Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Smile

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"What do you mean?" Gu Mohan smiled secretly to himself as he asked her.

"President Gu, I need to get a spot for the DHA nominations. I'll sleep with you tonight in exchange for that. Aren't you trying to have sex with me by asking me to be your woman?"

Gu Mohan frowned and the temperature in the room dropped significantly as a cold chill permeated throughout the room. He glared at her with his deep and narrow eyes, wanting to pierce through her with his gaze.

She wanted to have a deal with him.

Only this woman was capable of triggering him. She really knew how to infuriate him.

"Ha." He let out a hoarse laugh and his chest heaved up and down.

Tang Mo'er was perplexed by his ambiguous laughter. This was the true Gu Mohan, he was able to confuse everyone with from just a mere gaze or uttering a single sound.

He was a dangerous man to be with, she couldn't afford to mess with him. It was something she needed to remind herself, time after time.

They would be strangers after tonight.

"President Gu, why are you laughing? Don't you want to?" Tang Mo'er asked brazenly.

Gu Mohan sized her up, letting his gaze wander over the perfection that was Tang Mo'er. Her cheeks were flushed and inviting and her creamy skin moulded across her feminine curves, revealing enough to be a wicked tease on all of his senses. He smirked. "I want it, of course I want it. You've said that all men want to sleep with you, if I reject you, I'll not be considered a man, right? However, I'm curious about something. Does your fiancé know that you are prostituting yourself?"

Tang Mo'er froze and her face went pale. He was humiliating her on purpose and she didn't want to respond. She changed the topic and said, "I don't need your advice regarding my relationship with my fiancé."

She then walked rigidly towards the bedside after speaking.

"What are you doing? Don't you know the rules even after being in this trade?" He shaded her sarcastically.

Tang Mo'er paused her steps.

She lifted her head and looked at him, her red lips were raised and she asked, "President Gu, what do you want then?"

Gu Mohan walked beside the bed and proceeded to sit down. His narrow eyes had a slight smile and he said, "Come over and squat down here."

He wanted her to come over and squat down.

Although Tang Mo'er was ready to give up herself to him, she still felt numb when he ordered her around as if she was a machine.

She walked over slowly and squatted down in front of him.

Gu Mohan lifted his eyes and looked at the obedient woman squatting in front of him. He pulled her hair and asked, "Why are you showing me this expression, did I force you to do this? Smile, I want to see you smile."

He wanted her to smile.

He wanted her to behave like one of those hostesses who would do anything for money.

Tang Mo'er took a deep breath and raised her red lips. It was forced, and it looked even worse than if she had been crying.

Gu Mohan revealed a spurious smile and spoke with a deep voice, "Are you unwilling to do so? Miss Tang, no one is forcing you to do this, it was all consensual. You can still choose to leave."

Tang Mo'er bit her lower lip, her face was as pale as a sheet of white paper.

Gu Mohan glared at her again and his eyes were turning red. He had to smoke a cigarette again, he really wanted to just kill her.

He forcefully held her wrist and pulled her onto the bed.

After she spun around, Tang Mo'er fell onto the soft bed. She couldn't see a thing. All she felt was his large masculine body on top of hers and her lips being kissed by him.

He started to bite her soft red lips with his teeth, his tongue venturing its way inside her mouth. He was venting his frustrations on her while abusing her innocent beauty.