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    Chapter 25: Sword Contract

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    "Hm, where should I go first?" Jiu Shen pondered deeply and decided to first go to the Endless Forest.

    The Endless Forest is self-explanatory. It is a huge forest that ranges through thousands of miles. Countless ferocious beasts and carnivorous plants can be seen in the forest.

    Few dared to venture deeper inside the Endless Forest due to the dangers within, but there were also a lot of heavenly resources that can be found. Thus, despite the danger, a few brave souls will occasionally travel inside the deeper regions of the forest to try their luck. It's not that they are crazy, because once they found a rare herb or a peak heavenly treasure, their fates would surely take a drastic change. They might even become full-fledge top experts that would rule a holy land.

    Of course, only a few people were able to come out of the Endless Forest alive. But almost all of them were able to bring a treasure that was enough to make them live a luxurious life.

    But Jiu Shen did not care one bit about these rumors. He was confident that he can protect himself from any danger that may come before him. If he can't even survive to a puny mortal wasteland's forest, then he might as well find a piece of tofu and commit suicide with it.

    "Tonight, I will visit this Endless Forest...The best things can only be found at night." Jiu Shen muttered to himself with an indifferent look. If somebody heard his words, they would surely think that he was someone who had gone crazy. Who the hell would go to the Endless Forest during the night? It's like stepping on a landmine despite knowing that it will explode.

    It was common knowledge that most ferocious beasts were active during the night. So no one dared to go inside the Endless Forest at night since it was no different than seeking death.

    Jiu Shen went to his room and grabbed the sword gifted by the system. It still looked plain in appearance, but it was made from Sacred Sanctum Safarwood. Thinking about how the system made use of the same material in making the store's chairs and tables, he felt a stab of pain in his heart.

    Jiu Shen caressed the plain-looking sword with a gentle expression on his face. "I haven't given you a name yet, and a God-rank sword like you deserves an imposing name... Since you are made from Sacred Sanctum Safarwood with archaic dragon arrays, and also as my first sword after transmigrating... I shall name you... Baleful Dragon Sacred Sword."

    A resonant cry of a dragon echoed inside his head, but Jiu Shen remained calm. It was a sign that the sword acknowledged the name he gave.

    The plain-looking sword emitted a baleful light as it slowly morphed into its original form.

    A two-meter black heavy sword with red archaic patterns and two red dragon carvings intertwining against each other on its hilt.

    Jiu Shen smiled and bit the tip of his index finger. A drop of his blood dropped on the sword's body making it produce a reddish glow. He then felt a connection with the sword.

    What Jiu Shen did was called the Sword Contract. Only high-level swords were able to form a Sword Contract with their owners. And when the process is done, they will be tied by the contract for eternity.

    No one else will be able to wield Jiu Shen's Baleful Dragon Sacred Sword aside from him.

    After doing all that, he recalled the sword and it became wisp that planted itself in his right arm like a dragon tattoo. The tattoo was life-like as if it was a real dragon that may come out anytime.

    With a satisfied grin, Jiu Shen went downstairs and talk with Theia and Hestia.

    "The both of you will remain here to continue running the store during my absence. It might take me a few days or even a week before I come back.

    Make sure that no one dies inside the store or it may ruin our reputation. Hestia, you will get the customer's orders and feed Ice with milk. Theia, you will maintain the safety of the store as per usual. But refrain from killing anyone needlessly." Jiu Shen solemnly said.

    The two ladies bowed their heads respectfully and answered in unison. "Yes, master."

    Jiu Shen nodded his head and left the store. The two ladies glanced at his broad back with unconcealed veneration in their peerlessly delicate face.

    Outside the store, Jiu Shen stood rooted on the ground with an awkward expression on his face. "System, where is the location of this Endless Forest? I don't know anything about this world yet..." Jiu Shen muttered with a hint of embarrassment.

    After spending all his time and energy inside the store, he didn't have the time to tour around the world of Nuar. He might even get lost inside the vast Silver Wing Empire if he was placed in a random location.

    - Ding!

    - A world map will be given to the host in a brief second. Host, please wait for a moment.

    Jiu Shen felt a stinging sensation inside his head. And moments after, he felt like he had been traveling around Nuar for countless centuries. He even knew where the peak treasures of the world can be found making him a bit excited. Although these heavenly treasures were trash in his eyes, it was still valuable to the current him and it may even help him advance to the next realm.

    "So this is Nuar... What an interesting planet. There are actually some spiritual plants that can only be found in the Primordial God Realm... But it's not yet time to pluck them... I should finish my current goal first." Jiu Shen shook his head and flew towards the direction of the Endless Forest.

    Flight is a skill that can be learned when one breaks through the 8th-rank Divine. They were able to manipulate the true essence in the surroundings and make themselves fly. Of course, such a skill requires high control of true essence and it also expends a lot of energy. The flight speed and flight control depend on how skillful someone is in controlling true essence.

    With Jiu Shen's experience and control, it was no problem for him to fly all day without rest.

    "Good thing the Violent Rosefinch can be found in the periphery of the Endless Forest. It will be much easier for me to gather ten years worth of Violent Rosefinch for the Frozen Origin." Jiu Shen muttered to himself.