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    Chapter 156: Don't Disgust Me with Your Gifts. Get Out! (Free Chengyu Childhood Mini-Drama)

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    She opened the tap and washed her hands before wiping them on her apron. Running over to the door, she opened it with a smile. "Why are you both so early today?"

    "Qianying." At the door, Yu Zixiu and Chi Yuanzhen, with bags and bags of gifts, were smiling warmly at Yu Qianying.

    Yu Qianying's smile turned frigid when she saw who were at the door. She revoked the smile on her face. Without saying a word, she wanted to shut the door.

    While Yu Zixiu's hands were full of bags of goodies, he tried to keep Yu Qianying from closing the door.

    "Qianying! We're siblings. If there's any issue, we can resolve it. Why didn't you say a word before you shut us out?" Ignoring how it might look to others, Yu Zixiu stood at the door and spoke in a gentle voice to Yu Qianying.

    Yu Qianying had her lips pressed tightly. She could not suppress the anger arising from her chest. For so many years, this was the first time she felt like bursting into tears.

    When the Song family went bankrupt back then, she did not shed a tear, knowing she still had her husband and daughter. She needed to swallow her tears to get through the difficult times with Song Donglin. If she had cried, the entire family would have lost steam.

    Before they got in touch with any relatives — which Yu Qianying did not intend to as she was afraid to drag them down, the Yu family had already made a clean break with her. She did not cry then.

    She merely apologized to Song Donglin in her red eyes, for having been connected to such in-laws.

    During Liang Lihua's last visit, despite the humiliation she and Song Yu had suffered, she dealt with it with her back straight. She fiercely balked at all the insults Liang Lihua expressed. She did not cry then. 

    However, with her big brother Yu Zixiu standing right in front of her, after drawing a line for so many years, she could not control herself. How could he be so thick-skinned, bringing his wife for a visit after the marriage between Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi was established? That greedy smile on his face, as if nothing had happened and they were still dear to each other — how brazen-faced they were made her want to burst into tears out of anger.

    A painful sore rose from her throat and eyes. She would rather never have these siblings at all.

    "I have nothing to say to you," Yu Qianying whimpered and said coldly.

    "Qianying, why do you have to behave that way? There's no need to be so cold, regardless of the resentment you had toward me, we're still siblings. Blood is thicker than water." Yu Zixiu let out a sigh, sounding sincere and earnest.

    "Siblings? We're no longer of that standing." As Yu Zixiu was holding the door, Yu Qianying stood at the entrance to stop them from entering. 

    Even for someone as impervious as Yu Zixiu, he would not push her aside to break into the house.

    Their intention to visit was to gain favor and play up to the Song family.

    If that was the case, Yu Zixiu would not dare to be rude to her.

    "Qianying, I know you're enraged at me." Yu Zixiu paused and remained silent for a while. "Afterall, we haven't seen each other for such a long time. However, we're still siblings. We can talk about anything. Are you going not to recognize me as your elder brother forever?" 

    Yu Qianyin sneered. She wished that a huff could send them away.

    "In my memory, the Yu family has already made a clean break with me. Ever since eight years ago, when the Song family went bankrupt, I'm no longer a member of the Yu family. Mister Yu, with the ties cut, can I request you to stick to the boundary and not annoy me anymore? Let's make it a clean break — we will never see each other again. Even if we bump into each other unintentionally, you don't even have to acknowledge my presence. You can treat me as a stranger." Yu Qianying's voice was cold. Her heart was stone cold — she no longer felt any siblings' love with the man in front of him.

    Yu Qianying was not able to relate to the proverb: 'blood is thicker than water,' since a few years ago.

    When the Song family went bankrupt, Song Donglin became a cab driver, and he even took up the night shift. For Yu Qianying, she became a domestic helper — cleaning, washing, and cooking. Song Yu had started working ever since she graduated high school. Even in university, she was working part-time. 

    The Yu family had never shown up, not even once. They did not try to inquire about their lives.

    From then on, she treated herself as the only child. There were no siblings.

    Blood relation?

    She was too hurt to feel it.

     "Qianying, I know you hate us, and you have the right. Back then, I just took over the Yu family. I was under pressure — I was afraid that I would lead the Yu family to ruins. The pressure I faced was insurmountable, and I doubt you could empathize. All I could do then was to hold the fort; I did not dare to do anything to bring the Yu family to new heights. I admit I was a coward. I was afraid that the Song family would bring the Yu family down under my hands."

    Yu Zixiu spoke gravely, and his expression earnest and sincere.

    He placed all the presents on the floor, with both his hand still on the door. "Qianying, whatever my reasons were, I've made a mistake. I'm not trying to excuse myself, but I'm here to apologize to you sincerely. Qianying, can you forgive your old brother?

    "Everyone makes mistakes. I was a fool. I got blinded by my interest and had wronged and hurt you. It's been so many years. You have all the right to hate me, but today, I'm here to apologize. Please accept my wholehearted apology."

    "Ha!" Yu Qianying found how shameless he was amusing. She let out a laugh, out of anger. "Mister Yu, I admire you. You'd go anywhere as long as you can gain something from it, without a sense of shame. I'm curious how low you can go for your self-interest. Are you willing to lie down and let me step on your face for my forgiveness?" 

    "Qianying..." Yu Zixiu looked at her bitterly. "I know that's not who you're. I'm still your elder brother, and we're connected by blood. You're too kind, you can't do it."

    "Is that why you all are bullying me? You see my kindness as an opportunity you can take advantage of! You all are living proof of the proverb, 'a weak man is liable to be bullied'!" All of a sudden, Yu Qianying raised her voice. She was trembling, but no matter how hard she was shouting, she could not be relieved of all the hatred and suffering she had felt during those years.

    Red-eyed, she did not care if the neighbors had heard her.

    She knew that there would be more shameless people to come. The neighbors could discuss behind her back all they wanted. She could not care less.

    "Yu Zixiu! You, your brother, and your entire family! Do you know no shame?" Yu Qianying was flustered. She spat the words through her teeth, and she was on the brink of tears. She seemed almost hysterical.

    "Do you dare say that your apology is sincere?" Yu Qianying scoffed. She clenched her fists and gave up on the idea of trying to shut the door.

    She could not do it since Yu Zixiu was obstructing the door.

    "If you do know that you've wronged me, why would you only apologize to me now? Why do you only do it after Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi got engaged and decided on the wedding? Why only when they're about to get married? Do you think I'm an idiot?" Yu Qianying spoke angrily.

    "You want to make use of the relation to schmooze up with the Qi family and be their kin. Keep dreaming! You're only here when there's benefit you can reap. When we needed help, where were you? You swiftly cut ties with us! Yu Zixiu, let me tell you something. When the Song family went bankrupt, I did not intend to seek help from anyone! It was our matter. To keep the company running, it was akin to a black hole. We didn't want to drag anyone down, but how terrified you all acted was eye-opening!

    "Can you say without guilt, that you didn't come here to apologize because of Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi's marriage? Back then, when the Song family went bankrupt, Lao Song was a cab driver, working the night shift. He could not even afford his car, and he had to work for the car owners. He worked without knowing day and night. Working night shift meant that there was always danger impending. He even had to hold his pee while driving. When he was going through that, where were you?

    "When was I an hourly worker, kneeling on the floor and cleaning, where were you? When Song Yu graduated from high school, even with a scholarship, she still almost could not afford university tuition. She had to work the entire summer, while the others were celebrating their graduation and traveling around. Where were you then?

    "When Song Yu went to university, she was still working part-time. She rose early and slept late. She hardly had time to sleep. Where were you? I'm not a beggar, and I'm not asking anything from you. However, back then, you didn't recognize me as your sister, and neither did you recognize Song Yu as your niece. What basis do you have to call yourself a relative?

    "Even in an ordinary family, they would be happy when their niece got to university. They would even give her a small reward. Look at yourself! You're inferior to an ordinary family! Other kids were enjoying themselves and celebrating their graduation and admission into a university, but our Song Yu had to earn her tuition fees!

    "Yu Zixiu, tell me. What have you ever done for Song Yu? Nothing! Now you're here to ask for a favor? Do you think there's free lunch in this world? Don't tell me family should be there for each other and ask for no returns. It doesn't work that way! I've contributed significantly to the Yu family, but what have I got in return? You sent me out the door! While you were of no aid to us, now you want to reap the rewards?

    "Apologize?" Yu Qianying wanted to laugh out loud. She lifted her tense arm and pointed at Yu Zixiu's nose angrily. "Do you think I will accept a painless apology and let you harvest the gain?"

    Yu Qianying let her hand down and lowered her head to look at the gifts on the floor. "With Qi Chengzhi as my son-in-law, these gifts are a dime a dozen! Do you think I care about these? Even for the Song family's company — while we're indifferent to it now, but if we want, Qi Chengzhi can help us revive it just with one statement!

    "Just these gifts for forgiveness?" Yu Qianying got hold of the present and threw them downstairs. The gifts tumbled down the staircase. "Stop dreaming! Don't disgust me with your gifts. Get out!" 

    The house was an old development. There was no lift, and one could only climb the stairs. There were three units on each floor, and the Song family was the first unit. On the right-hand side of the house was the handrail of the stairs, and underneath it, the steps for half the floor.

    Yu Qianying threw everything to the right, and the gifts all went down.

    Until then, the sound of the gifts tumbling down the stairs,' pong, pong' could still be heard.

    Chi Yuanzhen's expression was unnatural. When Yu Qianying boldly threw the presents downstairs, she was on edge but managed to suppress her outburst.

    Yu Zixiu's face sunk, although it lasted in the blink of an eye, seeing the presents being thrown out. Right after, he appeared to be in deep remorse.

    "Qianying, I know these presents wouldn't make you forgive me. I didn't think you'd forgive me just out of this visit. While you claimed that you don't acknowledge me as your brother, you're still my younger sister. I knew it would cause a misunderstanding as I seek you out at this awkward timing, but the reality is, I want to help Song Yu out," Yu Zixiu spoke gravely.

    "You're right. I don't deny that Song Yu marrying Qi Chengzhi would be greatly beneficial to the Yu family. If I deny this, I'm indeed treating you as an idiot. It's also overly pretentious."

    Yu Qianying scorned. Was what he was saying then not pretentious?

    "Have you thought about the potential benefits Song Yu could get from mending our relationship? You said I've never done anything for Song Yu. When she was at her lowest point, we stood aside and did nothing. I admit it was my mistake. It was regretful, but it was in the past. We can't reverse time and fix what has happened in the past.

    "Hence, I'm trying my best to make up for it. I won't make the same mistakes as before," Yu Zixiu said sternly. "I'm sincere in my apology, and it's not manifested in these presents. I took note of an opportunity where I can help Song Yu out and fix the mistakes of the past, and that's the reason why I'm here, albeit it may appear to be thick-skinned to you." 

    Yu Zixiu saw Yu Qianying's attitude remained cold. His lips stretched bitterly. "Qianying, can we have this conversation inside? It's our private matter. If the neighbors hear it, they would be making fun of us." 

    Yu Qianying scoffed once more, showing her disdain. Trying to close the door once more, she said, "If you're afraid to make a fool of yourself, then get out! I didn't permit you to speak at my doorstep!"

    Yu Zixiu's expression changed. He held the door, preventing her from closing it. "Alright, alright. We won't go in. We will stand here."

    This time, he was afraid that Yu Qianying would shut the door when he was not paying attention, so he had his hands glued onto the door. The posture was not exactly elegant, and it was rude. However, those were beyond Yu Zixiu's considerations.

    "Qianying, I'm here today to be of help to Song Yu," said Yu Zixiu.

    "What, are you like Yu Zidong and his wife, who are here to make Song Yu realize her position and give up on Qi Chengzhi? Those two are about to get married. Don't you think it's a little too late?'" Yuan Qianying raised her eyebrow and said sarcastically.

    "Qianying, listen to me. I'm not here to tell Song Yu to break up with Qi Chengzhi," Yu Zixiu replied patiently with an earnest tone. "On the contrary, I'm always on her side. It's just that you're not aware of it.

    "I knew Keyao likes Qi Chengzhi a lot. From the time Qi Zhengzhi and Song Yu began dating, till now, when they're about to get married, she still doesn't want to give up. I've tried to advise her, and I even went to Zidong's place to have her stop bothering Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi. She refused to listen. I also spoke to Zidong and argued with Liang Lihua. She remained stubborn. I had no other ways.

    "However, I stand by Song Yu's side," said Yu Zixiu. "Regardless of what Keyao has in mind, I don't have her back. Without support from the family, they're just a branch of the family. They won't be able to make waves.

    "Besides, Qi Chengzhi is in love with Song Yu. I have no power to separate them. If I think I do, it would be biting more than I can chew." Yu Zixiu smiled wryly. "Qianying, have you ever thought about this? After all, the difference in social standing between you and the Qi family is unbridgeable. It's as far removed as the earth from the sky."

    Before Yu Qianying spat her acerbic remark, Yu Zixiu continued, "Don't be in a hurry to criticize me. I'm not belittling you. Listen to me, when Song Yu and Qi Chengzhi get married, the bride's side can't go empty-handed. For an allied marriage, it essentially means for the union of the power behind the two families, the two companies.

    "Given the Song family had gone bankrupt a long time ago, the marriage between Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu isn't considered an allied marriage. Regardless, the bride should at least be bringing some trousseau." Yu Zixiu let out a sigh. "Qianying, even when someone from an ordinary family gets married, the bride will be bringing trousseau. At the very least, there will be a car. It's just a union between two ordinary families.

    "Song Yu is different. She's marrying Qi Chengzhi. The gap is already huge to begin with, do you want her to go empty-handed when she marries over?" Yu Zixiu said, "I understand, you must have saved up over the years. Besides, Song Yu is hardworking and frugal. She probably has saved up as well, and buying a car isn't an issue.

    "If Song Yu is marrying someone ordinary, it'd be enough. There isn't even a need for a luxury car, something in the range of ten to twenty thousand isn't too shabby. However, she's marrying into the Qi family! They wouldn't even take a look at something that costs hundreds of thousands. They have a row of cars in their garage in the millions! 

    "The disparity between you and the Qi family is already huge. If Song Yu marries him with little to bring over, the in-laws will surely look down on her. She would be bullied as well." Yu Zixiu took a deep sigh. It seemed like he was apprehensive about Song Yu's future.

    Yu Qianying smiled scornfully. She scoffed. "What should we do then, based on what you said?"

    "Hence, I came today to let you know that I'm willing to pay for Song Yu's trousseau. I came to discuss with you what she should bring along, how much the endowment should be and the car she should go with. A few days ago, I also sent someone to scout for a few nice mansions in B City. Once it's confirmed, I'll take a look personally to find the right property." Yu Zixiu sounded so sincere, like he would be taking care of this himself. He seemed like he was dedicated to Song Yu's welfare.

    "I also wanted to discuss with you, if we can announce the union of the Qi and the Yu families, and that the Qi family would keep an eye out for the Yu family in the business? To be more exact, to keep an eye out for you, and to help propel your family to the top social circle. It'd be beneficial if you can get to know the others from the Great Eight Families. Unfortunately, Kexin has already gotten married. Otherwise, it'd be great for Kexin to be in union with someone from the Great Eight Families. Am I right?" Yu Qianying mocked him with no reservation. She stood leisurely, with her arms crossed.

    Yu Zixiu, with his thick skin, still turned red in the face under Yu Qianying's mocking.

    Chi Yuanzhen could hide her irritation no more. She was trying her best to keep it under control.

    Since the night before, Yu Zixiu had been continuously reminding her that Yu Qianying would not be gentle with them. She might even say nasty things. However, regardless of what Yu Qianying said, Chi Yuanzhen must not cause an outburst.

    The hardship today would lead to glory tomorrow. 

    Compared to elevating the status into the upper class and becoming relatives with the Qi family, the benefits outweighed the shame from Yu Qianying. It would lift the Yu family to the next level, to become one just beneath the Great Eight Families.

    Thinking about the glorious future, Yu Zixiu was even willing to let Yu Qianying step on him.

    Despite cursing Yu Qianying a million times in her heart and having an ill expression, Chi Yuanzhen did not say a word. She just let Yu Qianying belittle her as much as she wanted to. 


    A free mini-drama for the readers! 

    "Bow to Heaven and Earth"

    When Song Yu was three, she was playing house with Qi Chengji at the Qi family. It seemed like they had learned something from TV, and they were trying to get married and perform the formal bows by the bride and groom as the old custom in China. They dragged Qi Chengzhi to be the 'parent.' 

    Song Yu had a red handkerchief on her head, and Qi Chengji had a China rose, which he plucked from the garden on his ear.

    Looking at the two, it seemed rather formal. Qi Chengzhi squinted, and put Qi Chengji instead on the position of the 'parent.' He knelt by the side of Song Yu.

    "You guys are doing it wrong. Let me demonstrate how to do it right." Qi Chengzhi said.

    Under his loud, 'kowtow for each other,' Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu bowed, facing each other. 

    Subsequently, after cheering 'send into the bridal chamber!' Qi Chengzhi held Song Yu's hand and left the room. Until Yu Qianying brought Song Yu home, Qi Chengji's ear still had blooming China rose. He was still waiting at the 'parent' position for Song Yu to marry him.