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    Chapter 1691 Heavenly Eagle Change Heavens

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    Did he want to grovel and wag his tail?

    Of course he wanted to!

    Too freaking wanted to!

    Who could refuse the allure of achieving a breakthrough, becoming a ninth-layered heaven Divine Lord?

    If Ye Yuan gave him a chance to grovel and wag his tail right now, he definitely would!

    But the problem was, would Ye Yuan give it?

    Ning Zhiyuans body faintly exuded a powerful aura.

    That was the aura belonging to a ninth-layered heaven Divine Lord!

    He, Shi Feng, yearned for such strength so much!

    Looking behind him again, that bunch of old fellows were in high and vigorous spirits. How was there any hint of being old and ailing like a candle in the wind?

    Especially Ning Canghai, breaking through to become seventh-layered heaven Divine Lord in one stroke, he would have the qualifications to enter the Elders Association!

    The Ning Family would occupy another spot in the Elders Association!

    This significance was huge.

    "Heh, Family Head is really wise! This time, our Ning Family thoroughly overshadowed the Shi Family!"

    "In the future, our Ning Family will do Head Elder Ye Yuans bidding without a word!"

    "Oh, you guys, better hurry up and think of ways on how to let Head Elder Ye Yuan cool down! Haha "

    The Ning Familys clan elders were all extremely pleased with themselves. That appearance was like villains intoxicated with success.

    However, they had this qualification.

    Because they knew that in the future, no family could surpass the Ning Family anymore.

    Ye Yuan naturally would not be indifferent to the other families, but he absolutely would not treat the other families like the Ning Family.

    This was the difference in the degree of intimacy.

    Ning Zhiyuan laughed and said, "Shi Feng, dont blame me for not warning you. Its best that you rack your brain and think of how to cut off relations with Ruo Xu. This is your only hope. Hahaha "

    Finished talking, Ning Zhiyuan brought the group of elders and swaggered away.

    Shi Fengs brows furrowed and could not help musing.

    Not just Shi Feng, the others similarly fell into deep thought.

    There were some hints in Ning Zhiyuans words!

    Three months passed in a blink. During these three months, Ruo Xu suffered the pain of having his mind withered away. Even his entire person withered considerably.

    Leaving the God Refining Abyss, Ruo Xu gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, "Ye Yuan, do you really think that you do whatever you want when you become the head elder? This old man will let you know whats called too high to touch!"

    Ruo Xu did not even return home and went to the Shi Family straight away.

    But what he did not expect was that the one who came out to meet him was actually Shi Song and not Shi Feng.

    The person that the Shi Family sent out was Shi Song. Seeing Ruo Xu, Shi Song clasped his hands and said, "Shi Song has seen Third Elder."

    Ruo Xus face fell, and he said unhappily, "Shi Song, what did you call me?"

    From being the head elder to the second elder, and then from the second elder to the third elder, this was the greatest pain in Ruo Xus heart, and also the greatest shame.

    This Shi Song actually rubbed his nose in it!

    However, Shi Song said very calmly, "Third Elder, this was personally dictated by City Lord! This Shi Song is just a nobody, Third Elder youve already stayed in the God Refining Abyss for three months. Please dont make things difficult for Shi Song."

    Ruo Xus face turned black. Shi Songs words rendered him speechless.

    Yes, Ye Yuan had just set the rules, so who would slam into the spearhead? Wasnt this looking for abuse?

    Ruo Xu said unhappily, "Were in private, so what are you scared of?! Can he, Ye Yuan, really cover the sky with one hand? This old man coming out this time, Ill definitely play him to death!"

    Shi Song sneered in his heart but said indifferently on the surface, "Third Elder, there are no walls in the world without a crack. Shi Song is just an unimportant character. Third Elder, dont make things difficult for me anymore."

    Ruo Xu was in an irritable mood and waved his hand and said, "Forget it, forget it! Wheres Shi Feng? Call him out to see me!"

    Shi Song said, "Third Elder really came untimely. Patriarch he recently had some accidental gains and just entered seclusion a few days back. He likely wont come out any time soon."

    The moment Ruo Xu heard, he said in a great rage, "What? At this juncture, he actually went into closed-seclusion! Could it be that he wants to see Ye Yuan shit and piss on the Shi Familys head? This bloody bastard!"

    Ruo Xu had an enraged appearance from disappointment. Clearly, he was very angry.

    Not going into a retreat earlier or later, he just had to enter closed-seclusion at this juncture where Ruo Xu came out of the God Refining Abyss.

    If it were before, Shi Song naturally would not have any problem with it.

    But now, he was very unhappy in his heart.

    Did this Ruo Xu really take the Shi Family to be a dog of his?

    Shi Song said, "This is also something that cant be helped. If Third Elder has something, please come again another day."

    The expression on Ruo Xus face was very ugly, giving Shi Song a fierce glare. He then left.

    After Ruo Xu left, Shi Fengs figure slowly came out. Shi Song said with an angry look: "Patriarch, this old fogey really takes our Shi Family to be a dog raised by him! Does he think that the current Heavenly Eagle is still the Heavenly Eagle three months ago? If I were to say, we might as well directly lose all decorum with him."

    Shi Feng said coolly, "Do you think that by losing all decorum, Head Elder will be able to accept us? Our muddy waters are too deep! Sigh right now, our Shi Family can only tuck our tails between our legs and behave. We cant provoke anyone. A single misstep and its eternal damnation!"

    Shi Songs expression changed and he said in surprise, "Patriarch, it wouldnt be so serious, right?"

    Shi Feng gave him a glance and said, "It will be only more serious than you think! Head Elders means already surpassed your and my understanding! As long as hes willing, he can support another family up like the Ning Family at any time! At that time, it wouldnt be the situation of whatever Shi Family and Ning Family contending for hegemony anymore. The Shi Familys existence will also become dispensable. Do you think its serious or not?"

    Shi Songs heart shook wildly. He suddenly discovered that the Shi Family was glorious on the surface right now, but actually, it was already in deep crisis.

    Furthermore, what Shi Feng said was not exaggerating things to raise an alarm.

    Within a short two months, there had already been more than 20 middle-stage Divine Lord Realm powerhouses who broke through in the city!

    When others were breaking through and you still marched on the spot, then you would be eliminated sooner or later.

    Currently, it was not just the Martial Towers elders. Even those Pill Towers elders could not sit still anymore as well.

    Did the Pill Towers elders not need to break through?

    They desired to break through too!

    But they themselves could not refine medicinal pills capable of breaking through at all.

    But the problem was that they could not but Ye Yuan could!

    Will you beg me?

    Do you acknowledge me as the head elder?

    Within three months, the heavens of the Heavenly Eagle Imperial City already thoroughly changed.

    After getting rebuffed at the door several times in a row, Ruo Xu finally discovered that something was rather wrong.

    These guys seemed to have discussed it. It was either closed-seclusion or busy. It was as if he became a plague, and everyone was staying away from him.

    When suffering torment in the God Refining Abyss, he already thought of a countermeasure and prepared to come out and go all out.

    But after he came out, Ruo Xu suddenly discovered that he already became a loner.

    A belly full of methods, but he was unable to use a single one.

    Finally, Ruo Xu came to find the disciple that he was proud of, Song Qiyang. Upon asking, he finally understood what happened.

    Ruo Xus heart shook wildly. He completely could not imagine that Ye Yuan, who had just broken through, his Alchemy Dao strength was already actually overwhelmingly horrifying!