaning into his embrace as her hands tightly gripped onto the back of his black blazer. She sobbed, "They… didn't touch me…"

    "I know." Mo Jingshen furrowed his brows in heartache, tightening his grip around her as though wanting to meld their bodies together.

    "They didn't touch me…"

    Perhaps because she had yet to wake up from the fear, she quietly repeated those words, her hands tightening into fists.

    Mo Jingshen lowered his eyes to look at her. He saw tears welled up in her eyes. She was trembling nonstop, biting the bottom of her lips harshly until they were pale white. It was as though she was trying to maintain her rationality and conceal the fact she was crumbling under the fear.

    He raised his hand, using her tears to wipe away the bloodstains on her face.

    Thankfully, none of it was her blood.

    Ji Nuan was a woman who rarely cried. No matter if it was in her previous life or present life, she was not someone who liked crying. However, right now, she was sobbing helplessly without restraint; her tears fell with no sign of stopping.

    There was no need to check the surveillance cameras. From her reaction alone, it was sufficient to understand how difficult today had been for her.

    "It's all right now." He wiped her tears, removed his coat and covered her body with it. He then picked her up. "Let's go home. I'm with you, so don't cry anymore. Be good."

    Ji Nuan's body was unusually hot. Mo Jingshen's gaze was heavy and cold. Just as he was about to carry her away, Ji Nuan helplessly buried her head in his neck, her hoarse voice quivering as she said, "After being drugged with that sort of thing… if… I don't do that with anyone… what will happen…"

    He lowered his gaze to look at the little woman in his embrace; her face was bright red because of the medicine. He tightened his grip around her waist. "And so, what do you plan to do? En?"

    Ji Nuan furrowed her brows, her burning body shrinking in his embrace. She asked hoarsely against his ears, "Can you… give me some ice water…? It's sweltering. I want some ice water…"

    "Immediately." Seeing she was uncomfortable, Mo Jingshen carried her out of the room.

    Outside the door, Shen Mu turned back his head to see this scene. He quickened his pace and walked over. "CEO Mo, do you want to take our car back or…"

    "Go bring a glass of ice water."

    Shen Mu's words got caught in his throat. He nodded his head, immediately asking someone to bring it.

    Ji Nuan shrunk in Mo Jingshen's embrace dazedly. Her head subconsciously rubbed against his neck; her voice was hoarse and helpless."It's so uncomfortable… which pervert invented such medicine…"