Under The Veil Of Night Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Second Attempt to Harm

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Jay followed after these girls with a bored face. He could not understand what these girls saw in the place that could be called interesting. He found it to be rather boring and treated it as the usual. He already visited the site very often because their clan had to clean up the mess they created.

"Jay, your clan doesn't oppose the construction?" Kanae asked when she saw that this boy was bored beyond belief.

"Not really. This is at the border of our and also the other two clans' territories. They didn't voice out any complaint and we also don't feel like voicing out any. Besides, the government says that this place belongs to them."

"You don't sound very happy."

"Not really," Jay shrugged. When this matter was first brought up, it was his brother who supported the construction very much. They didn't want to create more enemies, so his brother said that they had to cooperate with the government in this building project.

He didn't believe that his prideful brother wanted to bow do