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    Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 159

    Chapter 159: Since You Have No Manners, Ill Educate You On Behalf Of Your Parents

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    They were uncertain if Yu Keyao had learned her lesson. She did not pester Qi Chengzhi and declared how much she likes him. Instead, she greeted them politely as if she had accepted them as her sister and brother-in-law. This puts Song Yu in an awkward position where she could not say anything insulting even though she was not happy.

    "Aunt Liu is already preparing lunch at home as we speak. We'll head back once we finish accompanying Grandmother Qi for lunch," Song Yu said indifferently.

    Grandmother Qi shoved the lunchbox that Yu Keyao brought into the director's hand and said, "If this is the case, we can't let Miss Yu's effort go to waste. Director, you should eat it!"

    "This…" the director held the lunchbox awkwardly. He wanted to put it down but he did not have the courage since it was Grandmother Qi who handed him the lunchbox. Yu Keyao's face stiffened as well. How could the director take something that she brought for Grandmother Qi?

    Grandmother Qi waved her hand. "Or else it'll be a waste if no one eats it. Director, just take it."

    "This…" the director thought of a reason and said, "I've eaten already, I don't think I can eat anymore."

    After Grandmother Qi heard him, she told the young man that brought Yu Keyao indirectly. "Young man, you can have it then! If you already had lunch too, pass it to your colleagues and ask them to share among themselves. The meals provided by them is not that nice anyway, treat it as an upgrade!"

    Yu Keyao stared at the lunchbox that went into the young man's hand. Inside, she was so furious that she wished she could snatch it away from them and throw it on the floor instead of letting them eat it.

    She prepared this for the whole morning at home. Who knew that her effort would be disparaged like this!

    However, she could not act so petty in front of Grandmother Qi and Qi Chengzhi.

    "Yeah, since I've already brought it here, you can't expect me to bring it back right." Yu Keyao forced out a smile.

    "Grandmother, have a bite. The food is turning cold," Qi Chengzhi voiced out.

    The director looked at them and said, "Yes, yes! I won't disturb you anymore. Take your time to eat, no hurry. We'll start filming once you've finished eating."

    With such an important person like Madam Qi, they had to treat her with extraordinary care. During the days when she was not around, the director would order his assistant director to pressure everyone to finish their lunch earlier so that they could move on to film and get all the scenes done for the day.

    However, when it came down to Madam Qi, the director dare not prompt her to finish her meal earlier. Even if she requested for a high tea session, the director would have to wait for her.

    Shu Li felt that things were not panning out as she expected and left since there was nothing much to look at. The only ones left were Qi Chengzhi, Song Yu, Yu Keyao, and Grandmother Qi.

    "You two should also hurry back and have your meal," Grandmother Qi said before continuing, "Don't have to accompany me. It's already so late, you guys must be very hungry.

    Qi Chengzhi understood Grandmother Qi's intentions and did not insist. He left with Song Yu without saying a word.

    Yu Keyao wanted to follow when she saw them leaving, but Grandmother Qi's voice sounded from behind, "Miss Yu, please stay and have a word with me."

    Yu Keyao's heart sank and she obeyed Grandmother Qi's orders, taking a seat across her. 

    "Miss Yu, while you were in Paris, your mother came to me. Did she tell you this when she got back?" Grandmother Qi picked up a stalk of choy sum with the chopsticks. It tasted crisp and fresh, she grinned in satisfaction. "My granddaughter-in-law's skills are not bad."

    Yu Keyao opened her mouth and replied in a muffled tone, "No."

    Liang Lihua did not manage to gain Grandmother Qi's favor and even got insulted by Xia Wenna, of course, she would not tell such embarrassing affairs to Yu Keyao.

    Moreover, Grandmother Qi was not reserved at all towards Liang Lihua. She criticized her directly, especially where she said that she would never allow Yu Keyao to marry into the Qi family just by having her as a mother. Liang Lihua would never let Yu Keyao know. If she did, she would have wreaked havoc at home.

    Grandmother Qi was not bothered by it. She picked up another piece of mushroom and took a bite as she said, "Miss Yu, I'm aware of how you feel about our Chengzhi. However, Chengzhi is going to marry Song Yu. No matter what you do, Chengzhi would not go and see you. It's pointless for you to try to get on my good side. For me, no one else can be my granddaughter-in-law except for Song Yu."

    "Madam Qi, can I call you grandmother? My grandparents passed away several years ago. I felt a feeling of fondness towards you that I can't explain whenever I saw you. I remembered that my grandparents were very kind to me." Yu Keyao smiled softly and continued, "That's why whenever I see you and your husband, it reminds me of my grandfather and grandmother.

    "He he," Grandmother Qi did not give a direct answer and just let her be, as this does not represent she would have any relations with the Qi family at all.

    "Grandmother," Yu Keyao took it as Grandmother Qi had agreed and puckered her lips before saying, "you're right. I like Big Brother Chengzhi, since the first day I met him. I fell head over heels for him and just can't let him go, even until now. Even after he threatened me with such harsh words and ignored me constantly, or when he threw me out on the streets in Paris, I still love him.

    "Of course, I naturally hope that he would just look me in the eye, even if it was just a fleeting moment. With me chasing after him like this, I'd be lying if I said I don't hope for anything in return. However, if he really doesn't grow to like me, I will just continue to love him. He can't stop me from doing that. I'm not disrupting him just by loving him."

    "I can't even control my own heart." Yu Keyao pressed her palm onto her chest. "Grandmother, how can you ask me to give up? In fact, Big Brother Chengzhi had already ignored my existence, how could I intrude into his relationship with sister? This is just me and my feelings. I'm not bothering anyone, am I right?

    "You're Big Brother Chengzhi's grandmother. I respect you and want to treat you nicely, that's all. I have no ulterior motives to gain your favor and try to win Big Brother Chengzhi over." Yu Keyao had on a hurtful expression while she bit her lip, tears rolling in her eyes as if they were about to stream down.

    This put Grandmother Qi in an awkward position. She could not taste the vegetables anymore even though she continued chewing. This Yu Keyao was impenetrable!

    Her pitiful and sincere stance while she confessed that she would keep her feelings to herself and not intrude their relationship made Grandmother Qi speechless.

    She could not tell her not to like someone, could she?

    Yu Keyao made an irrebuttable statement, Grandmother Qi could never control one's mind and feelings!

    Grandmother Qi stole a glance while she was eating her lunch and thought, 'This girl is much smarter than her mum!'

    Grandmother Qi was not that silly to believe everything that Yu Keyao said. Yu Keyao was not that selfless and innocent, she must be devising a scheme for her own benefit. Even if she was not going to end up with Qi Chengzhi, she would try to destroy Song Yu.

    Last time, Grandmother Qi was able to act so crudely to Liang Lihua because she instigated it by putting things so harshly.

    However, Grandmother Qi was not able to say anything when Yu Keyao acted so pitifully.

    Grandmother Qi finished her lunch and put down the chopsticks. Then, she took out a tissue and wiped her mouth clean. "Miss Yu, you're right. I have no control over your heart and what you decide to do. Nevertheless, I'll clear things up today regardless if you still have the intention of marrying into the Qi family. Even if Song Yu isn't in the picture, I'll never allow you to marry into our family.

    "Even if you manage to separate Chengzhi and Song Yu, you can't marry into my family. I'll be frank with you, my support is the major reason Chengzhi and Song Yu can be together till this day. If one day you succeeded in getting Chengzhi to fall for you, he alone can't make you a part of the Qi family without me agreeing to it.

    "Am I being clear enough?" Grandmother Qi's expression turned cold.

    The old lady who usually had warm features suddenly had on a stern expression. It was rather intimidating and startled Yu Keyao. A sense of fear crept its way up from the bottom of her heart.

    Yu Keyao dare not address her as "grandmother" anymore. She stood up with wobbly legs, uncertain of what to do next. "Madam Qi, I'll take my leave now."

    Grandmother Qi then put on a mellow smile and said, "I'll let my driver send you the lunchbox later."

    Yu Keyao paused for a moment, the lunchbox was the least of her worries at that moment.

    Grandmother Qi stood up in a decent mood and took out a bottle of hand sanitizer from her bag. Then, she took the script and left to look for the director. "Director, are we filming soon? I want to finish this scene earlier so that I can go home to talk to my granddaughter-in-law."


    Grandmother Qi came home around two o'clock in the afternoon.

    Song Yu chatted a while with Grandmother Qi. Then, she gave a phone call back home because she was concerned about her parents.

    Turned out that Yu Zixiu and Chi Yuanzhen stayed behind and had not left yet.

    "Mum, if worst comes to worst, I'll go back with Chengzhi to deal with them," Song Yu said. Her parents were stuck at home with Yu Zixiu and his wife, what in the world were they thinking.

    Yu Qianying still refused, Song Yu could only say, "Please inform me right away when they leave. I'll head back with Chengzhi."

    It was about half-past five in the evening when Song Yu received a phone call from home. Yu Zixiu and Chi Yuanzhen finally left.

    Yu Qianying was worried that Yu Zixiu pretended to leave and went to hide downstairs, hence she followed Song Donglin down to check and made sure that Yu Zixiu and his wife were really gone.

    Shortly after, Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi went back.

    The initial plan was for Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi to come home in the morning. Song Donglin even dragged two trolleys to the market a few days ago and bought two full bags of groceries for their arrival.

    Since they had already wasted the whole afternoon Yu Qianying rushed to prepare dinner while Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi were on their way so that they were greeted with a table of steaming dishes once they arrive.

    At this point, Yu Qianying had no opinions against Qi Chengzhi anymore.

    Instead of showing a sulky face, she showed more affection towards Qi Chengzhi than Song Yu. When Jian Yi used to visit their house, he had none of this sort of reception.

    She really treated him as her son-in-law. The more she saw him the more satisfied she was.

    Song Yu observed from aside and felt the surrealness. She could still remember how Yu Qianying reacted so strongly against their relationship and felt a little overwhelmed.

    On the dinner table, Yu Qianying looked like she had something in her mind but was hesitant to say it. Qi Chengzhi put down his chopsticks—his features were gentler than usual—and said, "Mum, you can speak your mind."

    Yu Qianying let out a sigh before saying, "You know that Yu Zixiu dropped by during the day. I was too naive, but after thinking, I may be able to stop him from coming after me, but I can't prevent him from looking for you in your company. He'll try to use his status as Song Yu's eldest uncle to work his way up to you.

    "That pair of brothers are insatiable. They will do anything for their own interest, if they come to you…" Yu Qianying put down the chopsticks while she was still speaking halfway. She was so troubled by them that it was triggering her gastric and made her lose appetite.

    "I was afraid that they would affect your relationship with Song Yu. Even though Song Yu hasn't told me yet, but I know that this child really loves you. She's not after your status and money. She's only interested in you. I don't want to create any misunderstandings and arguments between you two just because Song Yu's uncles came looking for you shamelessly to claim their rights as a family member.

    "Chengzhi, let me clarify something with you. Those two are no longer related to me. You don't have to agree or help them out because of Song Yu or us. You can treat them as strangers, just ignore whatever their request is."

    "I understand," Qi Chengzhi nodded reservedly.

    Nevertheless, these two words could not appease Yu Qianying. Qi Chengzhi continued in a mellow, mature voice, "The relationship I share with Song Yu will not be easily affected by others. In my eyes, Song Yu is just Song Yu. In fact, those who are not related to Song Yu will be none of my concern. For example, Yu Zixiu and Yu Zidong are not considered as Song Yu's relatives. Even if they come to find me, they'll be wasting their time."

    Qi Chengzhi glanced at Yu Qianying. "Mum, what I want to know is what do you think of Yu Zixiu and Yu Zidong. I know that they had hurt you in the past, it'll be impossible for you guys to amend your relationship. However, they are still your brothers. If it were other people, I would've done something long ago. If you mind about that, I can just treat them like they do not exist and tolerate their presence."

    "When they decided to cut ties with me back then, they never considered me as their sister," Yu Qianying said coldly, her expression turned dark. She tightened the grip of both of her hands that were resting on her knees before relaxing it immediately. "Seeing that they can benefit from this situation now, they scurried over to apologize and make amends without giving second thoughts. How can they think that things would resolve so easily!

    "If they didn't harass you, just let them be," Yu Qianying said before continuing, "but, if they come looking for you shamelessly, you can go ahead and let them taste their own medicine, just…"

    Yu Qianying let out a sigh and said, "Even though I don't recognize them as my brothers, but we inherited the Yu family business from my parents, I can't allow it to be destroyed in front of my own eyes."

    Yu Qianying felt a pang of sadness when she thought of her parents.

    When both of her parents were still alive, she was the Yu family's princess. Even when she grew older and gave birth to Song Yu, she was still treasured by them.

    If both of her parents were around, they would never allow Yu Qianying to suffer.

    Back then, if her parents were still there when the Song family went bankrupt, they would not let her brothers bully her the way they did.

    Even though it was Yu Zixiu who took over the family business that her father founded from scratch, Yu Qianying did not want it to be destroyed since it was still an inheritance from her parents.

    However, she also knew that it would be rather difficult if Qi Chengzhi tries to destroy the Yu family alone.

    The process of merging companies and declaring bankruptcy required at least several years.

    When the Song family business was in trouble, they struggled for five years. The tipping point was when they received the news of Qi Chengji's death which resulted in Song Yu having to break off the engagement with him. This was the last straw and they had to file for bankruptcy. If it was not for that, it was still possible for the Song family to continue for another seven years.

    The scale of the Yu family business was about the same as the Song family back then. Qi Chengzhi would not be able to easily destroy a company with their resources.

    Moreover, Qi Chengzhi was chosen to be the next leader of the family, does not mean that he is one now.

    Whatever he decided to do must be discussed with Grandfather Qi, Qi Zhongliang and Qi Zhongxun. He could not make the final decision on his own.

    However, Yu Qianying relented when it came to the company that her parents left behind. She did not want anything bad to happen to it.

    Qi Chengzhi fell silent for a moment. Yu Qianying got a little anxious while she looked at him from the side. She was unsure if he would agree to it.

    Finally, Qi Chengzhi nodded with an expressionless face.

    However, Song Yu was not expecting Yu Zixiu to go to her instead of Qi Chengzhi.

    She went to work the next day. In the afternoon, Ruan Danchen and her left the office to go to a newly opened Turkish restaurant nearby.

    "Song Yu." A voice sounded from not too far away.

    Song Yu frowned as she felt that it was rather familiar, but she had not heard it for quite some time.

    She looked over and saw Yu Zixiu sitting in the backseat of a Mercedes-Benz. The car window was down, exposing his stern face—as usual—with a snobbish expression on it.

    Ruan Danchen arched her eyebrows. She could guess why Yu Zixiu came looking for Song Yu. She could not resist but mocked him inwardly. How dare he put on airs when he was about to ask someone for a favor.

    He glanced towards Song Yu, not knowing how she would react.

    In the end, Song Yu just nodded calmly to Yu Zixiu, who was sitting in the car, before dragging Ruan Danchen to walk around the car and crossing the road.

    Yu Zixiu frowned and opened the door immediately and got down from the car.

    "Song Yu!" Yu Zixiu ran over and stood in Song Yu's way. "Why are you acting so distant after seeing your uncle!"

    Song Yu's expression remained indifferent. She did not express any joyful emotions that a person would normally react when they have a reunion with their family members. "Mr. Yu."

    Yu Zixiu let out a heavy sigh before understandingly saying, "You still blame me, don't you? I understand your reaction towards me."

    Song Yu said in a non-committal tone, "Excuse me, I'm going to have lunch with my colleague. Please help yourself, Mr. Yu."

    "Song Yu!" Just when Song Yu was about to bypass him, Yu Zixiu moved to the side and even reached out his arm to block Song Yu. "I've got some matters that I want to discuss with you. What do you want to eat, let me treat you."

    "No need for that," Song Yu said coldly.

    "Song Yu, can't you just have a chat with me? We haven't seen each other in a long time. There's so much that I want to say to you. Let's just have a homely chat between family members," Yu Zixiu urged.

    "Mr. Yu, you also said that we haven't seen each other in years, I can't think of anything to talk to you about." Song Yu maintained her cold expression. She was already saying in such a straightforward manner, but still could not chase Yu Zixiu away.

    "Song Yu, I know that you're angry with me. I'm here to have a heart to heart talk with you so that I can redeem my mistakes from the past," Yu Zixiu said in a rather sincere way. "I'm still your uncle at the end of the day, won't you give me a chance for redemption?"

    "Mr. Yu, this is the entrance of the company. Stop bothering me please." Song Yu tugged Ruan Danchen and took a step back.

    "I don't mean any harm. There are so many people around us, it's not too convenient to speak. Even if you want to take it out the hatred on me for putting you guys in such misery all these years, we should also sit down and talk through it, am I right?" Yu Zixiu said in an understanding demeanor.

    Song Yu was so disgusted by his presence that she made a rare icy expression with her demure features and scoffed. "If I return to the office now, I won't be coming out. Are you going to continue and wait out here?"

    "Yes," Yu Zixiu replied outwardly. "If you go back now, I'll wait here until you get off from work. You can't just stay there forever, right? Also, I know that Qi Chengzhi will come and pick you up every day. Then, not only will I be able to see you, I get to meet Qi Chengzhi as well."

    Song Yu stared at the reserved yet confident smile hanging on Yu Zixiu's face and felt utterly nauseated by it.

    How dare he continue smiling while he threatened her with words spoken in such an innocent manner.

    Yu Zixiu was so confident that Song Yu would not want him to bother Qi Chengzhi.

    Song Yu probably would think similarly as Yu Qianying.

    "Ha!" Song Yu chuckled and glanced at Yu Zixiu mockingly. "Are you hoping that you can make amends with my family and get a piece from the Qi family with an attitude like yours?"

    Song Yu sneered coldly, "It's not entirely impossible for you to talk to me, but on one condition."

    "Song Yu, you are my niece. I'm here to help you, you don't have to request from me. Just tell me anything. As your uncle, I'll definitely try my best to fulfill your wishes." Yu Zixiu put on his sincere act again.

    Song Yu laughed and ignored his speech, "I'll be the one dealing with you from now onwards. Don't you dare harass my parents again. You won't get what you want by talking to them, don't even think that Qi Chengzhi will listen to their orders. If you really want to get on Qi family's good side, you should come to me."

    "He he he!" Yu Zixiu laughed shamelessly. "There's no you and I between us, we're a family. I can't avoid meeting your parents in the future, Qianying is my sister. I'm even planning to visit her more often to build our relationship."

    "Do you agree, or not?" Song Yu asked sharply, "If not, you can continue to wait out here for the whole afternoon. You're right, Qi Chengzhi will come and pick me up every day, but if he knew that you're harassing me, I can't guarantee how will he react."

    Yu Zixiu clenched his jaws and lowered his head to hide the irritation from her cold gaze.

    He never thought that he would be threatened by Song Yu, who was one generation younger than him!

    If it was not for Song Yu's luck that she got together with Qi Chengzhi, he would never lower his stance in front of her!

    "Fine." Yu Zixiu nodded. "However, if we finally make amends, you can't just stop me from seeing my sister, can you!"

    "Mr. Yu, we'll leave this for another day," Song Yu said nonchalantly. She was highly doubtful that the day will arrive.

    Yu Zixiu smiled and pointed to his car and invited Song Yu for a ride.

    "There's no need for that." Song Yu pointed towards a cafe behind her. It was in the same building as her company. She said, "Let's talk in that cafe."

    The cafe had glass walls on both sides. There was no privacy at all. Also, the openness of the interior design would allow other customers to hear their conversation if it was spoken too loudly. Yu Zixiu's ego definitely would not allow him to reveal too many personal issues in such a public area. He would not linger for too long.

    As expected, Yu Zixiu did not seem to be too interested. Song Yu said, "If you don't like it, just forget about this."

    Then, she turned around and left.

    "Hold on!" This was no longer Yu Zixiu's main concern anymore. He grabbed Song Yu by her wrist in a dash and said, "Okay, let's go there."

    Song Yu glared at Yu Zixiu coldly, making him release his grip on her.

    Then, she looked at Ruan Danchen. Ruan Danchen patted her on the shoulder gently and said, "It's fine, are you sure you're okay?"

    Song Yu shook her head to assure Ruan Danchen before walking in front of Yu Zixiu to lead the way.

    Ruan Danchen saw them enter the cafe. Song Yu entered before Yu Zixiu, where she proceeded to choose a conspicuous table near the window and sat down.

    Yu Zixiu stood by the table for quite some time. It was obvious that he was not willing to sit down. His lips were moving but she could not figure out what was he telling Song Yu.

    Ruan Danchen was guessing that he was trying to persuade Song Yu to switch places.

    However, Song Yu said something stoically and Yu Zixiu just sat down with a stiff expression.

    Only then, Ruan Danchen turned around and crossed the road.

    The cafe offered some simple dishes. Yu Zixiu ordered a portion of pasta while Song Yu ordered a matcha tea. She had no appetite when she was facing Yu Zixiu.

    "Song Yu, are you going to avoid us forever? Everyone knows that you're part of the Yu family. Others will see us as a joke if we continue treating each other like strangers," Yu Zixiu said.

    "We were teased by others when you guys cut off all ties with us back in those days. What's the big deal if they mocked us again?" Song Yu retaliated with a snide remark.

    Yu Zixiu was startled. He squeezed the handle of the mug and said, "Song Yu, I'm aware of the wrongdoings that I did in the past. What should I do to make you trust me and forgive me? Just because of that mistake, you and your mother are planning not to forgive me for the entire lifetime, not even giving me a chance to redeem myself?"

    "As the saying goes, "It's a great virtue to acknowledge your faults and correct it." This is widely known by everyone, why doesn't it apply to me? Can't you guys just give me a chance to make amends? You're not afraid of how others see you, but have you ever thought of how the Qi family would be affected? You can turn a blind eye to the gossip and talk behind your back, but a family as noble as the Qi family really values their reputation. Do you really want to push the Qi family into the limelight to receive all those unnecessary judgments?"

    Song Yu sipped on her matcha tea to moisten her throat before saying, "You probably forgot that I was previously engaged to Qi Chengji. Everybody was aware of this. Now that Qi Chengzhi is going to marry me, all of them are busy judging this issue. Who will have the time to pay attention to a small family like the Yu family? Mr. Yu, perhaps you think too highly of the Yu family."

    Yu Zixiu reminded himself that he must endure whatever that came to him. However, his face still flushed red when he got mocked by a family member of the younger generation. He had to hold his breath to suppress his anger and not let it out on her.

    Suddenly, they were interrupted by a sharp voice. "Brother, I didn't expect to meet you here." 

    Song Yu lifted her head, she was not expecting to see Liang Lihua at all.

    Liang Lihua was here to find Song Yu. She heard the news about Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi's marriage. Even though she knew that she could not prevent it from happening, she still wanted to berate Song Yu and criticize her for being so shameless so that she could vent her anger.

    What she did not expect was that when she was about to enter the office building of her company, she saw Song Yu and Yu Zixiu sitting at the window seat as she was casually glancing to the cafe beside.

    Song Yu had a taunting expression on her. It was obvious that she was not giving him face, but Yu Zixiu just kept tolerating. 

    It angered Liang Lihua because she knew exactly why Yu Zixiu was there.

    He was here to please Song Yu and try to get on Qi Chengzhi's good side.

    Since he was made aware that Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi got together, Yu Zixiu had been plotting this. He did not even consider Yu Keyao's feelings. Not even his niece would be a concern in the pursuit of his interests!

    How capable was Song Yu!

    Firstly, she snatched her daughter's man away and now, she even made Yu Zixiu lower his stance in front of her. This was definitely her way of having revenge against the Yu family!

    At that instance, Liang Lihua dashed right into the cafe without hesitation.

    The server greeted her with a smile. "Good day, welcome to our cafe."

    She ignored him and darted to the window side.

    Yu Zixiu frowned deeply and asked in a deep voice, "Lihua, what are you doing here?"

    Liang Lihua would never ever pass by this place. She had no business here, there was also no shopping mall that she frequents. The only reason she would appear was that she was coming for Song Yu.

    "Why can't I be here, but you can?" Liang Lihua remained standing. She lowered her head to see a troubled Yu Zixiu. "Did you think about how our family would feel? Can't you just be more considerate of Keyao? You're busy pleasing Song Yu now? I recalled that you weren't so enthusiastic when the Song family went bankrupt!"

    Yu Qianying and Song Yu had no intentions of forgiving him. They mock and give sarcastic remarks whenever they saw him. Adding to that, Liang Lihua joined in and created an even bigger mess.

    Yu Zixiu stood up with a long face. "I told you that I made a mistake in the past. I'm here to ask for forgiveness from Qianying and Song Yu!"

    Liang Lihua was amazed by how thick-skinned Yu Zixiu was. Back then, he was the first one who suggested to cut off all ties with the Song family.

    Now, he was still able to seek for forgiveness so shamelessly, acting all righteous and upright.

    "What about you, can't you be more aware of the situation? Aren't you ashamed for making a scene here? You don't even acknowledge that you made a mistake and kept blaming Song Yu for your responsibilities. You've been wasting all the years of your life for nothing! Can't you be more reasonable and mature for your age?" Yu Zixiu said harshly with a stern face.

    He knew about the conflict between Liang Lihua and Song Yu. He took the chance to show Song Yu that he was on her side.

    "Yu Zixiu, you're being outrageously shameless! No wonder Song Yu is so unrepentant as well, I see that she takes after you family's genetic makeup!" Liang Lihua turned to Song Yu all of a sudden.

    Song Yu remained seated as if it was none of her business.

    Liang Lihua was so angry that her lips were pressed tightly, forming a line. She looked at Song Yu with disgust. "You're so capable, you've done so much just to await the arrival of this day, huh! You want everyone in the Yu family to come begging for your forgiveness? You want them to regret cutting ties with you guys?

    "Song Yu, I didn't know you can be so conniving at such a young age! Did you plan all of this since the beginning? You purposely hid at Dynasty when you knew that Keyao was going to have a blind date with Qi Chengzhi. You acted as if you entered the wrong room and plotted your meeting with Qi Chengzhi! Then, you tried to seduce him. Too bad our Keyao was too young and naive, she wasn't able to compete with you after all.

    "But I didn't expect that you had such amazing skills that made Qi Chengzhi fall for you so deeply and got so serious that he wants to marry you. All of your hard work paid off, you just want to see us beg you on our knees and create turmoil within our family, am I right!"

    Song Yu finally stood up in frustration. She had enough of her ridiculous false accusations and said, "I'm not so senseless like you."

    "Where do you think you're going! Have I let you go yet?" Liang Lihua grabbed Song Yu as she was passing her and forbade her to leave. "Why, are you feeling guilty? I guessed correctly, have I!"

    "Let go of me. I'm not going to stay here while you make a fool out of yourself!" Song Yu shook her arm forcefully, but Liang Lihua's strength was quite strong so she could not escape from her grip.

    "I am your aunt, can you be any ruder! Even though your family went bankrupt, have you lost your manners as well!" Liang Lihua tightened her grip on Song Yu's arm.

    Song Yu was not able to release herself and her grip was hurting her. She frowned and her expression changed.

    "Since you have no manners, I'll educate you on behalf of your parents! You don't bother to respect the elders and steal your own sister's man. If your parents are not going to give you a lecture, I will! You think that you can rely on a man to help your family's poverty!" Liang Lihua berated her loudly, not bothering that there were other customers in the cafe. She managed to grab hold of Song Yu's hair and yanked violently.

    Song Yu was not expecting Liang Lihua to make a move in a public place. She was feeling the pain coming from her hair but she could not seem to push her away.

    "Madam!" Two waiters rushed over and tried to pry Liang Lihua away. "Please don't do this, you're affecting our customers. Madam, if you continue, we'll have to call the police."

    "Liang Lihua, what are you doing! Release her!" Yu Zixiu yelled, but he did not join in the catfight due to his status. He just verbally warned her.

    Song Yu remained silent even though her scalp was in so much pain.

    She used both of her hands to find her way to Liang Lihua's wrist. Then, she used her fingernails to pinch the skin on her wrist with all the strength she had.