Wine God: Jiu Shen
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    Wine God: Jiu Shen Chapter 21

    Chapter 21: Young Patriarch of the Liu Family

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    Defender Duanmu finished the rest of the wine, but his expression was that of extreme solemnity the entire time.

    After all, the Beiming Family's actions were against the Silver Wing Empire's laws. And it could also be taken as collusion with the neighboring empires. But because of their family's power and reputation, the imperial palace could not rashly accuse them without any concrete evidence.

    After finishing their wine, Defender Duanmu placed several True Crystals on their table and left with the fourth prince with an urgent expression. He already planned to discuss what he had discovered with the emperor.

    Jiu Shen reached out his hands and the True Crystals hovered towards him. But before he could even touch them, they vanished without a trace. He pursed his lips but did not say anything.

    Jiu Shen closed his eyes to begin his meditation but he sensed several familiar auras sprinting towards the direction of his store. He frowned and released his spiritual force to check the commotion outside. To his surprise, he discovered that they were Boss Scar and the other mercenaries. They were running with their top speed as if they were escaping with their lives on the line.

    The moment they stepped inside the store, they sighed in relief. Boss Scar glanced around the store and when he saw Jiu Shen calmly sitting on a chair, he hurriedly walked towards him.

    With a face full of sweat, Boss Scar cleared his throat and spoke with a slightly shaking voice. "Wine Master Jiu, I seemed to have brought disaster to your store. I will accept your punishment regardless of the outcome."

    Jiu Shen opened his eyes lazily and glanced at the sweating Boss Scar. "What do you mean?"

    Boss Scar sighed with a heavy look and said. "I was the one who brought Mu Sheng and his subordinates here. I only wanted him to have a taste of your wines, but who knew that he wouldn't even give me face and still act impudently in your store."

    Jiu Shen thought he must be talking about the man that Theia killed earlier, but he did not take it to heart. An ant's life can never enter his eyes, no matter how profound his background was.

    Boss Scar realized that Jiu Shen did not care at all. There was not even a change in his expression, so he could not help but remind him. "Wine Master Jiu, Mu Sheng is just an ordinary guy in your eyes, but he is working for the Liu Family. He was a subordinate of Liu Mengdi, the son of Liu Family's patriarch. Once the Liu Family hears that one of their subordinates died in your store, they would surely rush here to create trouble."

    Jiu Shen's expression was as calm as still lake water. Even after hearing the name of the Liu Family, there was no visible change in his expression. It was because he did not really care for a puny mortal family. He then glanced at Boss Scar and shook his head. "Your worries are unnecessary. They can't do anything to me, but... They will be able to trace that his disappearance was related to you."

    Boss Scar's heart turned cold after hearing his words. 'Right! Wine Master Jiu has nothing to worry about because he has the strength to protect himself from the Liu Family, but I and my brothers don't have a solid backing that will protect us from them.'

    Jiu Shen's sleepy eyes suddenly lit up. He then smiled faintly as he glanced in a certain direction. "Oh, it looks like they had already discovered that something was amiss. The information network of this Liu Family is indeed slightly commendable."

    Boss Scar's entire body shuddered after hearing his words. He felt like his body was drenched by a bucket of cold water. His subordinates were similarly worried, but they did not run away despite their fear. They had experienced countless life and death situations with Boss Scar, and their group had developed a sense of brotherhood. They did not want to leave a brother behind even if it means death.

    Boss Scar's eyes moistened, but he still put on a ferocious expression on his face. "You fools, leave now! I will face this matter alone!"

    Liu Xiufeng was similarly someone from the Liu Family, but he did not have a favorable impression towards them. That was also the reason why he left the Liu Family to become a mercenary. He glanced at Boss Scar with a resolute expression and said. "Boss, us brothers will face anything. You know that you can't make us leave."

    The other mercenaries also nodded their heads with firm expressions.

    Boss Scar glanced at the boorish men with gratification. He then said with a regretful and guilty expression on his face. "Brothers, I have implicated you all unnecessarily."

    Liu Xiufeng shook his head. "Boss, you only meant well. But who knew that Mu Sheng was such an ungrateful man."

    Jiu Shen was still expressionless but he admired these mortals martial hearts and sense of camaraderie.

    Just then, a loud marching sound can be heard right outside the store.

    When Boss Scar and the others glanced at the situation outside, their knees went weak in trepidation.

    Outside the store was an army of more than several dozen men dressed in red and black armor. Leading them was a handsome man in his twenties with long black hair. A short sword was strapped behind his back. With an arrogant expression, he glanced at Liu Xiufeng who was inside the store and smirked derisively. "Brother Xiufeng, you've seen me, but you didn't even greet me, the young patriarch of the Liu Family."

    Following his words, the army behind him glared maliciously at Boss Scar and the others who were inside the store. "Get out of there right now and greet the young patriarch if you still value your lives!" A soldier shouted with an angry expression.

    Jiu Shen who was looking at the scene was still nonchalantly sitting on his chair. He calmly watched the farce with an amused expression on his face.