Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Unacceptable

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Xu Que could feel that he had been surrounded by the extremely cold air, and sweat covered his forehead. He was not afraid, but now he was feeling rather embarrassed.

He thought this time he could act tough perfectly. Since he had already taken more than half of the elixirs, he planned to run away as soon as he left a message for that beautiful Taoist nun. Even if the Taoist nun ran after him, he could safely escape with the Divine Tracking Emblem.

However, he was now in a bad situation.

He had no idea why the Divine Tracking Emblem wasn’t working. He had already managed to activate the Divine Tracking Emblem, but the void did not change at all.

Xu Que summoned out the System. “System! You’re awful! Tell me what on earth is going on? Why isn’t Divine Tracking Emblem working?!”

Now Xu Que could tell that if the Taoist nun exerted all her power, he could be easily killed.


“The restriction here is very powerful. If you want to leave this place, you should use the Heavenly Divine Tracking Emblem. Before this, you need to upgrade the System to version 10.0.”

What the hell?! Are you kidding me?!

Xu Que was furious.

I spent almost 60,000 Acting Tough Points upgrading the System from version 3.0 to version 5.0. Now, to buy a Heavenly Divine Tracking Emblem, I’ll have to spend more Acting Tough Points to upgrade the System to version 10.0?! He was becoming more and more upset.

If I had known things would turn out like this, I would never have picked up so many holy herbs, not to mention quarrel with the Taoist nun.

She was far different from Liu Jingning, who was a woman of the ninth level of the Void Training Stage and who could stand others’ jokes. The Taoist nun was too powerful for any words.

Xu Que could tell that the nun’s intention to kill him was getting stronger and stronger . . .

“Sister, you are as beautiful and powerful as a fairy. I think there has been a misunderstanding between us. Yes, I picked up many holy herbs, but I did it for you. From now on, you don’t need to pick them by yourself.”

“Nonsense! How shameless you are!”

Xu Que heard someone sneering in the stone room.

The next minute, the nun’s murderous intent erupted out and changed into a three-foot bronze cooking vessel that was flying toward Xu Que.

Seeing this, he was shocked.

I never thought her feelings could materialize and change into a cooking vessel. This woman is really scary.

All of a sudden, Xu Que’s Taoist Body practiced the Three Thousand Volts Lightning and escaped along with Xu Que. The bronze cooking vessel hit the ground and shattered into pieces.

In the blink of an eye, the numerous pieces changed into countless sharp swords and flew toward Xu Que.

“My goodness! This is insane!” Xu Que exclaimed.

He quickly practiced the fully-developed Killer Book and the All Character Secret to strengthen the power of the Three Thousand Volts Lightning and quickly dodged the flying sharp swords.

However, wherever Xu Que went, the swords followed. He thought they were definitely going to kill him. “Please stop! I think there must be some misunderstanding between us!”

Xu Que was desperate. He had never met someone like this before.

“You are such a heavenly beauty! Could you please let me finish my words?

“I really came to meet you and show you my respect! I don’t have any bad intentions at all!

“You know what? Someone wants to set you up! He’s a thug named Duan Jiude. He’s trying to break the restriction spells, and once he manages to do that, he will kill you. I came here to help you!”

“Duan Jiude?” Suddenly, the woman seemed confused, and all the sharp swords stopped.

Seeing this, Xu Que was amazed.

“Yes! That’s right! Duan Jiude wants to set you up and kill you. He’s a thug who has done lots of bad things. He once kicked old people in the elderly home in the South Continent and punched kindergarten children in the East Continent, and now he wants to kill you. If I were you, I would never allow this happen!”

Hearing this, the woman sneered, “Nonsense! I don’t think he has the balls to kill me!”

The swords began to move again and were about to hit Xu Que.

“I’m not joking!” he shouted. “See it for yourself! He’s breaking the restrictions right at the moment. If I’m lying, then I’m your father . . . no, no, noIf I lied to you, then I’m not a man!”

I would be a male god! he secretly thought.

The sharp swords finally stopped and it was extremely quiet in the stone house. Xu Que could clearly feel the magnificent mind-power of the woman spreading out around him.

“How dare him!” she said coldly. “As my disciple, how can he break my rules?!”

Hearing this, Xu Que was surprised.

“What?! Duan Jiude is your disciple?!”

What the hell is going on?! Duan Jiude, that b*stard is her disciple? This is impossible!

“He is my disciple, but I kicked him out of my factionhe is simply not qualified! As for you, you aren’t much better than him. Go to hell!”

The swords moved towards Xu Que again. He became furious and shouted, “Wait! You can kill me if you really insist, but you should at least tell me why you’re going to kill me! Otherwise, I can’t die peacefully!”

“That’s not my concern!” she sneered.

“You think you’re more powerful than me, so you can bully me like this!” Xu Que said boldly. “But you know what? With my talent, it won’t be too long before I surpass you!”

“You think I will give you more time and wait until you become more powerful?!” she asked coldly.

“I don’t mean this! I simply want to ask you three questions. If you can answer them all, I will kill myself.”

This was an act. He was hoping he could outwit her and buy enough time with his questions to drain her energy and get some answers.

After a while, the woman said, “Fine! Go ahead.”

Hearing this, Xu Que was relieved.

She is powerful, but she is naive. I never thought I could so easily cheat her. Let’s see how you answer my three questions.

Xu Que was feeling much better. The woman was indeed powerful, but it seemed that she did not have too much contact with others and seldom went to places where people lived. So she was inexperienced and much less clever than Xu Que.

If the woman was a rather foxy and powerful cultivator, she would have never agreed to waste her time answering his questions.

Xu Que walked forward. “First question, what do you call a door made of wood?”

“What a silly question! I thought you would ask some difficult questions. Well, a door made of wood is a wooden door!”

The woman was a bit cross and felt Xu Que was messing around with her.

“Second question, what do you call a door made of iron?”

“An Iron door! One more question and I’ll kill you! Accept it!”

The woman was getting more and more impatient.

Xu Que smiled and asked, “Last one, what do you call a door that leads to happiness?”

“The . . . ” she trailed off. Wait a minute, this is not right, there can’t be a door that leads to happiness!

While the woman was thinking, Xu Que’s Taoist Body took this opportunity to run to the entrance, together with Xu Que.

“You think you can run away like this?!”

Xu Que was about to reach to the golden light shield, but right at this moment, the woman realized Xu Que was tricking her. All of a sudden, a magnificent power crashed into Xu Que.

“You broke your words! You promised me you would let me go if you failed to answer the question!” Xu Que shouted while running toward the entrance.

“There is no answer to the last question since there is simply no such a door in this world,” the woman said coldly.

Because of the burden of her magnificent power, Xu Que’s speed slowed down.

“There is! The door that leads to happiness is called Wo Men!”

All of a sudden, Xu Que could feel the burden weaken a bit. Obviously, the woman was surprised by the answer.

Right at this moment, Xu Que summoned back his Taoist Body and rushed toward the golden light shield.


The golden light shield twisted and Xu Que managed to run through it.

Meanwhile, a terribly beautiful woman walked out from the stone house.

She coldly looked in the direction where Xu Que had gone and coldly said, “You are Xu Que, right? Good! Once my soul is complete again, I will leave here and hunt you down!”

. . .

Xu Que quickly ran to the foot of the mountain.

Seeing Liu Jingning and Buttface waiting for him, he finally was relieved.

Xu Que looked at the sky and cursed, “Duan Jiude, f*ck your master!”