World's Strongest Cameraman
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    World's Strongest Cameraman Chapter 95

    Chapter 95: Escalation-2! Crimson-Demon!

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    'No! What did you do?!'

    Being thrown into the side against the fighting pit, the Ghost bounced retracted one of his spirits constructs to reform his arms to break the fall as to not further injure himself, 'your neural connections would have been cut off! How are you still moving?'

    'Stay-calm.' Ally asserted as she immediately shut off the distance between the two, the influence of the Ghost's previous attack nowhere to be seen as she sent out a barrage of attacks, pressing the Ghost into the corner with continuous pressure, slashing, stabbing, kicking and striking from all of the angles using everything that she has learned from the school of combat.

    The first hit landed on the torso of the Ghost before the next three dented his jaws, ribs, and pelvis in that precise order as Ally spun into a kick while deforming her feet into a hammer, moving some of the masses towards the far end of her foot and slamming it across the body of the Ghost.