Unpredictable Marriage.
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    Unpredictable Marriage. Book 2 Chapter 215

    Volume 2: A New Life Begins. Chapter 215 Chen Lin Embarrassed Her Ex's Wife And The Woman Left In Tears.

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    "I knew it! I knew that you were cheating on me, and it's with this bitch!". The woman said angrily as she threw glances at the two of them while pointing fingers at them as well.

    "What are you doing here?!. Have you been tailing me?!". The man asked with a raised voice, and with a stern expression on his face.

    He was indeed shocked to see the woman he hated the most right there. Now she had ruined the atmosphere he was in with his beloved.

    "Why do you care what I am doing here?. What are you doing with this shameless woman that doesn't know how to stay an arm's length from another woman's husband?!". The middle-aged woman sneered.

    Chen Lin glanced at the woman who was less beautiful than her and had wrinkles which showed that she had been stressed for a long period of time. Then she moved her gaze away and now focused it on the man sitting opposite of her, staring death daggers at his wife.

    With her lips curled up in a slight smile, she asked him, "is this old cargo your wife?".

    "Who did you call an old cargo?!". The woman asked with a twisted facial expression while pointing at Chen Lin.

    "Did I mention your name?". Chen Lin turned to look at her while the woman's husband was still staring daggers at her.

    The woman totally ignored her husband's stare and pointed fingers at Chen Lin. "Then who were you talking about?".

    Chen Lin pointed at the man and asked, "I was talking about his wife. Or are you the one?. But if you are the one, then I was rightfully referring to you. You already look so old, and I can see some wrinkles very visible on your aging face".

    The woman had a panic expression on her face as she brought her palms to her face to caress them, thereby tracing the wrinkles on her face.

    When she felt the lines on her face, she felt so ashamed that another woman embarrassed her in such a manner before her husband.

    "You Bitch! How is that any of your business?!". The woman screeched as she was a little away from giving Chen Lin a slap.

    Chen Lin saw her angry face and chuckled before saying to the man that had been quiet for a while now, "I never knew that this was your taste. And your wife has the same awful attitude as your mother. I can only say that birds of the same feathers flock together. No wonder she would force you to marry her, it's because they are the same".

    The man who had not moved a muscle since now had his face scrunched up in a frown. He hit the table hard with his palm, but the tea in the cups, didn't pour out, and that's to show you how strong and hard the table was.

    "Didn't you hear my question earlier?!". The man yelled angrily.

    The woman became frightened and took a step back unconsciously. But realizing her actions, she stood in place and sneered, "Your question doesn't deserve to be answered. And as for you, husband snatcher, leave my husband alone!".

    "Are you out of your mind?!. Who gave you permission to speak in this manner?!". The man howled.

    Chen Lin finished the tea in her teacup before saying it to the woman in a smile, "Since you called me a husband snatcher, why don't I prove It to you".

    Turning to look at the man who had a deadpan expression on his face, she gave him her signature smile. "I will consider your proposal".

    Then she stared at the who was looking at them wide-eyed, before proceeding.

    "I didn't want to be the reason for a marriage break up, but you have dared me over and over again, and I am not a pushover. Just a 'Yes' from me, and your relationship with this man here, will be OVER!".

    "Who do you think you are, for you to make such a stupid statement?". The woman sneered not believing her ears.

    She felt that Chen Lin was trying to frighten her, and so she didn't take her words seriously. After all, she already had two children for him, a male and a female child. And besides, they have been married for so many years, why will he want to break up with her because of that woman.

    Chen Lin answered her, "The only woman whom your husband loves, and has in his heart, and the woman who is about to take him away from you".

    "You are crazy! Husband is this true? Tell me she's joking". The woman asked while staring at her husband nervously.

    "Let's get a divorce!. I can't stand your sight any longer!". The man declared.

    The woman thought she had just heard the most heartbreaking news ever directed at her, as her face seemed to have aged terribly.

    "You.....you.....are...lying. I refuse to believe you!". The woman said with a panicked expression.

    "I don't care if you believe me or not. I have said what I wanted my mind. We are getting a divorce". The man replied before downing them the remaining content of his teacup.

    Chen Lin smiled before pouring more tea into his teacup, and the man smiled at her gratefully before downing down the tea.

    The man's wife just stood there and watched their lovely interactions, totally shutting her out from their space.

    She almost felt that she was the one breaking up a perfect couple, instead of the other way round. She felt that she really was the third wheel in their relationship.

    Her heartfelt so bittered while watching them interact. And as she couldn't stand their sight, she ran away, crying.

    Seeing that the annoying woman had left. Chen Lin relaxed and picked up her bag to leave.

    "Lin'er you really meant what you said right?". The man asked anxiously while holding her back.

    "Did I say anything?". Chen Lin asked with an amused expression.

    The man released her hands awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

    "I did not promise you anything. I only said that I will consider your proposal. But first, you have to settle your problems". Chen Lin said.

    "No problem, I will divorce that woman as soon as possible, and then come for you and our daughter". The man assured her with a serious look.

    Chen Lin just nodded before walking out of the room, leaving the man to ponder on his words.