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    Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 157

    Chapter 157: Song Yu, You Better Not Come over Today

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    Despite cursing Yu Qianying a million times in her heart and having an ill expression, Chi Yuanzhen did not say a word. She just let Yu Qianying belittle her as much as she wanted to. 

    "Yu Zixiu, stop dreaming! Not only would I not forgive you, reconciling with the Yu family is akin to keeping a pack of wolves that you'll never know when they'd turn against you! Even if I let bygones be bygones, I'd not let you reap any benefit from the Qi family. I won't give you the chance to bring shame to Song Yu in front of the Qi family!

    "For Song Yu to marry Qi Chengzhi, it's her blessing. It's Qi Chengzhi's liking. They didn't date for any extrinsic reason, and merely because they like each other. Song Yu's feeling toward Qi Chengzhi is pure. It's not because he's the eldest grandson of the Qi family or because of his status and wealth.

    "I won't let you taint and ruin the genuine relationship between the two! I won't let their relationships be laden with business interests. Do you think I'm willing to sacrifice my daughter's happiness for you? Keep dreaming!

    "Preparing trousseau for Song Yu? That sounds great, thanks, but no thanks. We've already had a meal with the Qi family and discussed the matter. Everyone knew about our situation, including the Qi family. Do you think they're not aware that we can't afford the trousseau that can match the status of the Qi family?

    "The Qi family has made it clear that there's no need for ample trousseau, as long as it's appropriate with the customs and within our means. For them, it's the sincerity that counts. The Qi family doesn't lack this trivial amount of money. About Song Yu after she gets married, it's none of your concern. Qi Chengzhi wouldn't let her suffer any injustice.

    "Yu Zixiu, keep your smug plans to yourself. Don't even think about using Song Yu to achieve your master plan. My advice for you is, don't be so shameless and believe that you deserve a share of every cake. When we went bankrupt, you avoided us; now that we're doing well, and you come shagging your tail. What makes you think we will give you a piece of the cake? Do you think the world revolves around you, and that you can have everything your way?

    "Do you think that I can't hate you even after you cut the ties? Do you assume that we're going to be grateful and forgive you just because you come to apologize and offer us a small favor?" Yu Qianying's eyes were gleaming coldly.

    "Yu Zixiu, please remove your hand. I'm going to close the door!" Yu Qianying said.

    Chi Yuanzhen could no longer stand it. She had never experienced such humiliation where she could not answer back.

    She opened her mouth, wanting to insult Yu Qianying. While she could not reprimand her, she could at least say a sentence or two, on how she had forgotten her family name when her daughter had found a powerful man.

    She sprouted, "You-" before Yu Zixiu pulled her hand.

    Chi Yuanzhen looked at Yu Zixiu. Yu Zixiu said nothing and merely gave her a stare. Chi Yuanzhen then just kept her mouth shut and swallowed her words.

    "Qianying, it's alright if you don't let us in. We've explained to you our intention for visiting today, and it's out of goodwill. Of course, your hatred toward us wouldn't be disseminated so easily with merely a few statements. I understand that." Yu Zixiu still sounded compassionate, like an adult pardoning an insensible child. That ticked Yu Qianying off.

    Even after she had made it clear, Yu Zixiu still acted like he was the better person of the two. How shameless could he get!

    She would never be able to learn the ropes of the ability to distort the truth deliberately while maintaining one's composure.

    "I'm asking for your forgiveness. Sincerely. If you don't let us in, we will just be waiting here, till you're ready to forgive us." Yu Zixiu spoke with deep sorrow as he looked at Yu Qianying tearfully. It was as though he was grieving over how his sister treated her.

    Yu Qianying had never met anyone with that audacity!

    Compared with Yu Zixiu, someone as unreasonable as Liang Lihua seemed unsophisticated.

    "Yu Zixiu, you —" Whilst being furious, Yu Qianying felt helpless against Yu Zixiu's insolence.

    All of a sudden, her voice was choked with emotions.

    That time, she felt a pair of warm hands on her shoulders.

    Yu Qianying was shaken a little. She turned to look, and it was Song Donglin.

    When Song Donglin was mopping the floor, he heard the doorbell. He also listened to the subsequent arguing of Yu Qianying with Yu Zixiu and his wife, to which he recognized over the conversation and voices. 

    Despite the Song family being the one that went bankrupt, they were discussing the private matter of the Yu family, which was not a realm he should interfere in. That was why he only listened on the side.

    When Yu Qianying was no longer able to rebuff Yu Zixiu, Song Donglin then came to the door. He could not bear to see his wife suffer grievance. 

    When Yu Zixiu saw Song Donglin, there was a slight change in expression. Even for someone as thick-skinned as him, Yu Zixiu recognized how audacious his behavior was in front of Song Donglin.

    Back then, the two families, Yu and Song, had frequent business interactions. The reality was, while Song Donglin could award the many opportunities to others and make more money out of it, he instead chose to take care of the wife's family and granted the business to Yu Zixiu. 

    One could say that Yu Zixiu had received a lot of blessings from Song Donglin.

    Furthermore, Song Donglin still seemed so scholarly. Back when he was still in business, he had always looked more like a scholar than a businessman. Hence, he had the nickname of 'The Scholarly Businessman.'

    As he was idling at home, all his time was spent on chess. Studying kifu and living a simple life, his scholarly aura became stronger. 

    The way he looked at Yu Zixiu was unemotional. He did not look angry at all, and the way he looked at Yu Zixiu was like he was looking at a stranger.

    However, his calmness made Yu Zixiu feel ashamed and unable to show his face.

    "There's no need to speak any further. It hurts you more when he's not angry." Song Donglin spoke with a flat tone. His voice was gentle like a scholar, but not his words. "If he wants to wait outside, let him be."

    Song Donglin lightly pulled Yu Qianying backward and pushed the door outward with great strength.

    As a man, he was stronger than Yu Qianying. Yu Zixiu could no longer hold on it, and Song Donglin slammed the door right in front of him.

    "Why... Why do I have a family like that?" Yu Qianying felt wronged, and at the same time, angry. Not able to keep it in, she cried. "Lao Song, it's all my fault. If you didn't marry me, this wouldn't happen. If I had the foresight, I wouldn't let you help those people who're devoid of gratitude. I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

     "What're you saying?" A rare instance where Song Donglin was harsh on Yu Qianying. "Stop blabbering nonsense! If I didn't marry you, our daughter wouldn't exist today! Where can I find a daughter as great as Song Yu? You and your family are separate individuals. All that matters is that we recognize what kind of people they are. I enjoy the current state of our family. Otherwise, I wouldn't be retired at this age. The burden would have weighed heavily on my body, and I could be sick and bedridden by now. I would probably die in a few years.

     "For those who've spent years with alcohol, how many of them have a good ending?" Song Donglin embraced Yu Qianying gently and patted her back softly. "We're healthy now and have less burden. That's how we're able to live a content life. Song Yu can be dating whoever she likes, unlike the last time when she had to marry someone she didn't love for the sake of an ally. If our family didn't go bankrupt, Song Yu is probably still stuck with Qi Chengji, or she could have been married off to another family. There's no mutual liking among them, and their marriage won't be happy. We didn't lack money back then, but we weren't necessarily happy.

    "I frequently recalled the past and realized I wasn't happy then. I'm much happier and relaxed now. The bankruptcy was the turning point of our lives, and also our blessings. While the journey was tough, but contrasting our lives with Yu Zixiu at the door — he's still a slave of money. He's still thinking about how to expand the family and gather more wealth. He doesn't care about pride, nor does he know shame, he only operates for his interest, to the extent that he's willing to be insulted! Is that happiness? Is there a need to be like him? There's no end to this pursuit of wealth. If we didn't go bankrupt, I perhaps would be like Yu Zixiu, who is stuck in the rat race, not knowing to relax and be myself."

    Yu Qianying whimpered. "I understand. I can't stand how shameless they are and how they keep wanting to interfere with our lives. I'm mad every time I see them. I feel wronged. While I'm satisfied with our lives right now, having them stepping on our tail is another matter altogether."

    "It's okay. You're hurting yourself while Yu Zixiu and the others feel nothing. They don't feel they're wrong, and you do not anger them. In the end, you're the one who suffers a loss." Song Donglin wiped away her tears and advised her.

    "Sigh!" Yu Qianying huffed heavily. "I know." 

    Song Donglin took Yu Qianying into his arms and returned to the living room. "We do what we can. If he wants to wait outside, let him wait. He's used to a comfortable life. He can't stand any form of suffering. I'm sure he will return home soon."

    Song Donglin pressed on her shoulder gently and let her sit down, before passing a few napkins to her.

    She blew her nose into the napkins. Song Donglin took out the phone, and it seemed like he was about to call someone.

    Yu Qianying sniffled. Red-eyed, she asked, "Who are you calling?"

    "I'm calling Song Yu, telling them not to come over today." While Song Donglin dialed the number, he explained to Yu Qianying. "If she comes today with Qi Chengzhi, they will surely bump into Yu Zixiu and wife. Not only it's a laughing matter to Qi Chengzhi, Yu Zixiu will surely take the chance to bother Qi Chengzhi. It will put Song Yu in a very awkward situation."

    Nobody knew the feeling better than Yu Qianying. Since the glory days of the Song family, and when Song Yu was about to marry into the Qi family, the Yu family had always tried to get involved, no matter how thick-skinned it seemed.

    While Song Donglin put no blame on Yu Qianying and treated them as different individuals within the Yu family, the behavior of the Yu family indeed was annoying to Song Donglin.

    If he felt that way, how could Qi Chengzhi, who was not genteel to begin with, stand it?



    Song Yu was on the way to her parents' place in the Range Rover. They were expected to be arriving at her parents' home earlier. However, when she woke up in the morning, Qi Chengzhi had dragged her back in bed when she made a move. His lips slid upward from her shoulder, along her neck, then her lips.

    His hand too began caressing her body. From her chest, his hand moved down and slid into her soft opening. He did not flip her over and instead, just penetrated her from behind.

    Every time he entered her from behind, Song Yu was not sure what to feel about the sensation. She could not see him, but she could contact him. It was a distinct and exciting feeling, for her to be in his embrace and feel him rubbing in.

    When he was at her back, it was difficult for her to reach him or to look at him.

    She extended her hand and touched his sweaty face. Turning around, she could see his face right at her side. His face was rinsed with lust, and his usually calm expression turned passionate.

    She tried to get closer, but all she could do was kiss the corner of his severe lips.

    She could see the slight arch at the corner of his lips. His head slanted, he sealed her lips deeply. The tangling of their mouths was akin to combining the two into one. He wanted her to be a part of him. 

    Song Yu's cheeks were rosy. She was staring at his long fingers that were intertwined with hers. His nails were kept short, and the tips of his fingers felt slightly rough. When she thought about what the elegant, long fingers had done to her, she was extremely embarrassed.

    Looking at his fingers evoked this feeling. She did not dare to turn and look at his side profile.

    Qi Chengzhi noticed the slight trembling of her fingers from his fingertips. He took a glimpse at her when he had a moment.

    Seeing her blushing, he was not sure whether she was thinking about what happened in the morning. Looking at how embarrassed she was, with her eyes looking downward, and her lashes batting lightly, he recalled about the morning moment too.

    He was aroused. He then brought her hand to his lips. With his warm hand wrapped around hers, and his long fingers pinching lightly on her soft finger pulp, he had her hand at the edge of his lips.

    Song Yu's finger pulp were feeling the heat. She could not stop trembling when she felt her finger pulp against his scalding, soft lips. Subsequently, he had it between his lips as he pecked and kissed it, making it wet.

    Later, he began biting lightly on her fingertips. One by one, it did not hurt, but she could feel his heat.

    "Focus on driving!" Song Yu could not stand the teasing. Her entire body went weak, and her voice lacked conviction. Her face was hot and numb.

    When she wanted to retrieve her hand, he held it tightly, not letting her go.

    When her phone rang, Song Yu then urged, "Let me pick up the call!"

    All of a sudden, with her fingertips in his mouth, he sucked on them hard. Brushing against all her fingertips with his tongue, he then let her go.

    Song Yu's fingers were scalding. She clenched it. When the fingertips pressed against the palm, she could still feel the warmth and moisture.

    She took out her phone and saw that it was a call from Song Donglin. She did not want to pick up immediately.

    She was afraid that when she picked up, her voice would be shaking. She took a few deep breaths. When her breathing stabilized, she then picked up the phone. "Dad, we're almost there."

    She thought they called because Yu Qianying was getting impatient about their whereabouts. Hence, she got Song Donglin to call her. 

    "Song Yu, you better not come over today," Song Donglin said.

    "What's up?" Song Yu became nervous. "Dad, did anything happen back home?"

    Song Donglin was slightly stunned. He quickly comforted her. "Don't worry. Nothing happened, but your uncle and aunt are here. They're blocking the entrance."

    "My uncle? They..." Song Yu did not continue; she knew why Yu Zixiu and his wife were there.

    "They heard you're marrying Qi Chengzhi, so they came with greedy faces. They claimed to want to apologize and mend the relationship with our family," said Yu Qianying as she snatched Song Donglin's phone.

    "They're so shameless! Do they think that they can have a piece of every nice thing? There aren't so many great opportunities going around!" Yu Qianying was still angry. When she mentioned it to Song Yu, her mood was stirred up again.

    "I'm not going to forgive them. I learned their character from what happened before. Furthermore, their greed is insatiable. If they have the chance to build a relationship with Qi Chengzhi, I can't imagine how often they will be disturbing you, and crying about how poor, how pitiful they are so you can help them! They will ask for the sky from you."

    Yu Qianying had experienced it first hand, thinking about what had happened to her the last time she helped them out. She would not give these vampires a chance to get close to Song Yu.

    "They're just a bunch of blood-sucking leeches!" Yu Qianying said madly. "Get Qi Chengzhi to return immediately. Don't come today. Yu Zixiu and his wife are standing outside our door. They claim that they won't leave until we forgive them.

    "Hmph, I don't care. They can wait as long as they want. If they can do that, why can't they kneel? They must be thinking they're in some soap drama!" Yu Qianying went to take a seat on the sofa, with both her legs crossed. She was still mad.

    "If you come later, you will inevitably bump into the two. If they see Qi Chengzhi, they will stick to him like dogskin plaster 1 ! While Qi Chengzhi is unlikely to be scared of them, they will still put him off. Also, I'm afraid they might take the chance to get acquainted with him and use you as an excuse to approach Qi Chengzhi.

    "I don't want them to interfere with your relationship, and I don't want to give them any chance to get close to Qi Chengzhi." Yu Qianying tried her best to suppress her helplessness against the Yu family, and her expression was firm. "They only have money in their eyes, and they can do anything for money. They can't care less about someone else's livelihood. If they bother you, I'm afraid it will really affect your relationship with Qi Chengzhi."

    "Mom, it won't happen," Song Yu replied. She turned to look at Qi Chengzhi's side profile. Noticing her stare, he turned to look at her. "He isn't a social ladder. Besides, our relationship is stronger than that. They won't be able to change anything.

    "Mom, is it really okay if we don't go home? If we don't, I'm afraid they will keep bothering you," Song Yu said. She got Qi Chengzhi to stop somewhere, before heading further toward her home.

    "If you guys are here, you're giving Yu Zixiu a chance to speak with Qi Chengzhi, " Yu Qianying said. "They're now waiting outside. As long as we don't go out, we can just be watching the television or taking a nap, and enjoy our leisure time. We're not affected. Even if we want to step out, they can't be waiting forever. They're not formidable opponents on this.

    "Regardless, I'm not going to let Yu Zixiu have his wish granted, for him to use us as a social ladder to get to Qi Chengzhi." Yu Qianying was unyielding; whether it was directly or indirectly, she would not let the Yu family achieve this goal.

    "Okay." Song Yu hung up.

    She did not want to see Yu Zixiu either, but she was worried about her parents. She did not want them to bear the anger. However, given what Yu Qianying said, she thought it was a good idea just to let Yu Zixiu wait.

    Song Yu conveyed Yu Qianying and Song Donglin's message to Qi Chengzhi. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to describe something sticky