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    Chapter 1689 Ning Family Requesting For Pill

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    In these several tens of thousands of years, no one had ever dared to throw Ruo Xu into the God Refining Abyss before. Ye Yuan actually did so!

    Who was Ruo Xu?

    He was Heavenly Eagle Imperial Citys person-in-charge in these few tens of thousands of years.

    Even the former Head Elder Zheng Qi also did not dare to offend him too much.

    In reality, even though Zheng Qi had many discontentments with Ruo Xu in the past, it was basically all swallowing the knocked-out teeth into his stomach.

    After all, the Martial Tower had many areas where they needed to request the Pill Tower.

    Even if Xuan Yu became the head elder, this kind of situation still did not change in the slightest.

    Coldfeather was unhappy with Ruo Xu, but he did not dare to really do anything to him as well.

    But today, this move of Ye Yuans was too ruthless!

    Staying three months in the God Refining Abyss, the time was not long, but this punishment was awful.

    More importantly, to Ruo Xu, this kind of high and mighty important person, it was simply unprecedented humiliation.

    How would he still show his face to people after coming out?

    The group of elders all used extremely stunned gazes to look at Ye Yuan.

    Everyone said that new officials would make drastic changes to an organization upon taking charge, but this change was also done a little too aggressively, right?

    One had to know, Ruo Xus prestige in Heavenly Eagle was extremely high. His forces were even deeply entangled and difficult to deal with. Wanting to use one God Refining Abyss trip to uproot his forces, this was impossible.

    The elders on Ruo Xus side all used gloating expressions to look at Ye Yuan.

    This newly-appointed head elder was still too inexperienced, thinking that it could bring down Ruo Xu?

    But Ye Yuan did not have this awareness. Sitting on the seat of honor, he swept a glance over everyone and opened his mouth and said nonchalantly, "In the future, if somebody dares to defy their superiors, the crime will be the same as Ruo Xus! Additionally, this elder has just taken office, I naturally have to give everyone some benefits. Starting from today, within three months, all elders can rely on their contribution points to find me to refine medicinal pills! You all can also refine pills for your juniors!"

    When Ye Yuan finished talking, he discovered that these elders reactions were all very indifferent. No one actually took the initiative to come find him to refine pills.

    But regarding this kind of situation, Ye Yuan had long expected it.

    Ruo Xu was too deeply entrenched in Heavenly Eagle Imperial City. These elders, regardless of whether the Pill Tower or Martial Towers elders, all did not dare to offend him.

    It was still unknown who would gain supremacy, how could they dare to easily choose teams?

    At this time, the Ning Zhiyuan who had been silent all along suddenly stood up and said to Ye Yuan with an excited look: "Head Elder, I wonder if you can refine the Tenghai Space Splitting Pill?"

    Ye Yuan gave Ning Zhiyuan a glance rather surprisedly, not expecting that the one who stepped forward at this time was actually him.

    One had to know, stepping forward at this time was equivalent to utterly falling out with Ruo Xu.

    But, thinking about it, Ye Yuan also felt relieved.

    Compared to falling out with Ruo Xu, Ning Zhiyuan clearly valued the increase of his own strength more.

    Reaching Ning Zhiyuans current realm, the medicinal pills capable of letting him improve were not many anymore.

    And this Tenghai Space Splitting Pill was precisely one of them.

    Reaching the Divine Lord Realm, the increase in strength was not just how much divine essence amassed anymore. What they regarded more highly was developing the inner world.

    Ning Zhiyuan had stopped at the eighth-layered heaven Divine Lord Realm for many years already, failing to break through to become a ninth-layered heaven Divine Lord for a long time.

    He had also found Ruo Xu to refine the Tenghai Space Splitting Pill before. But Ruo Xu refined a few times and it all failed.

    This was a level seven difficulty medicinal pill. Even for Xuan Yu and Ruo Xu, the success rate of refining was extremely low too.

    Ye Yuan gave Ning Zhiyuan a glance and said coolly, "You gather the spirit medicines and come find me tomorrow. Alright, all disperse."

    Ning Zhiyuan was scheming and calculating and rarely got excited.

    But now, his face actually appeared somewhat flushed became of agitation.

    "Heh, Elder Ning, you really believe that he can refine the Tenghai Space Splitting Pill? At that time, if he cant refine it, your Ning Family will have a good show to watch!"

    "Yeah, Elder Ning, you were also too reckless this time!"

    "Elder Ning, Im somewhat pitying you right now!"

    These elders all came in front of Ning Zhiyuan, expressing their sympathy and gloating over his misfortune.

    They totally did not believe that Ye Yuan could refine the Tenghai Space Splitting Pill.

    In fact, they did not even believe that Ye Yuan could cure Zheng Qi.

    The vast majority of them were guessing if Ye Yuan obtained some essence replenishing and vitality nourishing supreme treasure while traveling outside, thats how it brought Zheng Qi back to life, even breaking through the shackles.

    To say that Ye Yuan refined such a high difficulty medicinal pill, they really did not believe.

    Toward this, Ning Zhiyuan just smiled did not say much.

    With Ning Tianping around, his understanding of Ye Yuan was naturally not what these fools could compare to.

    On the second day, Ning Zhiyuan indeed came to find Ye Yuan.

    Ye Yuan saw that he was somewhat hesitating and said coolly, "Just say whatever you want to say, I dont like to beat around the bush."

    Ning Zhiyuan was slightly embarrassed as he said, "Head Elder, its like this, there are some people in our clan who heard that head elder can personally refine pills, and all want to request pills from you. Wonder if "

    Ye Yuan gave Ning Zhiyuan a glance. The other party could not help feeling somewhat guilty, as if being seen through by Ye Yuan.

    The Ning Familys clansmen would request pills from him?

    This was probably Ning Zhiyuan deciding all on his own, right?!

    He wanted to increase the family clans strength and was also afraid of offending Ye Yuan, that was why he said it like this.

    Ye Yuan said coolly, "Since I personally promised, I naturally wont go back on my words. You leave behind all the spirit medicines, the contribution points will be deducted from you. Five days later, come over to fetch the pills."

    The moment Ning Zhiyuan heard, he could not help being overjoyed and said, "Many thanks, Head Elder!"

    After Ning Zhiyuan left, Ning Tianping revealed his figure and thanked Ye Yuan with a bow, "Many thanks, Your Excellency, for not taking prior transgressions to heart, and refining pills for the Ning Familys members."

    Ye Yuan smiled and said, "This family head of yours helped me out a lot this time. Otherwise, this deadlock would really be hard to clear."

    Ning Tianping smiled and said, "Thats Your Excellencys charity to the Ning Family. With this chance placed in front of him, the family head naturally values the Ning Familys future more. Family Head has already been stuck being an eighth-layered heaven Divine Lord for tens of thousands of years and has always been unable to break through. Once this opportunity is missed, it will be hard for him to want to break through! With his shrewdness, how could he possibly let go?"

    Ye Yuan sized Ning Tianping up and said with a nod, "Your cultivation recently, the rate of progress is pretty good!"

    Ning Tianping smiled and said, "Is Your Excellency praising yourself? This is all thanks to Your Excellencys medicinal pills! After Your Excellency broke through to become a Four-star Alchemy God, the medicinal pills refined are even more miraculous. My cultivation simply advances by leaps and bounds! At this speed, I can probably assault the fifth-layered heaven Divine Lord Realm in less than 50 years!"

    These few days, Ye Yuan refined quite a few medicinal pills for Ning Tianping.

    Ning Tianping ate those ordinary rank four divine pills like swallowing miracle elixirs, strength improving by leaps and bounds. Now, he already became a middle-stage fourth-layered heaven Divine Lord.

    This cultivation speed could be rated as horrifying in Divine Lord Realm.

    Very soon, a months time passed, the entire Heavenly Eagle Imperial City stirred up overnight.