Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency
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    Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 149

    Chapter 149: Qi Chengzhi, You Childish Man!

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    Song Yu did not expect the one who was singing to be Yan Beicheng. He sang 'Fleet of Time' in a truly unique way—some would say that his version was much more soulful than the original rendition.

    "Those bygone years, we were caught in a rush, abandoned the hard-to-keep promises, and left them for others to honor..."

    "Those bygone years, we saw so little of the world, only focused on the one you love..."

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    "That year together, we rushed into the relationship, we did not understand that our stubborn promises, were just the foreword of the end..."

    Song Yu was entranced. She stood at the doorway, listening to Yan Beicheng's singing voice. It had always been a song of sorrow and regret but his rendition brought tears to her eyes.

    Regrets filled her heart. Her hand found Qi Chengzhi's and she held firm.

    Song Yu thought of something Qi Chengzhi once said to her. If she had been with him at the same age, he could see the young and fr