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    Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 174

    Chapter 174: Sister, This Video Was Filmed Clear Enough, Right?

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    "Ms. Liang, I'm sure Chengzhi has his reason behind all his actions. Even if he wanted revenge and took it out on you guys, or it was because of business matters, I won't ask him to stop for anyone. I would never comment on the way he deals with his work. I told you that I don't blame you for the incident is because I think that it's not worthy to hold a grudge on people like you. It's not worth it to be angry with you," Song Yu said. There were more people surrounding them, no one entered the elevator even though it arrived. All of them were watching their exchange. 

    Song Yu braced herself and tried her best to dismiss Liang Lihua, "I said that it doesn't bother me doesn't equate that I have to beg Qi Chengzhi to let you guys off. You guys brought it upon yourselves. If you think that anything can be solved by begging and crying, you're idealizing reality. It's impossible to take advantage of everything you come across. There's no such good thing in life.

    It's useless for you to come to me regarding this matter. Please leave," Song Yu said coldly.

    "Song Yu, what should I do for you to forgive us? I'll kneel down for you, is this enough?" Suddenly, Liang Lihua slammed her knees forcefully on the floor, making a loud "thump".

    Liang Lihua's face turned pale as the surface below her knees was the cold, hard marble floor. It hurt so badly that her features were deformed.

    "Song Yu, I hit you. If you want revenge, you can hit me back. I pulled your hair, come and pull mine too, okay?" Liang Lihua grabbed Song Yu's hand and kept directing it at her face and head. "Just hit me! Hit me! If this can resolve your hatred, I'm willing to do anything!"

    "What are you doing!" Song Yu was so embarrassed and attempted to release from her grip, but she could not fight against Liang Lihua's strength. Her other colleagues were all standing beside them watching the exchange, no one wanted to leave.

    "Liang Lihua, if you keep on harassing me, I'll just tell Chengzhi and let him destroy your company completely!" Song Yu was desperate. She finally managed to escape from Liang Lihua during the brief moment when she was startled. "I've had enough of you harassing me like that! If you still keep coming to me again and again, disrupting my life, I'll not hold back anymore!"

    Liang Lihua's pupil contracted instantly while her eye sockets enlarged. "Humph, Song Yu! You've finally shown your true colors!"

    All of a sudden, she scanned through the crowd surrounding Song Yu while she used both of her hands and pointed them towards herself and said, "You guys should be the judge of this! I'm her aunt, her blood-related family! How can she treat me like that? I'm already kneeling in front of her but she remained emotionless. How cold-hearted can one be! I admitted my mistakes to her, but she wouldn't listen, not even a chance to redeem myself. If you're in her shoes, could you bear to be so heartless?

    I'm her elder! Does she usually act all reasonable and considerate in front of you guys? This is her true color! You guys even heard that she threatened me just now!" Liang Lihua glanced towards Song Yu and said, "Song Yu, Qi Chengzhi must've been unaware of your true colors!"

    "I'm the one who allowed her to use my name to make threats without any reserve. Who are you to doubt my wife's actions?" Qi Chengzhi's distant voice sounded suddenly.

    Song Yu looked over and saw Qi Chengzhi walked out from the elevator. Who knew how long was he listening behind the closed door of the elevator.

    The sound insulation of the elevator door was rather poor. People inside could hear all the conversations from outside.

    He was all suited up, strode over with one of his hands inserted in his pocket. When he glanced at Liang Lihua, his deep-set eyes looked like a ball of black ice.

    Liang Lihua's face turned ashen the moment she saw Qi Chengzhi and fell back and sat on the floor.

    Qi Chengzhi walked over and put his hand around Song Yu's waist while he gazed at Song Yu ever so tenderly.

    "How long has she been harassing you?" Qi Chengzhi asked.

    Song Yu sighed and said, "It's fine."

    Qi Chengzhi did not continue questioning. He stared at Liang Lihua icily and said, "I think you still don't understand. I launched the attack on Donghua was for Song Yu's sake. The reason was that you kept coming over to pester and harass her, even falsely accused her. If you stay put quietly, I was actually planning to let Donghua maintain it's current state. Not to let it continue to grow, but also not go bankrupt, to say the least."

    Liang Lihua shuddered violently while her lips trembled uncontrollably.

    "However, the stunt you pull today made me want to destroy Donghua completely," Qi Chengzhi teased with his lips, "Go back and tell Yu Zidong that if a man wants to be successful, he got to find a good wife that doesn't drag him down."

    "Young Master Cheng, I'm sorry. I've made a mistake!" Liang Lihua's face turned bloodless while she begged eagerly. She wanted to grab Qi Chengzhi's pants, but her hands halted in midair after seeing his emotionless icy gaze.

    "Director Zhao," Qi Chengzhi called out coldly. Only then, the crowd noticed that Director Zhao was already there, standing right behind with sweat on his forehead.

    Director Zhao wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and hurried over, "Young Master Cheng…"

    "Please call security up and escort this lady out. She's disrupting the order in the office. It's rather inappropriate," Qi Chengzhi stared at Director Zhao indifferently.

    Instantly, Director Zhao rushed to the reception counter to call security.

    Liang Lihua knew that she had failed her attempt to gain their forgiveness today. Even though she had completely embarrassed herself, she would not allow herself to be humiliated and thrown out by security.

    She crawled up from the floor while she wiped away her tears. Then, with a pitiful expression, she said sobbingly, "Don't need to call security. I'll take my leave."

    After Liang Lihua entered the elevator and the door closed, Director Zhao started to chase away the rubberneckers. "Let's go, move it. If you guys don't go now, you'll be late for lunch. Do you still want to have full attendance?"

    Director Zhao dismissed the crowd and left only Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu. Only then, Qi Chengzhi led her into the empty elevator.

    "Why are you here?" Song Yu held his arm.

    She was unable to get rid of Liang Lihua's harassment. Even when she threatened her, she did not budge since the person that the Yu family feared was Qi Chengzhi, not her.

    When she was in despair, Qi Chengzhi appeared suddenly like a knight in shining armor.

    Whenever he appeared, his aura was sufficient to silent Liang Lihua without the need to say anything.

    She was also relieved by his presence every single time.

    "I want to have lunch together, but we met instead."

    Yu Keyao received a phone call from Liang Lihua. In the phone, Liang Lihua's voice sounded muffled, as if she had just cried. Judging from her tone, it seemed like the world was going to end.

    "Mum, I'm busy right now. I'll call you back later!" Yu Keyao walked out of the karaoke room and said softly by the door.

    "What are you busy with?" Liang Lihua could not control her anger. When Yu Keyao picked up the phone just now, she heard the noisy background through the phone. "Aren't you having fun outside! Our family is in trouble and the company is almost collapsing. If anything happens, your dad would definitely blame it on me. I did it all for your sake and now I'm in trouble, you still have the mood to play!"

    "Mum, what's going on?" Yu Keyao still did not take her words seriously.

    "Come back now at once!" Liang Lihua said harshly.

    "Okay," Yu Keyao went back to take her bag and bid her friends farewell before leaving unhappily.

    When she got into the car and saw Liang Lihua's swollen and reddened eyes on an ashen face, she started to feel anxious.

    "Mum, what happened to you?" Yu Keyao asked nervously.

    Looking at her daughter's concerned expression, Liang Lihua could not hold it in anymore and tears started falling down her cheeks. She told Yu Keyao what happened, but she did not mention how she kneeled and begged for forgiveness. That was too embarrassing to tell.

    "If your dad knows about this, he'll definitely blame me. I don't know what will he do," Liang Lihua said. Yu Keyao 1 quickly retrieved the box of tissue from the storage compartment and passed to Liang Lihua.

    Liang Lihua extracted a piece of tissue to wipe her tears while she said, "What should we do? Qi Chengzhi said that he already planned to let us go, but because of me going over to find Song Yu today, he would destroy our company. I didn't know his original plan, but according to what he said just now, he's letting me bear all of the responsibilities. If your dad knew about this, he'll never forgive me.

    From the way it looks, I don't think he's joking," Liang Lihua sniffed her nose before continuing, "Your dad was already blaming me for the incident in the cafe previously. I was overwhelmed when I saw your eldest uncle was trying to please Song Yu. I went over to argue with her and tried to reason for your sake. You belong to the Yu family, how can he betray us? Song Yu had taken away your love and now she's trying to steal your status in the Yu family. Why should you be bullied by her?

    In the end, she went back and complain to Qi Chengzhi. Now our company is on the brink of bankruptcy because of what Qi Chengzhi did. Not only the company has issues, but we've also lost our entire family fortune on failed investments. That day, your dad rushed back home furiously as if he was going to kill me. If this time…"

    "Mum," Yu Keyao held Liang Lihua's hand and comforted her, "Don't panic, I have a plan."

    "You do?" Liang Lihua looked at her puzzledly. "What do you have in mind?"

    "You don't need to bother about that. Anyway, I have a way to make them stop targeting us," Yu Keyao waved her hand. She had no intention of revealing her plan.

    "Keyao, don't do it rashly. Qi Chengzhi's patience with you is running low," Liang Lihua advised worriedly, "What if you pissed him off more…"

    "I won't, don't worry," Yu Keyao said.

    Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi took a stroll back to the company after they had their lunch nearby Chengshi. The restaurant was just a few streets away, that was why they did not drive and his Range Rover was parked at the company

    Both of them walked past a toy shop. A rather extensive runway was displayed at the window.

    There was a plastic mountain in the middle, it was crafted quite intricately. Even though it did not include realistic grass and trees, the color combination of the rocks and plants looked authentic from afar.

    The runway was designed as the roads spiraling up the mountain before disappearing into the cave and extending out from the other side and continue circling upwards.

    Qi Chengzhi brought Song Yu into the shop and pointed towards the mountainous runway at the window display while he asked the shopkeeper, "Is this the latest model?"

    "Yes, it's very popular these days. Kids love it so much that we're currently out of stock. The only one left is this display unit. If you want, we can give you a discount," the shopkeeper said.

    Qi Chengzhi nodded and said, "I'll have this one then."

    "Is this the runway that Qi Youxuan wanted?" Song Yu recalled Qi Youxuan's request when she was in the Qi mansion that day.

    "I think so," Qi Chengzhi said irresponsibly.

    "Shouldn't you ask him? If you bought the wrong one, he'll be disappointed!" Song Yu took out her phone and was about to call Qi Youxuan.

    "No need. If I bought the wrong one, he could still ask another one from his dad. He's more than happy for that," Qi Chengzhi said calmly after he passed the card to the shopkeeper.

    Song Yu, "..."

    When she gave a thought about it, this was something that Qi Youxuan might do. She did not want to ruin his opportunity to do that.

    Right when she was about to keep her phone, it rang.

    There was only a phone number without any caller ID. Song Yu suspected that it might be a spam call but she still picked it up.

    She did not expect Yu Keyao to be on the other side of the phone, "Sister."

    "Ms. Yu, is there anything?" Song Yu's said coldly.

    "I have something to tell you," Yu Keyao sounded a little unfriendly.

    "I have nothing to say to you," Song Yu planned on hanging up after this.

    "Wait! This thing is related to Qi Chengzhi and the Qi family's reputation. Don't you want to discuss about it?" Yu Keyao stopped her hurriedly through the phone.

    Song Yu startled for a moment, her heart sank to the bottom. Could it be that Yu Keyao knew about the truth behind Song family's bankruptcy?

    However, she thought through it and felt that it was very unlikely. If it was about this, she would find Qi Chengzhi instead. Also, this matter was not related to Qi Chengzhi and the Qi family's reputation.

    Song Yu pondered for a moment and put the phone call on speaker so that Qi Chengzhi could listen together.

    "If it's related to Qi Chengzhi and the Qi family's reputation, you should find him instead!" Song Yu said coldly.

    "What if it was because of you?" Yu Keyao sneered.

    Song Yu frown. She could not recall that she did anything that dishonored them.

    She looked towards Qi Chengzhi. His face dropped and nodded at her.

    Song Yu said, "What is it about?"

    "Let's meet, I want to talk to you in person," Yu Keyao said.

    Song Yu glanced towards Qi Chengzhi and replied when she saw him nodded again, "Okay, tell me the place."

    She noted down the address Yu Keyao told her and hung up. Qi Chengzhi said, "I'll go with you."

    Song Yu nodded. Qi Chengzhi took the runway that he bought for Qi Youxuan and walked back to the place he parked with Song Yu.

    He placed the toy into the booth. Song Yu got into the car and called Director Zhao to take leave and indicated that she would be going back a little later.

    Around forty minutes later, Qi Chengzhi reached Chengyue. This was the place that Yu Keyao requested them to meet at.

    Song Yu felt rather strange about the reason Yu Keyao would choose this place.

    She entered Shengyue together with Qi Chengzhi. They could easily notice Yu Keyao once they had entered the building.

    Yu Keyao was sitting with her back facing them and did not notice that they had arrived. However, Song Yu felt that something was wrong.

    After taking a few steps, she discovered that the table that Yu Keyao sat on was the place where she had her first date with Jian Yi.

    The reason she could remember so clearly was that too many things happened that night and it was quite difficult to forget.

    Now, Yu Keyao was sitting on the exact place where Jian Yi sat on that day. Song Yu frown, she knew that this was too much to be just a coincidence.

    Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu walked over together. When Yu Keyao lifted her head, her expression changed and glared at Song Yu when she saw that Qi Chengzhi was here too.

    Song Yu pouted her mouth mockingly and said, "You didn't tell me to come by myself. Furthermore, if it's related to his reputation, he should join the discussion as well.:

    Song Yu sat on the inner seat while Qi Chengzhi took the seat beside the walkway.

    Yu Keyao felt so stress that she was unable to breathe while facing Qi Chengzhi.

    She took in a deep breath discreetly before teasing, "Sister, do you still remember what happened over this table?"

    Song Yu arched her eyebrow. She had guessed roughly what was it about, but she had no idea how was Yu Keyao planning to threaten her with.

    "I'm waiting for your explanation," Song Yu said icily while she suppressed her anger inside.

    Yu Keyao scoffed and took out her phone. She turned her phone around and pushed it to the middle of the table. Then, she pressed the play button on the screen.

    The audio was a bit scratchy and the video flickered a few seconds before stabilizing.

    Song Yu could recognize that it was filmed shortly after Jian Yi left and Qi Chengyue had just arrived.

    Qi Chengyue was seating at Yu Keyao's current position. The video was filmed behind Qi Chengyue, the angle only got her waist-long curls but it showed Song Yu's entire face clearly.

    The audio of the video was not very loud, but it was still sufficient to understand what were they talking about.

    After Qi Chengyue gave a few statements, she stood up suddenly and splashed a glass of water on her face while she yelled, "How dare you follow others and be a mistress, you shameless slut!"

    Song Yu grabbed her bag and left after Qi Chengyue took leave. Even though her head was lowered, her pale face was mostly captured by the camera since she was directly facing the lenses.

    Suddenly, a leg extended out from the bottom of the frame. Song Yu tripped over it accidentally and landed the ground on all fours, made her look worse in that situation. 

    In fact, Qi Chengzhi had already seen this that night from outside of the hotel. He did not expect something like this to happen. He wanted to rush in and protect her but it all happened too fast.

    When he was almost at the entrance, Song Yu bumped into him headfirst.

    When the video ended, Yu Keyao immediately took her phone back with caution.

    "Sister, this video was filmed clear enough, right?" Yu Keyao said while she laughed, acting all innocent.

    "It is," Song Yu's hand balled up into a fist below the table.

    She already understood Yu Keyao's intentions. If this video was leaked out, people would judge that the Qi family's granddaughter-in-law was someone's mistress and intruded other people's relationships.

    They would not care about the truth as they only believe what they see in the video.

    Furthermore, Yu Keyao dare to bring this out so confidently was because of Qi Chengyue's face was completely hidden in this video. She would not have to worry about the Qi family's reaction.

    Song Yu felt quite shameful that she had such a secret of hers.

    If she was not blinded then and did not fall for Jian Yi, she would not have gotten into all this mess.

    She would not even have the chance to explain. If she did, it would fire the rumors and gossips, which would channel more judgments and hatred towards the Qi family.

    A warm, coarse palm covered her fist lovingly. Song Yu looked down and saw Qi Chengzhi's warm hand wrapped around her. His fingers were softly caressing the back of her hand as well as her fingers, calming her down significantly. The author named Yu Keyao wrongly as Qi Chengyue.