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    Chapter 19: Placment Matches

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    Novis started to curse himself at his bad luck. If he had a sword then at least he would have been able to do something. Right now he held a hammer in his hand that was slightly bigger then himself and even his current character was around 8 feet tall.

    The current character Novis was playing as was named Krang. A character who focused on pure strength with his attacks. He also wore heavy armour and had high vitality.

    Novis had no clue what he was meant to do. As the knights spawned in Novis quickly moved together with them to the middle. That's when he realised that his character was incredibly slow. The knights quickly ran up ahead of him passing the two towers and clashing with the blue knights.

    By the time Novis had already reached his tower, his opponent had already defeated all of his red knights. The opponent was a female and was using the same character Pual was using called Quick Sync. She held a small rapier in her right hand and made quick work of the red knights.

    It would take a while for the red knights to spawn at the base and reach the second tower that Novice was at, so he was currently all on his own.

    Quick Sync was currently charging forward at the Red tower (Novis's tower) with the blue knights in front. The tower shot out a cannonball turning the knight leading the charge into blue sparkles.

    Novis didn't want to leave his tower, he was afraid of fighting Quick Sync and her knights while he was on his own. What he didn't realise was how long it took for the tower to reload between each shot. Before the red tower could take a second shot. The four blue knights and Quick Sync had destroyed it.

    "What are you even doing, how could you lose the tower that fasts?" one of his teammates complained.

    Novis didn't have time to reply as he was engaged in combat.

    Quick Sync could tell this person was a noob based on his actions and tactics, so she decided to go for the kill.

    Novis attempted to swing his hammer at her but she would easily just step to the side each time. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

    "Ahh, what do I do she's too fast, how do I even hit her with this thing."

    "Use your Skills Novis" Arthur shouted.

    Quick Sync had made a few cuts on Novis's body but nothing fatal as the armour was too hard for her to pierce. If it was to carry on like this it was only a matter of time before Novis would lose.

    Novis decided to use the system to cast the first skill. In an instant, his body was taken over by the system. He lifted the hammer in the air and slammed it in the ground causing a crater to form on the floor.

    The four blue knights had been defeated and turned into sparkles but there was no sight of Quick Sync. Suddenly Novis felt a sharp pain in his back. Quick Sync had managed to dodge the strike and go around him. This attack was a fatal blow, unlike the others.

    "Missing top," his teammate said.

    "Missing bottom" another voice was heard.

    Novice had heard his teammates say this but didn't have a clue what it meant. Novis saw Quick Sync in front of him and decided to cast another skill. This time he swung his giant hammer from the side.

    When Novis thought the attack was about to be successful a big clang noise could be heard.


    Novis looked at the end of his hammer. A giant shield had blocked his attack. It was another Warrior. The warrior put their shield away and standing behind the shield were three Warriors including Quick Sync. Just then Novis had realised what his teammates meant by saying "missing top" and "missing bottom".

    It meant that they could no longer see a Warrior. Now with the fight three against one Novis stood no chance and was quickly defeated. Once his character had died. Novis was free to roam around the map as if he was a ghost.

    "Hey, I guess this is how you feel?" Novis said to Arthur.

    The match quickly ended After Novis death, the blue team gathered all their members in the middle and stormed the Red castle quickly capturing the flag.

    Novis was frustrated at the loss. He realised that a team game was very different compared to a solo match. Communication was important between the players and he had a lot to learn from the tactics.

    The last thing was he needed to find a character that suited him. The size frame of Krang was just too much compared to his size frame in real life. This just made it feel awkward for Novice when he tried to move the Warrior. Sure he could put in the hours and get used to the Warrior but Novis wanted to find the right Warrior for him.

    Novis carried on playing VSW all night eventually finishing his ten placement matches. Unfortunately for him, each one had ended in a loss. It wasn't all just down to Novis but it didn't help that Novis had played a different character each time he started a new game.

    Every match Novis was busy trying to figure out how to use the Warrior just as much as he was trying to figure out the game.

    With the ten placement matches over it was time for him to be awarded a rank.

    It was the lowest rank possible in the game.

    Of course, this was to be expected, the game had yearly seasons where everyone would have to play there ten placement games again. The rankings would be dictated by what placement they got last year. Novis though was completely new at the game.

    So the game had matched him with equally new, or low ranked people for his placement matches. Due to him losing all ten matches this was the only rank he deserved.

    Novis couldn't help but think maybe his decision to try to go pro was a wrong one.