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    Chapter 678 The Devil And The Captain

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    The captain looked at Gu Qing Shan.

    This supposed Devil King is wearing jet black armor with a thick mist of black energy that comes through the joints and drifts upward.
    The devil is also wearing a golden mask decorated with countless intricate runes that hides its face.

    He could sense the power radiating from the devils body.

    After trading blows just now, this devil has constantly maintained its peak state, with killing intent sharply converging, ready to attack without any regard for life at any moment.
    This is a dangerous bastard.
    Even more annoying than that is that this devil was summoned here through a contract.
    Which means it can simply return to its world by invoking the Law of the contract.
    If I cause it to be angry, this Devil King might ignore Wang Chengs payment entirely, kill my men and leave.
    Im not going to let that happen.

    The captain squinted his eyes extremely thin, appearing to be smiling.

    He cleared his throat and spoke: "The second mate wont specifically target someone, I can vouch for him on this"

    Everyone around him was surprised.

    Not because the captain was vouching for the second mate, but because the captain was explaining himself to the devil.

    From a certain point of view, this was the captains compromise.

    But the devil didnt feel any of that and continued: "But Wang Cheng already accepted your test, why cant the second mate as well?"

    The captain froze.

    No one on this ship had ever dared to question his authority before.

    The captains gaze fell downwards, silently looking at Gu Qing Shans hand.

    Gu Qing Shan was currently covered in full armor with one hand on his sword.

    Tiny sparks of white-blue electricity were running across the sword.

    it can use Elemental techniques as well as sword techniques, Ive never seen such a devil before.
    It was able to knock a group out with only one strike.

    The captain was scowling ever so slightly.

    —–I can clearly tell this devil isnt particularly powerful, but why am I feeling so tense?
    Should I fight, or should I not?

    The decision he made here could bring about two completely different situations.

    He took a deep breath and quickly made his choice.

    He spoke: "You damn devil, I——"

    "Captain sir!"
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    The second mate cut the captain off.

    He suddenly came forward and spoke to the black bell himself: "I want to prove myself to everyone here; for the second mate of the ship have never taken any bribes, nor scheme to harm or kill any shipmates"

    He declared.

    The black bell remained silent.

    It didnt ring.

    Everyone cheered.

    The second mate was speaking the truth!

    He regained everyones trust.

    The captain relaxed his expression a bit as he glanced at Gu Qing Shan and turned to Wang Cheng: "See, on my ship, no one dares to violate my rules"
    "Those two who schemed to kill you, even if you had died, when I find out the truth, I would have definitely avenged you!"

    He was also speaking to the black bell.

    And the black bell didnt ring again.

    Everyone once again cheered.

    After the captain and second mate both passed the test of the bell, the atmosphere returned to normal.

    No one else appeared to be tense as everyone was smiling.

    Indeed, the captain had always been someone worthy of their trust.

    The captain would definitely maintain the rules and order on the ship.

    As someone with absolute loyalty to the captain, the second mate would also never attempt anything against his own allies.

    A crew like this was certainly worth them staying in.

    Gu Qing Shan stood still and silently looked at the small bell before falling into speculation .

    According to Wang Chengs memories, this bell came from the Holy Church of Death, a commonly used artifact of Death called the Funeral Bell.

    Whenever someone spoke in the Funeral Bells presence, the bell would determine the truth of that persons speech through their soul and make a judgment.

    The item was common because the Holy Church of Death frequently gifted these Funeral Bells to various forces of the Strife Zones.

    First of all, through this artifact, they were able to expand the range of influence of the Holy Church of Death.

    Secondly, whenever someone uses these bells, they would have to pay a not so inconsiderable fee to the Holy Church of Death.

    Thirdly, whenever the bell was activated, it would record the events that happened where the bell was, relay it to the Holy Church of Death so that agents of the church could record the appropriate information.

    Even though many organizations knew right away that this was a ploy by the Holy Church of Death, after some consideration, they would still accept this Funeral Bell.

    Because as long as they had this bell, no one in their organization would be able to lie.

    This was the ultimate threat.

    As large inter-world organizations, the thing they wished for the most was nothing but stable internal affairs.

    For countless years, no one has been able to deceive the Funeral Bell yet.

    That was why everyone was relieved after the captain and second mate both got through the bells test.

    Wang Cheng also smiled in relief after a brief pause.

    "Thank you captain, I can be assured now" Wang Cheng said.

    The captain complained: "You damn brat, do you have any idea how much I have to pay the Holy Church of Death every time I use this bell?"

    Wang Cheng just grinned.

    At this time, a few people went out from the second wreck and whispered to the captain.
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    The captains wrinkled-filled face finally loosened.

    He declared: "Bai Yu and Zhang Yi betrayed me and attempted to kill a fellow shipmate, their personal belongings will now be confiscated!"
    "After we finish this times deal, Ill even divide their belongings between everyone!"

    Everyone cheered again.

    Not only did the captain swear to protect his own crew members, but he was also very generous!

    "Wang Cheng, since youre the victim, you will receive the biggest portion" the captain squinted at Wang Cheng.

    Wang Cheng grinned and spoke: "Thank you, captain"

    The captain relaxes his hands and lightly ordered: "Everything is resolved now, you can dispel your summoning and get that damn devil out of here"

    Wang Cheng paused briefly.

    She quickly asked Gu Qing Shan what to do.

    "Captain, sir, theres actually something else that I need to report to you alone" Wang Cheng said.

    "Ah?" the captain raised his eyebrows.

    He glanced at Gu Qing Shan, then at Wang Cheng.

    The devil still hasnt left.
    What is Wang Cheng trying to do?

    After some hesitation, the captain spoke: "Second mate, you can go and take care of the rest here. Wang Cheng, come with me to the captains room"

    A few moments later.

    Inside the captains room.

    Wang Cheng clearly reported everything that he heard.

    The captain silently sat there.

    His expression was dim and heavy.

    Someone actually dared to pool the wool over the captains eyes!

    His current expression showed his inner fury very well.

    "You mean to say that it was actually the first mate that colluded with Bai Yu and Zhang Yi to do this?" he asked.

    "Thats exactly what Im saying" Wang Cheng nodded.

    "What about the second mate?"

    "Zhang Yi only managed to speak about the first mate and he already got killed by the excited devil, Im not sure if there was anyone else, but the first mate was definitely involved"

    The captain looked towards the devil: "Then why did you insist on questioning the second mate?"

    "Smokescreen, we always like to use these cheap tactics to fool the enemy" the devil chuckled.

    "You damn devil"

    Wang Cheng quickly spoke: "Captain, sir, Ill pay for the cost of using the Funeral Bell"

    Hearing that, the captains expression became a bit better.

    He glanced at the black-armored devil and questioned Wang Cheng again: "So the reason why you still havent dispelled this summoned devil is because of the first mate?"


    "Very well, I understand, if the first mate was truly up to something, he violated my rule, Ill judge it fairly"
    He pressed a button on the table and spoke: "Call the first mate"

    The two of them waited for a few moments.

    The first mate arrived.

    On the ship, the first mates strength was only second to the captain.

    Usually, the captain didnt do anything in particular on the ship, so the first mate was the person with the most authority and control over the crew.

    The captains strength was a mystery, no one really knew for sure how strong he truly was.

    But everyone knew very well how strong and cruel the first mate was.

    Does the captain intend to deal with the first mate right now?
    Or did the captain call the first mate in to gang up on me?

    While Shannu was recalling things from Wang Chengs memories to judge what to do, she instinctively became anxious.

    The black-armored devil silently stood behind without reacting at all.

    "Captain, did you need me for something?" the first mate respectfully asked.

    The captain pointed at the bookshelf on the wall and spoke: "Get the 17th book on the 3rd row and give it to Wang Cheng——- thats my reward for him"

    "Yes" the first mate answered.

    He turned away and looked up at the shelf.

    The 3rd row 17th book

    The first mate was searching.

    The captain glanced at the first mates back.

    Without a sound, he raised his hand, opened his palm, and made an action like he was holding and turning a doorknob towards the first mate from afar.


    The first mates neck was snapped.

    The captain then clutched his hand tightly together and swung outwards.


    Blood spew everywhere.

    The first mates head was twisted off his neck.

    His corpse fell on the ground, making a dull thud.

    The second-in-command of the ship was killed without a sound.