Warning Tsundere President Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Take Him By Surprise III

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Lu Zhaoyang took out another pen and passed it to him. “Please sign when you’re done, and not waste anymore of our time!”

“This I can’t sign this. I don’t want the 100 million!”

Huang Dong looked at Huo Yunting. This was ridiculous. Once he signed the papers, he would be transferring all his shares in Thunderbolt Corp back to Huo Yunting. He would no longer be a shareholder of the company.

100 million was a huge figure, but nothing compared to the year-end bonus.

He will not settle for this amount!

Huo Yunting finally came out of his passivity. He fixed a cold gaze at Huang Dong and pushed the check on his desk toward the man.

“Sign it and leave!”

Huang Dong looked at the check. Abruptly, he smiled, exposing his yellowing teeth.

“If this is how you want it, Mr President, then I’ll have to raise the price. One billion!”

Does he really think he can chase me out with just 100 million? No way!

Huo Yunting did not want him in Thunderbolt Corp. This was his chance to make a ton of money.

“Haha, I admire your boldness.” Huo Yunting chuckled and pulled out his drawer to produce another check.

He signed the check as Huang Dong watched in amazement. Even Lu Zhaoyang was a little surprised.

Was he really giving Huang Dong one billion?

Huo Yunting waved the paper-thin check at Huang Dong and smiled charmingly. “The check is ready, now please take your leave.”

“President You’re too generous, Mr President!”

Huang Dong was over the moon. This was one billion to his name!

Even if he did not start his own company, the money was enough to last him for the rest of his life!

He signed the papers eagerly, grinning widely as he did.

When that was done, he put down his pen and took the billion-dollar check, and then walked out of Huo Yunting’s office.

After Huang Dong left, Huo Yunting looked at the door and said, “We’re just getting started”

Lu Zhaoyang left his office in confusion, but she arrived at the secretary office just in time to hear them discussing something heatedly.

Rumor had it that the Huo family’s young master was engaged to the Mo family’s young miss!

Huo Yunting’s surname was Huo, but few people in the city knew of his real identity.

“Strange. This is important news that took up an entire page, but where are the photos? Why are there only words?”

“Well, maybe they just want to be discreet!”

Lu Zhaoyang walked into the secretary department with a cold look. The other secretaries quickly quieted down and stowed away the gossip magazines back into their drawers when they saw her.

Lu Zhaoyang grabbed hold of Lin Yazhi’s magazine before she could put it away and glanced through it. Huge black letters dominated the entire cover page.

There was nothing else.

Does Huo Yunting know about this?

Are they trying to announce the engagement one-sidedly again? Do they really think Huo Yunting is so easily manipulated by public opinion?

He may not care about it at all, even when the whole world was talking about his marriage.

However, as his secretary, she was obliged to tell him about this news.

She returned to her seat to search the internet for the link to the news, and sent it to her boss. Nevertheless, he did not reply to it for the rest of the day. When she visited his office again, he behaved as though he never saw the link and did not bring it up.

If he really agreed to marry Mo Shan, I’ll wish them happy-ever-after with all my heart! Lu Zhaoyang thought to herself.

She was about to leave his office when he said without preamble, “Are you going to Mu Lao Er’s girlfriend’s birthday party?”