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    Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 170

    Chapter 170: If You Agree to This Condition, I Will Promise You to Keep That Incident as a Secret

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    She slammed the door with a "bang", did not even care to hide the disgust on her face. "Jian Yi, aren't you done yet?! Can you don't pester me all day?! Go and live your life! This is my business! Don't you stick your nose into it!"

    "I don't understand." Jian Yi clenched his teeth and flinched while scanning the lovely face of Song Yu. Though she was furious, she was still beautiful in his eyes.

    Besides, she had been seeing Qi Chengzhi and had the taste of sex life. This had led to her into possessing coquettish temperament, which was showing involuntarily from her soul.

    However, when Jian Yi thought of the cause of her change, he felt jealousy gnawing like an ant at his heart. He was jealous that her change was brought by Qi Chengzhi.

    "The evidence has shown clearly that it is conclusive. You knew that Qi Chengzhi had ruined Song family, destroyed your life and your future. You knew that he had ruined the company which your father had put all his effort in. You knew that he had destroyed the luxury life you mother had had. He has made your family into what you are right now. All the things he has done to you, they are so unfair to you. Why did you still marry him? Don't you hate him?" questioned Jian Yi furiously. The color of anger was creeping onto his face, his eyes were opened widely due to rage.

    "I really don't hate him," replied Song Yu peacefully. "Jian Yi, who are you to interfere with my business? Don't you dare to consider yourself having the right to help me to judge right from wrong! Since I, as the person involved, don't even hate anymore, who are you to come here and question me? Thank you, I don't need your concern."

    "I've been telling you this for a lot of times! Even I start to feel frustrated with it. Do you still not understand? This is my business! I don't need your concern! You just have to mind your own business! Do you know what kind of feeling you are giving me now?"

    Song Yu gave one step forward. "Jian Yi, you are making me feel sick. Now, I just have one thought in mind. I want to get rid of you. This is the first time I feel such disgust and loathing on somebody. Do you know that? Those in Yu family, they are not even as disgusting as you. They are shameless, but they have never tried to hide it. They are real scumbags. However, you still want to give yourself credit for the things that you've done shamelessly."

    "Could you don't irritate me anymore? I detest you. I hate to see you. I'll rather not have you appearing in front of me for the rest of my life. Haven't I been clear enough?" Song Yu took a deep breath. "You say that Qi Chengzhi has lied to me. He has ruined the Song family. You say that my life has been ruined, but I don't even have any feelings about it. The reason is that I'll rather live the life I have now. I won't even want to go back to the life that I've had."

    "In the past, I may have everything, but I have not been happy. I don't hate him for ruining Song family. In contrast, I'm thankful that he has set me free. My parents may have suffered, but they have only suffered for one year. Since I graduated from high school, I've been given part-time jobs by my friends. They have provided me enough to cover all my school fees. Not to mention that I'll always have extras to give my parents as living expenses. As a result, they don't have to work anymore, but enjoy their life at home."

    "Now, they don't have to stress. Their life now is way better than in the past!" Song Yu gave a cold-shoulder to him. "You say that Qi Chengzhi has lied to me? Jian Yi, a person like you who are always telling lies, who are you to criticize Qi Chengzhi? He may have lied to me, but he has lied due to his love to me. In addition, he has only lied about this in his life."

    "He is able to sacrifice everything for me. So why should I care about this little lie? What about you? You've deceived me twice on the incident of Guan Xiaolin and Qi Chengyue. Oh, is it just twice? The year when I drowned, who did you say that save me? Apparently, it was Qi Chengzhi who had saved me, but you were shameless. You looked into my eyes and told me that it was you who had saved me. Furthermore, you had pretended to be sicked because of it. Wow, a person who can lie until such an extent. Jian Yi, do you still expect me to have trust in you?"

    "Do you know why I've liked you in the past? Do you know when I've started to like you? It was because of the drowning at that time. You deceived me into believing you that you were the one who had saved me with your life. Since then, I've taken an interest in you. I started to realize the good part of you."

    "Apparently, the person who I like is the person who has saved me, not you." Song Yu took a deep breath. Her breath was trembling a little. "If you'd not deceived me in the first place, I'd have already been together with Qi Chengzhi. We wouldn't have wasted so many years. He wouldn't have to be forced to ruin the company of my family."

    "I would've been able to tell Qi family that the person I've liked was Qi Chengzhi. To Qi family, it would be no difference about who I married. We would've been married long ago. My parents and I wouldn't have to suffer. Qi Chengzhi wouldn't also have done the only wrongdoing. We could've had our joyful life several years in advance. We wouldn't have to wander around for such a long time, only to get together by now. He wouldn't have to wait for me for so many years. Only to finally have me showed up by his thirty-sixth."

    Song Yu did not care to hide her loathing to Jian Yi. "If it is to find the true person who ruin Song family, it'll be you, not Qi Chengzhi. Due to your selfish lie, Qi Chengzhi, my family and I have fallen into the mess that happened later."

    "Jian Yi, how can you face me now and question me? Why did I not hate Qi Chengzhi? Why should I hate him? I should be hating you!" Song Yu shook her head, looking at him with sympathy. "Jian Yi, do you really like me? You are just not willing to admit that you have lost to Qi Chengzhi. In your eyes, he has everything but you don't, am I right?"

    "Even if you had been having an interest in me from the start, it would have been because of me being the rich girl from the Song family. If I had been a daughter from an ordinary family, you wouldn't have given a glance to me. You are arrogant. You think that only those rich girls are comparable to you."

    "Once we went bankrupt, did you not immediately went for Guan Xiaolin? When you've finally gotten to Qi Chengyue, you dumped Guan Xiaolin at once. To you, women are just your step stones. Your persistency to me now, is not love at all. You are just unwilling to see that I'm good without you, unwilling to see that Qi Chengzhi is having everything that you've dreamt to have."

    "The fees for your studies was given by Guan Xiaolin. Your successful career was given by Qi Chengrui. Jian Yi, you are a person who relies on women. Who are you to be jealous of Qi Chengzhi? What makes you comparable to Qi Chengzhi?"

    "Enough!" roared Jian Yi. He could not put up with it anymore. He was intolerable to listen more. Song Yu had talked like he had nothing good to be praised. "How great is Qi Chengzhi then? He has got all these because of his good life since his birth. If he had been given birth in an ordinary family like me, he would have been nothing! What you've talked about just now, have all been there for him since his birth. He doesn't need to fight for it at all! To get what I want, I have to work myself. Even if I have worked a lot harder than him, it'll still be not enough to receive one percent of what he possesses in return."

    Song Yu shook her head and spoke confidently, "even if he had been given birth in an ordinary family, he would certainly still be able to make the most out of his life. He would still be able to be successful. He would not need to rely on women. Jian Yi, you don't understand. A person like you will never understand. Due to his personality, he'll never make those despicable actions. You aren't even qualified to judge Qi Chengzhi."

    Jian Yi who was especially furious at first burst into laughter suddenly.

    "Qi Chengzhi has ruined the Song family, but you don't hate him. Compared to what he has done, my lie to you is not a big deal at all, but you loathe me. Do you think it's fair? Do you really love him until this extend? Or are there any other reason? About this, I would rather not ask."


    Jian Yi was suddenly interrupted. He had been slapped hard by Song Yu. It was unexpected. His face was slapped to the side by her. Worse, his jaw made the sound of "crack", it was misaligned.

    Jian Yi held onto his jaw, adjusted it back to its rightful place. Then, he turned around and saw Song Yu pointing at him. She was furious. "I don't care what kind of dirty thoughts you have in mind. You have to hold that back! Don't you ever use your dirty mindset to pollute my ears!"

    "Ha!" chuckled Jian Yi. He sounded cold. From the bottom of his heart, he felt truly unfair. Comparing to Qi Chengzhi, his lie before that was nothing.

    However, Song Yu was not going to forgive him. She was hating him more and more. Worse, she felt disgusted by him, not even fancy to see him face.

    She kept saying that she loved Qi Chengzhi. She even registered her marriage with him, making love with him every day since then.

    Did Song Yu really love Qi Chengzhi to that extent?

    He did not believe. She must have been chasing for the status of Qi Chengzhi.

    If he had been replaced by somebody else, if he had been replaced by him, Song Yu would have had killed him by now.

    What right did she have to criticize him then?

    Jian Yi thought while holding his jaw in one hand and closing another into a fist.

    "Alright, I'll not talk about this. I ask you, about the Qi Chengzhi's wrongdoing to the Song family, do auntie and uncle know about it?" Jian Yi looked fixedly at the face of Song Yu, observing her reaction.

    Unexpectedly, Song Yu did not show any fear but laughed ironically. "Do you think that I'll keep it to my parents? Taking the action to marry Qi Chengzhi and explain later?"

    Jian Yi's face turned serious, eyeing her suspiciously. "Auntie and uncle have known about it? They were not angry but agreed to your marriage?"

    "The whole family of mine doesn't matter. So, Jian Yi, don't you care so much anymore," said Song Yu coldly.

    Jian Yi kept his lips together tightly. He still did not believe.

    "I don't believe. I don't believe that they have easily forgiven Qi Chengzhi, without a close look into what he has done," said Jian Yi doubtfully.

    Song Yu tighten her lips coldly and brought out a phone, holding it out to Jian Yi. "If you still don't believe, why don't you call and ask them directly?"

    Jian Yi seemed to be serious. He looked down at the phone, looked up again at Song Yu. His eyes were squinting, trying to find out something from her face.

    Song Yu was doing her best to keep herself calm. She acted confident, but her palm that was against the cover of the phone was already sweating.

    She welcomed the gaze of Jian Yi, without her eyes blinking. She did not avoid his gaze, confidently look into his eyes. She showed no guilty.

    After looking at her a long time, Jian Yi turned his attention away from her. He did not accept Song Yu's phone.

    Song Yu kept her phone but did not dare to show a sign of relief. She was still intense.

    "Since you are not making the call, don't you annoy me again," said Song Yu coldly. "If you come and disturb me again, I won't mind telling Qi Chengzhi on you."

    Since Qi Chengzhi had said that, she would not mind flag his name for once.

    "You are trying to become outstanding. You are hoping to rise to the top of Qilin. That's why you are doing all the things you are doing now." said Song Yu coldly. "If you annoy me again, I will promise you that you will never be able to be successful in Qilin. Not even as a department manager! Not even as this position you are now holding!"

    "If you have the capability, you can always convince Qi Chengyue to give you a sum of money. If you succeed in it, suit yourself then! You can always create your own career out there in the world. However, don't you expect to have any achievement in Qilin for your entire life!" Song Yu smirked sarcastically. "Are you willing to give a shot for your future? Do mind that you have worked hard to possess what you are having now."

    She looked at Jian Yi with her teeth-gritting, even her jaws were jutting out.

    Song Yu opened the door calmly. "Manager Jian, thank you."

    Jian Yi was breathing heavily. He refused to give in to Song Yu, while Song Yu left the door open and stood immobile.

    Finally, Jiang Yi frowned, walked over to it with his teeth gritting. When he was passed by Song Yu, he stopped again. With a deep voice he spoke, "Song Yu, you let me down."

    Song Yu remained silent. Once Jian Yi had left, she finally relaxed. As if a deflated balloon, her whole body leaned against the wall.

    She did not mention the incident behind the bankruptcy to her parents. She did not know that if she had managed to trick Jian Yi into believing her lies.

    Jian Yi left Chengshi and sat in his Cayenne. He shut his eyes and had his head leaned back. He thought for a while before opening his eyes in a sudden. He took out his phone and made a call to the Song family.

    "Auntie, it's me. Jian Yi"

    Yu Qianying was caught off guard. Jian Yi had not been in contact with their family for a long time, but she smiled and said, "Oh, Jian Yi. Why have you not been visiting us for a long time?"

    "It's been quite busy recently. I'll be visiting once I'm done with this," said Jian Yi.

    "Auntie, I would like to ask you something." Jian Yi continued.

    "What is it about?"

    "It's actually like that. Have you heard of this company, Feather?" asked he.

    Yu Qianying was surprised, she did not understand. "Nope. Why are you asking about this? What is it about this company?"

    "Nothing." Jian Yi smiled. "It's just something that I come across in my job. I'm not familiar with this company. It seems to be a new company that is founded not long ago. However, it has already existed before the incident of the Song family. So, I'm wondering if you know anything about it."

    "Oh, I don't know." Yu Qianying was feeling odd. Why would he ask her about the things related to his job? "Before that, I also did not have the habit to inquire about the things related to the job. So, I won't be able to know anything about this company. Why don't I help you to ask Lao Song?" 


    After a while, Yu Qianying replied that Song Donglin had not heard of it too. Jian Yi thanked her and ended the call.

    He threw the phone aside and sneered.

    Qi Chengzhi looked at Jian Yi coldly. The latter was sitting at the opposite of him. He had received a call from Jian Yi this afternoon, requesting him to meet up in this private dining room of Shengyue tonight. Jian Yi had mentioned that it was something urgent.

    Qi Chengzhi had made a call to Song Yu, told her that he would be going back home late tonight, due to some matters. He told her that she did not have to wait for him for dinner tonight.

    Now, Jian Yi sitting at the opposite, but he refused to speak.

    Qi Chengzhi sat patiently. His gaze to Jian Yi was cold.

    Jian Yi hated Qi Chengzhi for some reasons that he himself could not explain. The reason why he had arranged a meeting here and not meeting him up in the office, was because he wished to talk to Qi Chengzhi in equal status.

    Here, Qi Chengzhi and him were equal. He is his younger sister's husband.

    However, if they were in the office, he would become the employee of Qi Chengzhi. He disliked this inequality between Qi Chengzhi and him.

    He thought that Qi Chengzhi would the one who spoke first. To his surprise, Qi Chengzhi was able to stay calm and not raising any question.

    Jian Yi took a deep breath. He took out the file folder and threw it on the table.

    Qi Chengzhi remained expressionless, but heard Jiang Yi spoke: "Take a look."

    Qi Chengzhi sniggered. Not bothering the attitude of Jian Yi, he picked up the file folder and took out the things inside.

    After reading, Qi Chengzhi's expression remained the same. He glanced at Jian Yi, saw that his arrogance was plastered on his pleasing face. He was grinning hideously.

    Qi Chengzhi remained silent and put back all the photocopies into it. He was in a relaxed posture, leaning back onto the back of his chair.

    "Don't you have anything to say?" mocked Jian Yi.

    "What do you want me to say?" Qi Chengzhi sneered.

    Jian Yi laughs coldly. "Qi Chengzhi, you don't have to act as if you don't bother at all. What is it inside, you clearly understand. What do you think would happen if Song Yu's parents know about it? Will they still allow you to marry her?"

    "So are you just here to tell me this?" Qi Chengzhi sneered. He stood up immediately and was walking straight to the exit.

    "Wait, are you really not bothered at all?" Jian Yi was not able to act calmly anymore. He stood immediately, almost unable to keep himself from running towards Qi Chengzhi to prevent him leaving.

    Qi Chengzhi stopped. His gaze was cold, his tone was soft. "Why should I care?"

    "I know that you have registered marriage, but don't you ever think that you can have a peaceful life from now on. Once Song Yu's parents know the truth, they will rather force you into divorce, than allow a man who has destroyed their home to be their son-in-law!" Jian Yi seemed to have gathered back his confidence. His spine was in an upright position, he smiled lightly. "You have deceived them, destroyed the Song family. They will not treat you as if nothing has happened before! They will not be able to forgive you so easily."

    Qi Chengzhi gave him a glance, spoke with unconcern: "What do you want then? Spill it out quickly, or else I'm leaving."

    Jian Yi was repugnant to his unconcern. This was not in his expectation.

    He thought that this time he would be able to wipe out the calmness on Qi Chengzhi's face. He thought that it would make him anxious and worried, or even enraged.

    He would like to see him losing his temper, removing the calm mask on his face. He would like to see Qi Chengzhi begging him anxiously. He would like to look down on Qi Chengzhi.

    However, unexpectedly, Qi Chengzhi still remained unconcerned.

    This was not in Jian Yi's expectation, but he did not have time to think about it. Thus, this had led Qi Chengzhi into an advantageous position.

    Though it was supposed to be him to lead the way.

    "It'll be impossible for you to divorce with Song Yu," said Jian Yi. "But if you still are hoping to have a happy life with her, you will need me to keep this as a secret-"

    Jian Yi looked at Qi Chengzhi, his voice was colder. "I want you to cancel the order of assigning me to France. Plus, the vice president of Qilin Estate is going to retire at the end of the year. I want to be replaced on that position."

    "It's only a vice president of Qilin Estate. It won't be difficult for you." Jian Yi brushed on the index dial of the watch on his left wrist. His fingertip was drawing circles along the edge of the index dial.

    "As for Qilin Science and Technology, I understand that it's not the time for me to be there yet." He smiled, looking at Qi Chengzhi confidently. "If you agree to this condition, I will promise you to keep that incident as a secret."

    Qi Chengzhi had not even bothered to answer him, turned and left.

    Walking with his long legs, with two, three steps and he was now by the door. When his handheld onto the doorknob and was to open it, Jian Yi shouted behind: "Qi Chengzhi, you haven't even answered!"

    "Aren't my message clear enough?" Qi Chengzhi spun around, replied in sarcasm, "With your intelligence, you are still hoping in vain to become a vice president?"

    "Do you mean that you don't agree?" This was totally unexpected by Jian Yi.