World Hopping: Avenge Our Love
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    World Hopping: Avenge Our Love Chapter 123

    Chapter 123: The Fourth Breakup 14

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    At this moment, Song Yucheng was stunned.

    Tiger poison does not eat children, the mother of this original, will even raise the blade to kill his own son.

    An indescribable sadness was born from the bottom of my heart, and it was just such a small hesitation that the original mother had rushed to Song Yucheng. The sharp blade is also close at hand, as if in the next second, he will poke into the heart of Song Yucheng fiercely.

    I just don't know if the knife really stabbed in, whether it was because of the wound caused by the sharp blade, or because of the despair of being killed by the biological mother, it would make him more painful.

    Closing his eyes, Song Yucheng felt that he might not be able to escape. However, at this moment, a figure appeared suddenly, blocking him. He stopped him behind, and at the same time, the woman's knife also stabbed fiercely into the man's arm in front of him in order to protect the vital point.

    It is Jian Zhengyu.

    The blood shed like this. This scene seems to be a slow motion of a movie, frame by frame, which makes people look haggard.

    Immediately afterwards, Song Yucheng's mind seemed to have something like glass, which shattered and made a clear sound. The taboo memories are finally unlocked.

    "Oops!" The system was the first to react and almost the whole person panicked.

    And Jian Zhengyu frowned, trying to take Song Yucheng away from here immediately, wanting to give him a safe environment to slowly appease.

    However, Song Yucheng's reaction was beyond their expectations.

    As if he had collapsed directly, Song Yucheng raised his lips and was not covering up his soul that was incompatible with his original body. The eyes under the black-framed glasses were almost so dull that they could not see the end. Apart from darkness, there is only hatred.

    "Hurt my cub, how do you tell me how to repay you?" Song Yucheng asked her mother with a smile, clearly gentle words, but it made people feel like the cold winter of La Jiu.

    "You, you wild seed..." This is the first time I saw this look of Song Yucheng. The original mother was also scared enough, and her sharp voice became more and more fragmented.

    However, Song Yucheng did not calm down as if he had not heard it at all. He even echoed with interest: "I am indeed a wild breed, and my mother has no father to teach. Not to mention, my mother is still a wolf-hearted dog to the **** who can kill his own son at will. You say someone like me , How good is it?"

    Song Yucheng said lightly in these few words, but the hostility contained in it was far more terrifying than the dagger in his mother's hand.

    "Calm down, I'm okay." Jian Zhengyu couldn't care about the wound on his arm and hugged Song Yucheng hard.

    However, at this time, Song Yucheng had completely lost his mind and wanted to kill his mother.

    In that world, in that world, he watched the children he raised by his own eyes. In this new life, he met this unworthy parent again.

    At that time, he didn't ruin everything. This time, he must not let it go easily.

    "Adult! Master, calm down!" The system can no longer control it. He shut down all the permissions that Song Yucheng could control. But there is no use of eggs.

    As early as when he joined the General Administration, Song Yucheng had just completed three tasks and was very familiar with the system structure of the General Administration. As for his more powerful now, the control of these systems for novices is simply useless.

    Can only hurry.

    "Adult!" The system called him again, almost mad. You know, Song Yuchengs current soul was reorganized after the collapse. This has brought up the four worlds, and it is impossible to be as good as ever. Once the violent fluctuations occur again, the soul will fly away and die completely.

    But at this moment, Jian Zheng Yu Fulin's words really saved Song Yucheng's life.

    "Brother, I'm not dead." The original deep voice slightly hinted at coquettishness. And the kind of master who appears more and more vocal because of the shame of calling out the long-lost title is particularly innocent. It seemed that the child who was not tall at the time but still stubborn to stay by his side reappeared in front of him.

    "You Ning..." The chaotic memory and nerves made Song Yucheng unable to distinguish between time and space, but he went to instinctively call out the name that was etched in his heart and would rather forget it than dare to recall it.

    Then, the shell of the original body can no longer bear Song Yucheng's too strong soul, and out of self-protection, he finally fainted.

    "Yes, is there any danger?" The system was trembling, but no one could give him a real answer.

    As for Jian Zhengyu, he hurriedly called someone to drive, sent himself and Song Yucheng to the hospital, and at the same time asked them to pick up their mother and send them to the police station for disposal.

    Intentional homicide, if the operation is good, it is definitely enough for her to enjoy it in prison. Even if she really has mental problems, she will help her find a best nursing home and spend the rest of her life.

    Embracing Song Yucheng in his arms tightly again, Jian Zhengyu's eyes were full of worry.

    According to his speculation, Song Yucheng would completely recover when he woke up. But even so, he still worried about accidents. So he became more cautious.


    However, Jian Zhengyu and the system here broke Song Yucheng's heart, and Song Yucheng's situation was also very complicated.

    He found himself in a long dream.

    He dreamed that his current memory was not true, but that the General Administration had tampered with it after his mental breakdown.

    After graduating from high school, he did not study law. Instead, he studied at the best normal university in the country, and in his junior year, he obtained the qualification to send overseas graduate students.

    But the day he graduated from his senior year and was about to go abroad to start a new journey, he just walked out of school and was killed by a sudden car accident. If it wasnt fortunate to be seen by Kuaichuan General Administration, I am afraid that this life would be over.

    Song Yucheng is a person with a high desire to survive, even if there is nothing to worry about, he is not willing to die so lonely. Therefore, he took the task of the General Administration, walked all over the world, and became the law enforcer of the General Administration.

    The gate of memory opened completely. Song Yucheng is like an outsider, looking at the magical pictures hidden in the memory. Each of them is the existence that he has no way to make up.

    There are interstellar, immortal, orc, ancient farming, Houfu royal, and giant courtyard... only what he can't think of, there is nothing that can't appear here. In almost every picture, he looks different, but all lead a boy of the same age. Around me was also looking forward to a silly and sweet new system.

    If you are okay, you will be stupid. After several worlds, it is still a minor, but there are a lot of useless stupid emoticons.

    The name of this system, however, is in line with its own situation and is called cultivating.

    To put it bluntly, Song Yucheng's task is to cross the worlds and raise the children of the world's destiny.

    Coincidentally, the son of fate brought up by Song Yucheng is Jian Zhengyu, and Jian Zhengyu's true identity is the Lord God.

    In order to ensure the balance of the worlds, the God of the Thousands of Thousands of Worlds separates themselves and distributes them to each world, becoming the son of destiny and guarding all beings. But evil grows with good, and where there is light, there is darkness.

    I don't know when the dark people discovered the existence of the lord avatar and tried to devour the avatar to rule the world. Even want to seduce the depraved God, and then fall to God.

    Therefore, under the influence of such huge evil thoughts, many of the children of destiny in the world have suffered quite a lot. Even if they completed the guardian mission perfectly in the end, the negative energy gathered on them could not be vented at all, only accumulated more and more.

    Therefore, in the end, in order to stop the loss in time and assist the main god, it decided to find the most suitable law enforcer to become the leader of the main god. Raise the avatar, and instill the correct three views and ideas.

    And Song Yucheng, who hopes to become an excellent teacher and father in the future, has become the best person they choose.

    In this way, when Song Yucheng had an accident on this side, the General Administration on the other side quickly robbed people. And persuaded Song Yucheng to sign a contract and become a real law enforcer.

    But if things are so simple, then there will be no tragedies later.

    Because Song Yucheng's task seems easy, but in fact it is the most troublesome and hard work.

    In order to devour the child of destiny, those evil thoughts set up dangers of one kind or another every time, and wish the world and the child of destiny to be enemies. And Song Yucheng, as the leader of the son of destiny, suffers the same malice.

    But Song Yucheng's performance far exceeded the expectations of the General Administration.

    Unlike other law enforcers, the system around Song Yucheng is an immature small system. People in the General Administration initially believed that the luck with the Lord's avatar must be at least good luck. Therefore, in terms of system selection, due to excessive manpower, the newly developed small system was assigned to Song Yucheng as a partner.

    But they miscalculated their malicious strength. In the first world, Song Yucheng was almost nine dead, and finally lost his life before he successfully raised the son of fate. In each of the following worlds, Song Yucheng is struggling. Even in the orc world, as long as he makes a wrong step, let alone successfully protect the son of destiny, even he himself cannot survive.

    Therefore, after the beginning of the sixth world, the General Administration finally discovered the crisis of Song Yucheng. And negotiate with him if you need to replace a more experienced system. But at this time, Song Yucheng had regarded the silly white sweet system as his own cub, and even if it was harder, he would not want to be separated from him.

    In this way, one person, one system, relying on superb wrists, has spent ninety-nine worlds. According to system regulations, as long as he can successfully walk through a world, Song Yucheng can retreat and return to reality.

    The accident happened.

    The hundredth world is the end time. And Jane's identity in this world is a savior who will become the only super-ninth-level dual-system ability man in the future. But it's ridiculous that he was also the first mouse to be picked up by the institute and tried to dissect the research.

    There is no other reason, just because compared to other abilities, Jian Zhengyu is an orphan. The smoky pupil color is not because he is a hybrid, but simply because his talents in space and time are extremely high.

    In the last days, any kind of power is possible. But Jian Zhengyu's power is the most precious. A boy who can control both time and space abilities is the most tempting existence for the researchers in the institute.

    However, the two abilities of Jian Zhengyu didn't have much attack means before the fourth level. Therefore, in the face of the institute's pursuit, he could not escape.

    Song Yucheng appeared in front of Jian Zhengyu at this time. If according to the previous development, Song Yucheng will do his utmost to raise Jane Zhengyu and teach him to be a qualified guardian.

    It is better to be a man than a man. After going through too many mission worlds, Song Yucheng has been exhausted to the extreme, and his spirit is even more extreme. Hanging all on one string, they struggled to raise Jane Zheng.

    However, as soon as the mission was over, Jane Zheng's legendary birth mother appeared unexpectedly. At the beginning, she approached Song Yucheng and Jian Zhengyu with a pitiful appearance. Then inadvertently, he said his own misery and said that he lost his son, but unfortunately it is the end of the world, and it is even harder to find. It is logical to recognize with Jian Zhengyu.

    In the following, she believed that the mother's image was so beautiful, even Song Yucheng believed that she was such a mother who loved her children. But at that moment, the woman, while Song Yucheng was asleep, stabbed him hard. Jian Zhengyu was forcibly taken away and handed over to the institute, in order to give the child who grew up next to her in exchange for a bottle of immune medicine.

    So, because she didn't grow up around her, she could not even recognize her biological son? For the sake of the health of another son, can this be handed over to death?

    Jian Zhengyu is only five years old! How can she be patient and willing? Is the conscience eaten by dogs?

    But Song Yucheng's injury was too heavy. Even with the existence of the golden finger of the system, the recovery is still very slow. When he broke into the research institute, he saw that the boy he was cautiously petting was locked in a coffin-like vessel, and he was covered with surgical blades. On the recorder on the side, the words "brain death" were particularly dazzling.

    The string that was tight all the time was finally broken. A birth mother who had lost her conscience became the last straw to overwhelm him.

    Song Yucheng broke out.

    I don't know if it's to honor the past self, or to honor the child who hasn't had time to grow up.

    Song Yucheng lived and slaughtered the security zone where the entire institute was located to avenge Jane Zhengyu.

    Song Yucheng's ability is called a puppet master. It means that everything in the world can become a marionette in his hand.

    Therefore, Song Yucheng extremely cruelly manipulated scenes of miserable pantomime. He let Wu Liangsheng's mother linger late on the other baby's unbelievable son. Let the researchers pick up the scalpels one by one, one by one, as if they were treating Jian Zhengyu, then they planed themselves.

    As for the abilities who are eager to wait for Jane Zheng's blood to advance, Song Yucheng let them taste it, what a wonderful taste of his blood.

    For three days and three nights of unilateral massacres, there was no living person except Song Yucheng in the safe area where the institute was located.

    But in the end, Song Yucheng, who was sober from hatred, looked at the **** sea of corpses under his feet, and completely collapsed. Lost the ability to continue.

    It's too dark and terrible. He thought he could overcome it, but every time he walked through a world, the negative energy of that world gathered on him and accumulated in his heart. Take this opportunity to push him completely into the boundless cliff.

    But the system at this time can't help at all. I can only watch Song Yucheng instilled with a false memory by the General Administration and send him back to the original world.

    Later, the system was not reconciled. After rigorous training, it was decided to retrieve Song Yucheng and submit a claim to the General Administration.

    For such a request, the original General Administration will immediately reject it. But this time, the first to agree, the accident was the Lord God.

    It is for this reason that Song Yucheng became the only law enforcer in the General Administration who was able to return after a mental breakdown. Even the system is licensed by the main god, you can change a more relaxed attribute-Raiders Department, Green Hat System.

    The reason is also very simple. One is because of Song Yucheng's ability, and the other is that the main **** found that all his avatars raised by Song Yucheng fell in love with Song Yucheng unexpectedly.

    In the end, even his own subjective consciousness fell in love with Song Yucheng.

    That's it, in the first world where Song Yucheng returned to the General Administration, the Lord God couldn't help but miss it and became Ludwig in that world.

    But embarrassingly, Chu Rong turned out to be the son of the destiny of this world. And in the process of contact, Song Yucheng has also brought up a lovely younger brother Chu Rong.

    Even if you lose memory, you will instinctively complete the previous task. Song Yucheng's dedication made the main **** cry and laugh. Ludwig, who had just met Song Yucheng, did not restore his memory as the main god. After all, the spiritual power of the Lord God is too large. A mortal shell cannot fully bear it, but can only seal a large part. This is where the Oolong of the first world appeared.

    God's own avatar suddenly ran away. He also ran to Song Yucheng's house in the real world, so much so that the Lord God wasted a lot of strength before taking him back.

    At this point, the dream finally came to an end. And Song Yucheng's spirit finally finally awakened.

    "Adult?" The system first discovered that Song Yucheng's state had returned to stability, and he couldn't help crying with excitement.

    "Okay, don't cry, I'm okay." Song Yucheng's tone was as gentle as ever, but this time, there were many more indulgences in it, just like the tone he used to speak to the system before he didn't lose memory same.

    And after the system heard it, it also cried more severely, sobbing silently,

    "Brother, you are finally fine."

    "Well, don't cry, I'm okay." Song Yucheng was also infected by the system and his eyes were red.

    These past memories are too heavy and complicated for him. No wonder that the original self would rather collapse into a madman than recall the existence of these nightmares.

    "Yu Cheng." The words of concern in his ear interrupted Song Yucheng's thinking.

    He looked up, facing Jane Zheng's focused eyes. The familiar smoky gray no longer represents tragedy as in the past, but represents a new beginning.

    And Jian Zhengyu is no longer the child who needed his protection in the past, but a partner who can walk side by side with him.

    But even so, Jian Zhengyu's true identity is also beyond Song Yucheng's expectations.

    "I saw in my dream that all your avatars are in love with me?" Song Yucheng couldn't help but ridicule the thoughts that Jane Cheng revealed to him through the dream.

    But Jian Zhengyu responded with extreme seriousness. "Yes, but they are all me after all."

    "But if someone else takes over the task and raises you up?"

    "That will not happen, because the soul that attracts me is always you alone." Although it is the main **** who rules everything, but in front of Song Yucheng, Jian Zhengyu is still very green, but it is a serious confession of love, all He can make his ears red.

    Seeing him look like this, Song Yucheng couldn't help but want to tease him harder.

    Reaching down and holding Jane Zheng's jaw, Song Yucheng carefully kissed Jane Zheng's lips. The exceptionally gentle kiss is not as intense as usual, but the kind of long flowing tenderness is more touching.

    "I love you." Song Yucheng's tone was never solemn as he pressed against Jian Zhengyu's head. As if these three short words, the promise is life after life.

    After listening to Jian Zhengyu, his face also showed a happy smile.

    "I love you too, only love you."

    This is God's oath and represents eternal commitment. The world says that being born of God should love the world. But now Jian Zhengyu is completely different. His heart is so small that he can only pretend to be one of Song Yucheng.


    There is no doubt that the subsequent development has become quite smooth.

    One is the best law enforcer of Kuaichuan General Administration, and the other is the main **** of the three thousand worlds. Song Yucheng and Jian Zhengyu joined forces. Those tasks were almost completed as if they were playing a single machine, as if not working, but pure. On my honeymoon. In addition, the two of them are quite shameful to show love.

    As soon as almost every world opens their eyes, Jian Zhengyu will appear where Song Yucheng needs most. And Song Yucheng will quickly determine who can be loved after confirming his eyes. There wasn't even any meaning to ignore the **** attack at all. Jian Zhengyu was directly and happy in the group and excitedly brushed up the side mission.

    As for the system, it is immersed in dog food of various flavors every day, painful and happy. And always warn yourself that it is a green hat system, not a face-slap system next door!

    Therefore, my parents have not been so keen on face-slapping before. Why did you come back this time and start your business? The more the system thinks, the more unreasonable it is.

    And the remaining ninety-six worlds were completed in this order at this smooth pace. Song Yucheng himself was perfectly reborn, and got a body that is immortal and has endless life.

    But even so, Song Yucheng still hopes he can go back to the real world to see. After all, it was his real foundation.

    The familiar sense of time and space distortion ended. Song Yucheng's ears heard a long absence of playful sounds. He opened his eyes, and the first thing that caught his eye was the street where he had ended his life.

    Still the taste in his memory, everyone is also in the memory. Even the brands of the surrounding coffee shops are still memorized.

    But this time, it is different from the past. Now Song Yucheng is no longer alone, and is no longer concerned.

    Turning his head, Song Yucheng smiled and looked at Jian Zhengyu around him. Then, the hands that hung down beside each other were subconsciously held together.

    The life and death agreement is broad, and Zicheng said. Hold your hand and grow old together. In this world, there is always a person, even if he has gone through the star-shifting process and searched thousands of mountains and rivers, just to stay by your side.

    And Jian Zhengyu is the one who Song Yucheng finally waited for.