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    Chapter 1690 Stirring Up The Entire City

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    A Ning Familys clan elder who was a sixth-layered heaven Divine Lord, Ning Canghai, broke through to become a seventh-layered heaven Divine Lord!

    Another Ning Familys clan elder who was a fifth-layered heaven Divine Lord, Ning Zhongkai, also broke through, becoming a sixth-layered heaven Divine Lord!

    The Ning Familys patriarch, Ning Zhiyuan, finally broke through his bottleneck, becoming a ninth-layered heaven Divine Lord!

    News after another stirred up the entire city, sweeping across the entire Heavenly Eagle Imperial City like the wind.

    It was as if overnight, the entire Ning Family ascended!

    Those Ning Family clan elders sitting around waiting to die, without any hopes of breaking through, actually all broke through!

    This news was too shocking.

    Of course, the most shocking one was still Ning Zhiyuans breakthrough!

    What did a ninth-layered heaven Divine Lord mean?

    It meant standing at the summit of the imperial city!

    Apart from Celestial Deity powerhouses, ninth-layered heaven Divine Lords were the strongest!

    Furthermore, after becoming a ninth-layered heaven Divine Lord, it also meant that Ning Zhiyuan had the chance to touch that fleeting and ephemeral Celestial Deity Realm.

    No matter whether it was successful or not, at least he had this qualification.

    In the city, how many could have such qualifications?

    "Hey, this news wouldnt be fake, right? Those few old fellows were already approaching their hour of death, they actually broke through?"

    "How can this be fake? Those few old things are beside themselves with joy, wishing for the entire city to know that they broke through!"

    "This This is also too coincidental, right? It couldnt be that the Ning Family collectively gained enlightenment, right?"

    "Enlightenment my *ss! Are you dumb?! Head Elder Ye Yuan promised at the elders meeting that all of the elders can find him to refine pills, but nobody took him seriously. Only Ning Zhiyuan alone requested him to refine pills! In the end, the Ning Familys members all ascended overnight!"

    "Is this real or fake? Didnt Head Elder Ye Yuan just break through not long ago? His alchemy skills already reached such a terrifying degree?"

    The powerhouses in the imperial city were all discussing this matter.

    To Divine Lord Realm martial artists, what else could be more attractive than breaking through?

    Hence, within the major family clans, they were all thrown into utter disarray.

    Especially among those elders families, it became a total mess.

    Those clan elders were all blaming the patriarchs. Why didnt they go and request pills from Head Elder Ye Yuan?!

    At the Shi Familys residence, several old fellows were pointing at Shi Fengs nose and scolding him.

    Shi Feng and Ning Zhiyuan could be said to be two heroes who existed side by side. The two were both eighth-layered heaven Divine Lord powerhouses, both occupying a very important position in the Elders Association.

    The Shi Family and Ning Family had also been secretly competing all along.

    Shi Feng and Ruo Xu walked very close, so they had always been suppressing the Ning Family.

    In this matter, Shi Feng chose to stand on Ruo Xus side without any hesitation.

    That day, Ning Zhiyuans very cautious appearance, Shi Feng was still very disdainful when he saw it, even somewhat looking down on Ning Zhiyuans groveling.

    In his presence, he did not have qualms reproving Ning Zhiyuan behind his back.

    But who knew that only a months time passed, and then Ning Zhiyuan actually directly broke through, becoming a ninth-layered heaven Divine Lord powerhouse.

    Shi Feng was utterly stunned by this news!

    But he had not come back to his senses yet and a bunch of clan elders blocked him in tightly, all pointing at his nose and scolding.

    "Shi Feng, how are you serving as the family head?"

    "Shi Feng, youre also too much! Head Elder Ye Yuan was personally invited by City Lord, but you actually didnt give him face!"

    "Its great now, right? The Ning Family members noses are all facing the sky! You look at us! Take a look at us!"

    These clan elders were all very elderly figures. Many of them were Shi Fengs elders. Scolding him was not weird at all, not giving him any face at all.

    Shi Feng was scolded until his face turned green, but he could not do anything at all.

    These old fellows did not have other capabilities and only knew how to say this and that all day long.

    "Alright, alright, hold your horses. Elders, arent I thinking of ways to remedy it here?"

    Shi Feng brushed it off for quite a while, finally throwing these old fellows off.

    But he felt his head aching too. Right now, the development of the situation in the city far exceeded his imagination.

    This move was truly earth-shattering!

    One could imagine that right now, the threshold of Head Elder Ye Yuans manor was already being trampled flat.

    Shi Feng finally understood why Ye Yuan dared to directly throw Ruo Xu into the God Refining Abyss.

    He based it on absolute confidence in his own strength!

    Without genuine ability, dont go and do what you cant accomplish.

    Ye Yuan and Xuan Yu walked very closely, so it was impossible to not know how great Ruo Xus force in Heavenly Eagle was.

    But he still dared to take over this position of head elder. This showed that he definitely had some reliance.

    What Ye Yuan needed was merely a breakthrough point.

    Very luckily, the Ning Family became this breakthrough point!

    Shi Feng suddenly discovered that he reacted too late after it happened.

    Thinking these through now was already too late.

    One misstep, and then every step was wrong!

    The time limit given by Ye Yuan was only three months. Now, a month had already passed.

    The next two months time, there would be countless families racking their heads, wanting to fight for this spot.

    The time was too short!

    It was impossible for Ye Yuan to put all of his energy on one family like the Ning Family.

    Currently, the initiative was already completely grasped in Ye Yuans hands.

    Whoever he wanted to refine pills for, he would refine pills for!

    Whoever was an eyesore, he could completely cast you aside.

    Shi Feng heaved a sigh, slowly stood up, and walked over towards Ye Manor.

    Sure enough, the guardhouse of Ye Manor was already packed full of people. It could already open up a teahouse.

    Except, everyones faces had worried looks, looking like prisoners awaiting trial.

    Normally, when everyone saw Shi Feng, they would definitely say hello right away.

    But today, not a single person actually cared about him.

    Shi Feng saw an elder he was on good terms with and went up to ask, "Brother Zhao, who is Head Elder meeting?"

    This person was called Zhao Yibin, the Zhao Familys patriarch.

    When Zhao Yibin lifted his head and saw that it was Shi Feng, he could not refrain from complaining. He said, "Who else can it be? Isnt it all the Ning Family, that bunch of bastards? Humph! Look how smug they are!"

    The moment he said this, the others immediately exploded.

    "Zhao Yibin, if you want to offend Head Elder, dont cause trouble for us!"

    "Yeah! The Ning Family is the favorite of Head Elder currently. Whats wrong with being a little smug?"

    "Arent you just feeling unfair in your heart to see Ning Canghais cultivation catch up to yours?"

    One person, one mouthful of spittle, they could directly drown Zhao Yibin to death.

    Yet, Zhao Yibin did not dare to lose his temper, immediately realizing his loss of composure and apologized to everyone, "Everybody, calm your anger! Everyone calm your anger! It was all this Zhaos fault!"

    Only after a bout of apologizing did everyones wrath subside.

    When Shi Feng saw this scene, he was immediately dumbfounded.

    Everyones nerves were already sensitive to such an extent?

    Who knew that Zhao Yibin shot Shi Feng a fierce glare and stopped talking.

    Shi Feng was speechless. Only now did he know what kind of shock the Ning Familys collective breakthrough brought to everyone.

    Now, everyone was afraid of offending Ye Yuan by saying a word!

    Right at this time, Ning Zhiyuan brought a group of old fellows and came out of the Ye Manor hastily.

    The moment Ning Zhiyuan saw Shi Feng, he laughed smugly and said, "Shi Feng, what did you all say to me that day? Grovel and wagging my tail? Now, even if you grovel in the dirt and wag your tail, Head Elder might not give you this chance either! Hahaha!"