Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency
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    Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 169

    Chapter 169: Was It Your Friend Who Registered for Marriage? Congratulations!

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    Not long after they started their journey, Qi Chengzhi's phone rang.

    Qi Chengzhi was driving so Song Yu held it up to see who it was—it was Han Zhuoli—and proceeded to tell Qi Chengzhi.

    The phone was not connected to the earphones making it inconvenient for Qi Chengzhi to answer the call. Hence, he asked Song Yu to help.

    As Song Yu picked up the phone Han Zhuoli roared, not even giving her the chance to greet him. "Qi Chengzhi! Can't you keep a low profile when you are registering your marriage?! My grandmother gave me a call again just now! She wants me to be back home by tomorrow! Can you not build your happiness on our pain?!"

    "I'm sorry, but it's me, Song Yu," replied Song Yu awkwardly. She did not expect grandmother Han to take action so swiftly, going after Han Zhuoli immediately after ending their call.

    The phone was quiet for some time.

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    "Mr. Han, are you still there?" Song Yu had no choice but to ask. The silence was too long and she was s