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    Warrior's Promise Chapter 634

    Warrior's Promise Chapter 634

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    Chapter 634: No One Else Can Have Her

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    Ji Wenyao looked at Su Mo with contempt. He had thought that Su Mo was a talented genius upon noticing his cultivation and age.

    Now, he snorted when he saw Su Mo rummaging through the corpses for their storage rings.

    He could tell from Su Mo's actions that he was not wealthy. Why else would he resort to doing such things?

    The thought of doing such a thing would not even cross his mind.

    As a top talent of Stars Swordplay Sect, the Sect had devoted a lot of resources to grooming him. He may not have an infinite number of Spiritual Stones, but there was no lack of them.

    Su Mo soon collected the storage rings from all 16 corpses, and then he glanced at Ji Wenyao and said, “Since you don't care for these, I'll be taking them!”

    “Sure, I'll bestow them to you!” Ji Wenyao said proudly. “This little bit of riches is nothing to me!”

    Su Mo scoffed. Bestow? This guy really thought he was something else!

    Ignoring Ji Wenyao, he said to Hong Qingxuan and Li Feng, “Let's go!”

    The trio then continued to fly toward the city.

    Ji Wenyao's face darkened. These three had just ignored his existence and left without him!

    His eyes clouded over, and then he moved to follow them.

    Ji Wenyao moved extremely quickly, way faster than the trio, and caught up with them in a matter of seconds.

    “Young maiden, Devilish Land can be very chaotic. We could look out for each other if we stick together!” He flew to Hong Qingxuan's side and asked, “May I know your name?”

    Hong Qingxuan frowned, annoyed at his persistence, but due to his status as a talent on the List of Top 1,000 Talents, she did not want to offend him either.

    “Hong Qingxuan!” She said softly.

    “Hong Qingxuan?” He muttered, then said with a laugh, “What a beautiful name! You're even prettier than your name implies!”

    Su Mo was rendered speechless by his pathetic pickup lines.

    They soon arrived at the city.

    The city known as Black Rock City was not large, but it was still very prosperous.

    As they strolled along the streets, Su Mo noticed the cultivation level of this city's martial artists were extremely high, with the streets dotted with True Spirit and Enlightenment Realm martial artists. There were also quite a few True Darkness Realm martial artists.

    Most of them gave off a strong Devilish Qi, probably due to long-term exposure to it.

    Su Mo and the others did not have the scent of Devilish Qi as they had just arrived, and this attracted the stares of many people.

    Hong Qingxuan covered up her face with a cloth in order not to attract further unnecessary attention.

    “Brother Su Mo, where are we headed?” She asked.

    “Let's first find a place to stay!” Su Mo said after a moment's contemplation. After obtaining the 16 storage rings, he took a quick look and realised that he was now pretty wealthy.

    His plan now was to first find an inn to settle down, take stock of his current wealth, and then head out to purchase Beast Souls to increase the level of his Martial Soul.

    He would need to continue devouring Beast Souls if he wanted his Martial Soul to advance to Heaven Cla.s.s.

    Su Mo sensed that his Martial Soul would undergo some changes when it progressed to Heaven Cla.s.s, and its power would become even stronger, just like when it advanced from Human Cla.s.s to Earth Cla.s.s.

    “Alright!” Hong Qingxuan nodded.

    “You're Su Mo?” Ji Wenyao asked in surprise.

    The name “Su Mo” had long resounded in his ears as the peerless talent who made the List of Top 1,000 Talents at Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm!

    Therefore, Ji Wenyao was shocked and surprised when he heard Hong Qingxuan address him.

    Su Mo glanced at him and said coldly without answering his question, “Do you still plan on following us?”


    Ji Wenyao was surprised and secretly angered by his words, but it would not be good to embarra.s.s himself in front of such a beauty.

    “I am looking for an inn too. Let's find one together!” Ji Wenyao said with a laugh.

    Su Mo looked coldly at him. If he were not wary of Ji Wenyao's strength, he would have already sent him flying!

    He sensed that this person's strength was comparable to his own.

    Su Mo continued on his way with a shake of his head. He wanted to see what kind of game this person was up to!

    Not long later, they found an inn and checked into four superior rooms.

    In the room—

    Su Mo sat cross-legged and flipped his palm to reveal 16 storage rings.

    He started to carefully take stock of the contents within the storage rings.

    After a while, he determined that there were 90 million Medium Spiritual Stones, 330,000 Upper Spiritual Stones, and many cultivation skills, martial arts techniques, elixirs, etc. worth at least 100,000 Upper Spiritual Stones.

    “Not bad at all!” Su Mo beamed. He was pleased with his haul so far after just arriving at Devilish Land.

    Then, he left the inn.

    He still could not devour Spiritual Stones for the time being, so he first planned on purchasing some martial arts souls to advance his Martial Soul to Heaven Cla.s.s.

    Ji Wenyao also left the inn not long after Su Mo did.

    Su Mo roamed around Black Rock City for a while before he came across a relatively big shop. He then walked in to make his purchase.

    He spent 90 million Medium Spiritual Stones and 200,000 Upper Spiritual Stones to purchase all the Cla.s.s 5 Beast Souls the shop carried.

    This netted him 5,000 Beast Soul Crystals.

    “This should be enough!” Su Mo walked out of the shop contentedly.

    If his Martial Soul still did not advance after devouring 5,000 Crystals, he did not think he would be able to handle the shock.

    He had already devoured too many Beast Souls, and including the ones he just purchased, that was just way too much.

    He suddenly stopped in his tracks, for the golden-robed young man standing in his way was none other than Ji Wenyao.

    Ji Wenyao looked directly at Su Mo and said coldly, “I'm here to tell you to stay away from Hong Qingxuan! No one else can have the woman I've set my eyes on!”

    Ji Wenyao's gaze was as sharp as saber point, a stark difference from his earlier genteel image.

    Su Mo stared at him expressionlessly, then said frostily, “Get lost!”

    The sound was deafening, and the sound waves turned into a strong wind that beat heavily against Ji Wenyao. His clothes fluttered loudly in the wind.

    Ji Wenyao's expression changed from shock to anger in a matter of seconds.

    “Did you know that what you said is enough for me to kill you?” Ji Wenyao said, his eyes flashing with killing desire. As someone on the List of Top 1,000 Talents, he had never before been insulted in this manner.

    He was completely consumed by anger and murderous intent at the moment.