Wine God: Jiu Shen
OngoingChapter 26

    Wine God: Jiu Shen Chapter 26

    Chapter 26: Plucking Spiritual Plants

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    At the periphery of the Endless Forest, a man with long silver hair slowly descended from above the sky. "There should be some Violent Rosefinch here, but there is none left. It should have been eaten by a ferocious beast." Jiu Shen muttered to himself after a small sigh.

    He then tapped his foot and flew towards the direction of another Violent Rosefinch.

    As he was flying, he suddenly heard the sound of fighting ahead of him. He furrowed his brows as he increased his flight speed and went towards the direction of the fight.

    Down below, he saw a small group of humans encircled by a pack of wolves. There were three humans in total, all were middle-aged men with cultivation levels at the 4th-rank Knight Crusader.

    The three of them had various wounds all over their bodies. Given their current situation, they would surely succumb under the pack of wolves.

    "Third brother, you go and escape! Your second brother and I will hold them back for a bit." The oldest among the three middle-aged men spoke in a solemn tone.

    The second brother nodded his head with a resolute face while the third brother was shaking his head.

    "No! I won't leave the two of you behind! Even if it's death, then us brothers will face it together!" The third brother shook his head firmly.

    "Awooo!" The alpha wolf issued an order to its subordinates. After hearing its call, the wolves dashed towards the three men with savage eyes.

    "It's over." The second brother said with a remorseful look.

    The three men thought that they were going to die, but then...




    Ice spears materialized out of thin air and impaled all the wolves including the alpha wolf.

    The wolves whimpered softly but they died moments after.

    "Leave this place now before the other beasts will take notice." A calm voice echoed beside their ears, but when they turned around, no one was there.

    The three of them were speechless for a brief moment before the eldest brother dragged his two brothers out of the forest.

    Jiu Shen who was still hovering in midair shook his head calmly. "This place is infested with countless ferocious beasts. As for spiritual plants, there are some, but low-level cultivators won't be able to get them since these spiritual plants are closely guarded by beasts." He muttered as he continued his flight.

    Twenty minutes later, he arrived in the next location where there was a lot of Violent Rosefinch.

    "There are indeed a lot here, but not enough for ten years. This amount should be enough a year and a half, not bad. But I have to kill the little worm guarding this place first..." Jiu Shen smiled and snapped his fingers.

    A huge ice spear materialized in midair producing a chilling sensation in its surroundings.

    The ice spear then stabbed the empty ground at breakneck speed.

    "Roar!" A pained roar resounded as the spear stabbed the ground. The earth trembled and a huge python's head with green scales came out of the debris. Its huge head had an ice spear stuck firmly on it causing buckets of blood to flow freely from the wound.

    Jiu Shen frowned when he saw the python thrash its huge body around. "Hey little worm, don't destroy my Violent Rosefinch!"

    Jiu Shen did a cutting motion with his right hand and the head of the python was instantly separated out of its body.


    Its huge headless body dropped on the ground.

    Jiu Shen sighed in relief after seeing that the Violent Rosefinch was unscathed. "I have to be careful next time or there will be no Violent Rosefinch for me to pluck."

    He then glanced at the spiritual plants with the size of a washbasin with shining eyes. The Violent Rosefinch was purple in color with sharp thorns attached to its stem.

    When Jiu Shen came near the spiritual plants, the Violent Rosefinch fired their sharp thorns at him. If a 4th-rank Knight Crusader was hit by its thorns, they would suffer severe injuries. Even a 5th-rank Spirit cultivator would be injured if he was careless.

    With an indifferent expression, Jiu Shen calmly walked towards the spiritual plants amidst the sea of thorns. If one would look closely, they would be able to see that the thorns were not even able to reach the three-meter radius around Jiu Shen.

    He then plucked the plants one by one, but then he stopped in his tracks. "System, do you want me to bring these ugly flowers by hand?" He asked with displeasure.

    - Ding!

    - Creating Spatial Artifact! Host, please wait for a moment.

    Jiu Shen smirked after hearing the system's solemn voice.

    He then saw a small earring hovering in front of him. It was silver in color with dark blue highlights. "An earring? And It's not even a pair. Oh well..." Jiu Shen put the earring on his left ear.

    After putting it on, he looked even more demonically handsome.

    He checked the space inside the earring by injecting his true essence in it. The dissatisfaction in his heart vanished after seeing the huge space inside. "Hehe!"

    With a grin on his face, Jiu Shen plucked the Violent Rosefinch and placed them inside his earring. After plucking everything, he nodded his head with a satisfied expression. "I'm done here..."

    Jiu Shen toured around the periphery of the Endless Forest as if it was his backyard. As for the beasts guarding the Violent Rosefinch, he killed them all in one strike to prevent them from destroying the spiritual plants.

    * * *

    After three days of flying around, he finally collected ten years' worth of Violent Rosefinch. He was not really required to pluck ten years' worth of the plant, but he didn't want to go out from time to time. So to avoid going out of the store needlessly, he plucked ten years' worth of Violent Rosefinch.

    "I can finally go back to my store to have a rest. I will sit all day while drinking a bottle of Deep Sea Spring Dew."