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    Chapter 1258 Death Marsh

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    In front of them was a marshland that stretched as far as the eye could see. The surroundings were deathly silent.

    It was truly a profound silence that prevailed over all. It was as if all sounds were swallowed up.

    This kind of serenity made people uneasy.

    Just now, White Light fled without choosing any path and did not see the road ahead clearly at all. Unknowingly, they already entered deep into this black marshland!


    Ye Yuans figure emerged and swept a glance around the surrounding situation, his expression becoming very ugly.

    Big Brother, this place isnt right! How about we return the way we came? White Light swallowed his saliva and said.

    White Light felt ill at ease. Even with his strength, he felt a sense of danger. This swamp was absolutely not ordinary.

    Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, Cant go back anymore! Didnt you realize that this marshland disrupted the space, and its already impossible to determine the north and south? Turning back, well definitely wont be walking the path that we came from!

    White Light was alarmed and could not help perceiving it carefully and discovered that it was indeed just as Ye Yuan said, he already could not differentiate north, south, east, or west anymore.

    Big Brother, this White Light said rather panicky.

    Suddenly, Ye Yuans heart stirred, and he let Shi Potian out.

    Master! Shi Potian said respectfully.

    Do you know what place this is? Ye Yuan asked.

    If I didnt guess wrongly, this place should be the Death Marsh of the legends! Shi Potian said.

    Ye Yuans expression changed, and he said in shock, Youre saying that this place is the graveyard of deity realms known as the Death Marsh?

    Shi Potian said in surprise, Turns out that Master has also heard of the Death Marsh. Thats right, the Death Marsh is indeed known as the graveyard of deity realms. It has swallowed up god knows how many Deity Realm powerhouses life before!

    White Light was horrified and said, That dangerous? Then arent we dead for sure? Just whats in here, for Deity Realm powerhouses to actually not be a match either?

    Shi Potian said, Whats inside the Death Marsh, nobody knows. Because those who have barged inside are all dead! But I heard that the Death Marshs ruler is the legendary Deathsoul Tree!

    Deathsoul Tree! Theres really such a thing in the world? Ye Yuan said in surprise.

    White Light had a blank look as he said, What are you all talking about? What on earth is a Deathsoul Tree?

    Ye Yuans expression became very ugly, and he said grimly, Ive once seen before sporadic records in ancient classics, this Deathsoul Tree is the same as the Kunwu Divine Wood, both being legendary existences! Legends have it that in a distant era, an earth-shaking powerhouse died harboring resentment. When he died, the resentment surged to the sky, condensing and didnt dissipate, finally turning into a Deathsoul Tree! After the Deathsoul Tree was born, it would always show up in various places of the Divine Realm bizarrely and randomly, devouring the life of powerhouses, becoming stronger and stronger, and killed all of its enemies! Legends say that regardless of how powerful the martial artist, as long as they enter inside the 100 thousand feet radius of the Deathsoul Tree, they would have their divine souls taken away, without the slightest margin to retaliate!

    White Light said in shock, This This is also too ridiculous, right? The divine soul of Deity Realm powerhouses, it takes away as it pleases?

    But Shi Potian said, What master said is right, the Deathsoul Tree is even more powerful than you imagine! It might have already surpassed Deity Realm!

    Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and said to the pair, You guys help to guard me. Wait for me to recover my strength, then well move out!En?Be careful!

    The consumption of using the Voice of the Dragon God was huge. He still wanted to recuperate for a while, but this Death Marsh did not seem to want to give him this chance.


    Inside the marsh, air bubbles rose up in the black waters, breaking the tranquility of this Death Marsh.

    Ye Yuan stared at the marshland with an ugly expression, wondering what kind of thing would be inside.


    A gray-brown shadow rushed out of the marshland all at once, speeding toward Ye Yuan.

    This was an enormous crocodile!

    That crocodile opened his gaping maws and chomped down at Ye Yuan.

    Ye Yuans face fell, the Domain of Sword and Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art were unleashed at the same time!


    With a loud bang, the crocodile seemed to have hit an iron plate and fell weakly into the swamp.

    Seeing this scene, White Light could not help laughing and said, Hahaha, this dumbass, to actually dare bite Big Brother. Doesnt it know that what Big Brother cultivates is related to tortoise shell?

    However, White Light discovered that only he alone was laughing.

    Ye Yuans expression was incomparably solemn as he said, This is a Blackwater Giant Crocodile! What powerful strength! The power of that attack earlier was likely not beneath the human races Ten Great Divine Kings!

    White Light was somewhat uncertain what it meant and said, Just an ordinary Ten Great Divine Kings, what doesnt it count for to us?

    One naturally doesnt mean anything. But if it was several thousands or tens of thousands? Ye Yuan said solemnly.

    As if affirming Ye Yuans words, this black water swamp started seething all at once.


    Seeing this scene, White Lights expression changed drastically.

    The scene in the next moment made the three peoples scalp tingle!

    Countless Blackwater Giant Crocodiles emerged from the marshland. As long as the eye could see, it was full of crocodiles!

    This number was probably no less than several tens of thousands!

    One already had the strength of the Ten Great Divine Kings. Several tens of thousands added together, even if Ye Yuan had three heads and six arms, he was not a match either!

    These guys are not easy to deal with! Go! Ye Yuan said in a low voice.

    The three people did not hesitate in the slightest and instantly scampered off!

    Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

    How could the Blackwater Giant Crocodiles give them a chance? For a moment, countless figures scurried after.

    Ye Yuan flipped his hand, and a Fury Sword Fire Lotus instantly burst forth.


    A terrifying energy exploded, directly carving out a bloody path.

    However, what took the three people by surprise was that Ye Yuans Fury Sword Fire Lotus merely just shook away these Blackwater Giant Crocodiles.

    It actually did not kill them!

    With Ye Yuans present strength, killing Ten Great Divine Kings-class powerhouses was not difficult.

    But this attack actually did not succeed!

    These guys have such a powerful defensive capability! Head over there! The Blackwater Giant Crocodiles there are fewer! Ye Yuan shouted.

    The Blackwater Giant Crocodiles launched attacks at the three people continuously. The three people did not dare to slight it either and unleashed all of their ability, driving away those Blackwater Giant Crocodiles.

    Monumental Sword!

    Ye Yuans physical exertion was immense. Currently, he could only use essence energy martial techniques too.

    He did not dare to hold back in the slightest. The moment he made his move, it was the Monumental Sword.

    A terrifying sword intent wreaked havoc, finally splitting those thick-fleshed Blackwater Giant Crocodiles into pieces.

    They headed for this relatively lesser area right from the start. This sword finally slaughtered out a bloody path, breaking out of the Blackwater Giant Crocodiles encirclement.

    The three peoples figures swept past hastily, how could they dare to remain in the least bit?

    Ye Yuans physical strength had yet to recover. His essence energy consumption was also huge. He was completely unable to carry on fighting.

    No idea how long they were running away, finally, there were no more traces of Blackwater Giant Crocodiles behind them before the three people stopped.

    White Lights expression was ashen pale as he said, That Blackwater Giant Crocodile army can even destroy the Divine Realm if its brought outside! I really have no idea just what kind of place this Godsfall Mountain Range is, to actually be able to produce so many existences rivaling the Ten Great Divine Kings!

    Before he could respond, Ye Yuans expression suddenly changed. A feeling of danger welled up in the heart once more!