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    Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 148

    Chapter 148: Is This the Case Where the Mother-In-Law Is Falling in Love with the Son-In-Law?

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    Song Yu felt more wronged hearing what he said. Her tears began spilling, and drops of them were hanging on her eyelashes. 

    Qi Chengzhi was in agony. His chest felt congested.

    "Alright, alright," he said as he comforted her, his lips brushing lightly against her eyelashes, kissing the tears away. "My bad, it's my fault. Stop crying." 

    Song Yu's grieving made him feel heavy-hearted. He kept consoling her gently. He descended from his position and apologized again and again. He was not sure what he did wrong, but the most important goal for him then was to make her feel better. He tried to put her at ease by apologizing and comforting her tenderly.

    "What are you talking about that I don't like you anymore? It's something nobody would believe." Qi Chengzhi found her accusation funny.

    However, Song Yu's grieving and how she was trying not to cry with great endeavor was heart-wrenching. Her eyes were red, and her tears only occasionally fell when she could hold it back no more. 

    "Stop holding it back. If you feel wronged, let it out. You will feel better," said Qi Chengzhi, thinking about the injustice she had suffered from Jian Yi. He wanted her to vent her anger through this opportunity.

    Song Yu whimpered. Her eyes were red as a rabbit's. Out of frustration, she said, "What do you want? You got mad at me for no reason, but now you're comforting me. A moment ago, you told me not to cry — now you're telling me to do the opposite! What do you want me to do?"

    "Qi Chengzhi!" Song Yu raised her voice as she felt wronged, "What's the matter with you today!"

    "..." Qi Chengzhi was speechless. It seemed like he was unreasonable, indeed.

    "You were in a foul mood when you walked out of the office today." Qi Chengzhi wiped away the fresh tears. All he wanted was to keep her in his embrace and soothe her.

    Song Yu was stunned. She could not say a word, and her tears halted. She merely stared at Qi Chengzhi blankly with her big, red, innocent eyes.

     Qi Chengzhi looked at her expression. He had no other choice but to forgive her.

    "I'm mad because you suffered injustice today. You were angry, but you didn't say anything to me." He hugged her tightly. "Now, are you going to tell me what happened today?"

    Song Yu glanced at him weirdly, did he mean Jian Yi's call?

    How did he know?

    Was there anything that she could hide from him?

    No wonder he asked if she had anything to say to him.

    She took the question at face value. The matter completely escaped her mind, which was why she replied 'no' subconsciously. 

    She figured it was her response that made him mad.

    Hesitantly, Song Yu then told him about Jian Yi's call, but she made no mention of the evidence as claimed by Jian Yi.

    Since she had no faith in it, there was no reason to convey that to Qi Chengzhi.

    "I'm getting sick of his constant pestering. There's no end to it. Furthermore, not only had he twisted our relationship, he thinks that I'm dating you for your status, and to take vengeance on him! He thinks that those are the reasons I'm hanging on to the relationship."

    After telling the story, Song Yu realized it was, in fact, no big deal. Why did she feel so annoyed by it, until it had affected her the entire day? She felt sorry for herself.

    She was a little embarrassed for her overreaction. She spoke awkwardly, "Well, I was boiling because of him. Who does he think he is to pass judgment on our relationship? He thinks too highly of himself. Also, he's been bothering for so long, his presence lingers. Now that I think about it, it wasn't such a big deal." 

    "Why didn't you tell me when you're upset?" Qi Chengzhi pinched her waist. His faint voice sounded displeased. 

    "I really wasn't thinking about it." Song Yu glanced at him innocently with her red eyes. "I was annoyed, but when I saw your car and thought that you're there waiting for me, the feeling disappeared. That was why I didn't relate to the matter when you queried."

    "You're that happy when you saw me?" Qi Chengzhi asked, with a faint smile on his face.

    Song Yu blushed again. She said nothing, implying that was indeed the case.

    He took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped away the tears on her face. 

    The handkerchief was made of soft material. He wiped it so gently; her face did not feel hurt at all. Song Yu felt flustered at how affectionate and appreciative he was.

    "Alright," she muttered. Her cheeks had turned rosy. "The neighbors can see us."

    Qi Chengzhi then returned her to the front passenger seat after she tried to wrench away from his lap.

    Song Yu continued, "Don't get mad at me for the same reason next time."

    Qi Chengzhi looked at her affectionately and caressed her hair. His sturdy palm moved downward and locked on the back of her head. With his body leaning forward, his lips brushed gently against hers. He did not act aggressively, unlike previously.

    His gentle caress made Song Yu feel weak. Before he began exploring in between her teeth, his tongue stroked through her lips as if he was drawing. Playfully teasing, he sucked on her sweetness. 

    His kiss did not go deep. The lightness of it could not satisfy Song Yu. She took the initiative and pulled herself closer, but Qi Chengzhi retreated just as she had taken action.

    Unable to restrain her emotions, Song Yu hooked on his neck and intended to lug him closer. She advanced toward him, but he took a step back yet again.

    She looked at him, not knowing the reason. He just gave her a gentle, faint smile.

    "You should never doubt my feelings toward you. Even if it was out of anger, don't ever mention it again," said Qi Chengzhi in a deep voice. His deep, hoarse voice pulled on her heartstring. "I've already liked you for so long. The feeling won't disappear all of a sudden." 

    Hearing what he said, Song Yu's heart began beating rapidly. Her cheeks blushed with the statement. Her eyes that were still red were glittering.

    "Okay," she agreed immediately, and she towed on his neck again. Not knowing the reason, she just wanted to kiss him passionately.

    "Faster," she urged him. "Don't play around like this." Her scalp was burning as she felt agitated.

    "Did I make you grow more lustful each day?" He inched forward, and one could hear the laughter in his voice. His eyes curled into a crescent, as though they were making fun of her.

    Still blushing, Song Yu wanted to counter with his statement — 'Men like women who are slu —, or forward.'

    Instead, he was making fun of her!

    Just as she was about to speak, before her words of protest could spill out, he covered her mouth.

    This time, he was no longer behaving gently. He stopped tickling but went straight and deep with his exploration. 

    After a while, Qi Chengzhi finally let her loose.

    They were in the car for some time. They finally got out after they made themselves presentable.

    Fortunately, it was already dark. Nobody could tell Song Yu was all red.

    Qi Chengzhi was no longer in a foul mood. He got off the car and took the initiative to hold her hand. 

    "..." Song Yu looked up at him, still feeling gloomy. He ignored her when he was angry. When his mood recovered, he started holding her hand again.

    Regardless, he always had the final say.

     Qi Chengzhi took a look at her with no apparent expression. As if reading her mind, he chuckled a little. He strengthened his grip on her hand and said nothing else. 

    While Song Yu did not want to make a fuss over this matter, she still felt a little annoyed. She pinched on his arm as tit for tat. 

    When Yu Qianying saw them, she opened the door and let them in.

    She immediately took note of Song Yu's eyes that were still red.

    "What's up with your eyes? Why're they so red?" Yu Qianying asked. She sounded worried and asked, "Did you two argue?"

    Judging from how Song Yu looked, it was apparent she was crying a moment ago.

    Being a mother, she was always worried that her daughter would suffer injustice.

    Looking at the time just before, she estimated they should be arriving soon. Hence, she went to check at the balcony.

    She also saw the Range Rover, which was parked somewhere close by, but the two did not get off until a while later.

    Seeing Song Yu's red eyes, she began to wonder if the both of them had gotten into an argument in the car.

    "No," Song Yu replied in a hurry. She was afraid Yu Qianying and Qi Chengzhi would have a misunderstanding.

    The kisses had made her forget what happened just before. She had completely overlooked on how it would look to others.

    Yu Qianying took note that the two were still holding hands, and Song Yu's expression did not show any signs of being bullied. They still looked like an affectionate couple.

    She still could not completely let it go. Qi Chengzhi spoke, "It's my fault. I made her angry along the way."

    Yu Qianying did not expect Qi Chengzhi to bear the responsibility.

    Regardless of whether it was his fault that pissed Song Yu off, it was surprising enough for someone with the status and temperament of Qi Chengzhi to admit it.

     "Well, you!" Yu Qianying said as she dragged Song Yu in, "Don't always throw a tantrum at Chengzhi. Always tolerate each other for any problems you have! Chengzhi shouldn't always be the one to endure your temperament!"

    Song Yu was surprised; she glanced at Yu Qianying. "Mom, didn't you vehemently oppose our relationship before? Why are you on his side now? Is this the case where the mother-in-law is falling in love with the son-in-law?"

    "Pfft!" Yu Qianying was slightly flustered despite her age. She let out a hiss and said, "You brat, look at what you're saying! Go in now, the food is almost ready." 

    Song Yu wanted to help, but Yu Qianying sent her straight to the living room. "I didn't know what time you're coming, so I chopped up the stuff. I'm just going to make some stir fry, and it will all be ready. It's going to be quick, don't worry about it."



    Over dinner, Yu Qianying brought up her question, "Last night, you mentioned you have something to say to us. It sounded serious. What was it about?"

    Song Yu put down her chopsticks and glanced at Qi Chengzhi.

    Qi Chengzhi sat up straight and left his chopsticks on the table. He looked solemnly at Song Donglin and Yu Qianying. 

    "Father-in-law, mother-in-law," he called out politely.

    Song Donglin and Yu Qianying were agitated from the greeting.

    Even though he never listened to the advice, Song Donglin had to repeat it, "Chengzhi, while we agreed for you and Song Yu to date, there's no need to refer to us as the in-laws. You two aren't married yet, and we find it hard to accept it."

    "I still have to say it." Qi Chengzhi spoke with an indifferent tone, "I've already proposed to Song Yu. I'm here today to get your permission."

    Song Donglin almost choked on his saliva.

    He and Yu Qianying looked at each other and thought, 'You are already referring us to be the in-laws. Do you still need permission?'

    'When you call us in-laws, did you ask for our permission?'

    "I've informed my family about the marriage. My grandmother is delighted, and she had brought Song Yu around yesterday and introduced her to our neighbors. I suppose she has already started to prepare for the wedding. My grandfather thought it would be good for the two families to meet up sometime and have an engagement ceremony. Father-in-law, mother-in-law, it will depend on your availability. The wedding is going to be grand. We won't let Song Yu suffer from any negligence," Qi Chengzhi said. 

    Song Donglin and Yu Qianying were slowly getting used to the honorific of being the father and mother-in-law. They gave up on trying to correct him.

    "Father-in-law, mother-in-law, I promise you, I will take good care of Song Yu throughout my life. I will make sure she is never wronged, and I will be there for her always. Can I seek your permission to marry your daughter?" Qi Chengzhi concluded his speech. His solemn expression made his features seem even more severe and hostile.

    Song Donglin looked at Yu Qianying. "What do you think? I don't have anything against it."

    Yu Qianying sighed and stared at Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu respectively. "In your current state of the relationship, do you think I have any say against it?"

    "We're both idle. Any time is fine. You can convey that to your family, whenever they're available." Yu Qianying smiled stiffly and continued. "Who knew, so much had happened, but we're still ending up being the Qi family's relatives by marriage."

    It was still great news the two were getting married.

    In reality, after Song Donglin and Yu Qianying accepted Qi Chengzhi, they rather liked him more and more.

    First of all, Qi Chengzhi was a brilliant guy. It would be a delight for any family to have a son-in-law like him.

    If not because of what had happened in the past, Yu Qianying would have accepted happily without reservation. She, too, was aware that whether it was Jian Yi or someone else, they were of no competition to Qi Chengzhi. To be wed to a man like Qi Chengzhi was probably the ultimate dream.

    As Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu's relationship developed to a point where they were inseparable, she then tried to accept him.

    Once she had taken a step back and opened her heart, putting the Qi family's matter aside, Yu Qianying held a high regard for her son-in-law, Qi Chengzhi. From the depth of her heart, she liked Qi Chengzhi.

    Song Donglin too felt glad Song Yu had found someone she could build a home with. He did not care about the matter with the Qi family, as long as Qi Chengzhi could shield Song Yu from it.

    He was comforted by the fact that Qi Chengzhi was a responsible man.

    Feeling jolly, Song Donglin ran to the kitchen and fetched a bundle of beer from the veranda. He wanted to have a drink with Qi Chengzhi.

    Song Donglin was not someone who would keep persuading people to drink, but as he was feeling happy that night, he loosened up. The atmosphere was still cheery. He did not have the intention to get Qi Chengzhi drunk at all. 

    When they were about to leave, Qi Chengzhi was slightly drunk. One could not tell from the way he walked, but Song Donglin had too much. When he bid Qi Chengzhi goodbye at the door, he was still feeling buzzed.

    Song Yu got the key from Qi Chengzhi; she would be the one driving instead.

    Just as the car left the community entrance, Qi Chengzhi got a call from Yan Beicheng.

    Before Qi Chengzhi had the chance to reply, Yan Beicheng went straight to the point and said, "Why didn't you reply to all my WeChat messages?"

    Qi Chengzhi twitched his mouth. "Why do you have to text me over WeChat? You should've just called me. I'm not on the platform often."

    "Are you and lil sis Xiao Yu free? I heard you guys get engaged. Come and celebrate with us," Yan Beicheng said. Over the phone, it sounded really happening on the other side. He could also hear Wei Ziqian's voice.

    "You caught on to the news pretty fast," Qi Chengzhi replied and laughed. Yan Beicheng knew about it a day after he broke the news to his family.

    "Hey, don't you know? Your grandmother went all around and told everyone that! She even called up her friends. The only thing she hasn't done yet is announce it in the newspaper! When Han Zhuoli's grandmother heard that, she ran straight to his company and pulled her ear — she too wants a granddaughter-in-law!"

    Subsequently, Qi Chengzhi could hear someone that sounded like Han Zhuoli shouting, "I feel my ears have become imbalanced!"

    It was Qi Chengzhi's matter to be getting married. Why did he need to advertise it with a loud bang? The worst thing was, he pulled him down!

    His grandmother had said, whether it was the ex-girlfriend or the ex-wife of any of his brothers, with a kid or without, she would agree to it as long as Han Zhuoli could get her to marry him!

    Qi Chengzhi did not hang up. He turned around and asked if Song Yu wanted to go. If she was tired, they could head straight home. There was no need to entertain Yan Beicheng and the lot.

    Yan Beicheng could hear Qi Chengzhi's words clearly on the other side.

    "Qi Chengzhi, are you still a man? Do you need permission from lil sis Xiao Yu to join a gathering? You two aren't even married yet, and you're already such a goody-two-shoe. What would you become when you're married? You'll probably be slaving away! If any outsider learns this, they will be so shocked!"

    As it was too noisy over there, Yan Beicheng virtually shouted at the phone. Song Yu could hear his every word.

    Qi Chengzhi did not react. He did not care about Yan Beicheng's teasing.

    Song Yu blushed. She was afraid Qi Chengzhi would be looked down on by others.

    She had always agreed to Yan Beicheng's invitation. She did not want Qi Chengzhi to lose contact with his friends, and she, too, did not want them to think he was her slave.

    "We will go," Song Yu said, somewhat unwillingly.

    "Where is it?" Qi Chengzhi asked, putting the phone close to his ear again. 

    Yan Beicheng spilled out the name of a karaoke box. Qi Chengzhi expressed that he knew the place. Before he hung up, he said, "She heard everything you said."

    Qi Chengzhi gazed at Song Yu and her docile side profile. "If you don't want to go, there's no need to force it."

    "It's okay. We don't have anything on anyway," replied Song Yu. She took a glance at Qi Chengzhi. "The next time they call you, you don't need to ask me. You can make the decision. Well, you can ask me, stealthily. Otherwise, they will make fun of you again."

    Furthermore, he was not a submissive male. The reason he asked for her permission was out of respect.

    Qi Chengzhi smiled. He did not respond.

    Song Yu knew that it meant he did not agree to it. 



    When they arrived at the karaoke box, the waiter brought them to the room as communicated.

    The soundproof system of every karaoke room was decent. When one was walking through the corridor, one could hear no singing. When the waiter opened the door, the singing, as though performed by a professional singer, flowed out of the room.