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    Chapter 110: Were Not Sneaking Around, Im Just Holding My Wifes Hand

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    Previously, Song Yu would worry that it affected his driving but after seeing that message, the gesture was very much welcomed.

    Song Yu's left hand was holding his with their fingers laced together. She took his hand to her lips and planted a kiss softly on the back of his hand.

    The sensation he felt on the back of his hand was very comfortable as her lips were soft and moisturized.

    Song Yu thought back to the first day when both of them confirmed their relationship, and he did the same thing to her.

    Jian Yi and Qi Chengyue's wedding ceremony would take place in Dynasty. Even though Qi Chengyue was marrying Jian Yi, who came from a normal family, the whole of Dynasty was reserved considering the prominent status of the Qi family. They also invited influentials from various sectors.

    Precisely because of the disparity of their status, they did not follow the tradition where both parents of the bride and groom should be sitting together at the same table. Instead, both families sat separately.

    The Qi family's side included Grandfather and Grandmother Qi, Qi Zhongliang and his wife, Qi Zhongxun and his wife, as well as Qi Chengzhi and Qi Youxuan. There were two empty seats, as Qi Chengji would be late because he was in the army.

    Jian family on the other side had both of Jian Yi's parents, together with his extended paternal family.

    Even though Zhou Mingyan was not very pleased with the arrangement made by the Qi family—as she felt like they were looking down on them—she dared not show her dissatisfaction.

    There were not many family friends on their side even though they had invited all of the people they knew of. That included colleagues from Qilin and Jian Yi's schoolmates.

    The Qi family outnumbered them by a whole lot. Not only the whole Qi family turned up, but other families also made an appearance to show respect to Grandfather Qi.

    Zhou Mingyan felt very nervous in front of all these big shots. This was her first time attending an event with such ostentation. She wore her best outfit together with the Hermès Birkin bag that was gifted by Qi Chengyue and sat on the chair while she kept her focus towards the direction of the main entrance.

    "What are you looking at?" Jian Shifu tugged at Zhou Mingyan's sleeve and asked quietly.

    "I'm checking to see if Song Donglin and Yu Qianying came," Zhou Mingyan shook him off impatiently as she extended her neck to look further.

    Jian Shifu shook his head and ignored her.

    After a while, Zhong Mingyan got bored and made a cold humph, "I think they don't have the guts to attend. They knew most of the people here, they would be disgracing themselves if they do show up, wouldn't they? How could Yu Qianying blame the Qi family for not helping them? Why should they offer help in the first place! How unreasonable of her."

    Right after she finished talking, the whole place started flooding with whispers. It was not very loud individually, but it became a substantial volume when they collectively whispered at the same time.

    "What's happening?" Zhou Mingyan looked over puzzledly. She saw Qi Chengzhi holding Song Yu's hand and entering from the main walkway, "Why is Song Yu here? Who's that man beside her?"

    The man had similar features with the Qi family.

    Wang Yifeng and Jian Yi were college roommates. After graduating, they stayed in contact. The bunch of them—who were either from B City or had found a job in B City—would usually gather once in a while. Therefore, all of them were invited to attend Jian Yi's wedding. They also tried to use this as a networking opportunity to build connections.

    One of the schoolmates from the same table just finished distributing cigarettes. Wang Yifeng was about to light them up when he saw Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu walking in together. "Clank", the cigarette lighter dropped onto the table. 

    'Isn't the guy with Song Yu the same lunatic who knocked his car!' He thought.

    Then, they saw Qi Chengzhi brought Song Yu to the main table where the Qi family was sitting. Qi Chengzhi even chivalrously helped Song Yu to her seat, "Sit here."

    "Why is she sitting at the main table!" Zhou Mingyan cried out in shock and anger.

    Fortunately, the surrounding murmurs were loud enough to drown her voice out.

    "Who gave her the rights to sit with the Qi family!" Zhou Mingyan lowered her voice. She was so furious that her shoulders were shaking, "We're the groom's parents and we didn't even get to sit there. How dare she sit over there!"

    Qi Zhongliang's face dropped. He never thought that Qi Chengzhi would choose such an important day where all of the guests were present to make a public appearance with Song Yu!

    Most of the people there were acquainted with Song Yu. 'Isn't he announcing their relationship publicly the way he acted?' He thought.

    How could the Qi family endure this!

    "Chengzhi, what are you doing!" Xia Wenna's voice was tightly wound, where she spoke with a taut face and minimal lip movement.

    "I'm attending a wedding!" Qi Chengzhi replied calmly. He poured a cup of tea for Song Yu, each action of his showed a lot of care and consideration.

    "Do you want me to put it so blatantly? I don't agree with your relationship!" Qi Zhongliang said coldly, his stony gaze turned towards Song Yu and said, "Song Yu, I always thought that you're an understanding child. It's not like you're unaware of today's event. You also clearly know the consequences of showing up here together with Qi Chengzhi, but you still did it. Are you trying to shame our family on purpose?"

    "Don't blame her," Qi Chengzhi said nonchalantly. "It's my idea to bring her here. I want everyone to know that she's my girlfriend. She was always the only one and will remain that way. You guys don't need to introduce women to me anymore and stop misleading others as well. If you don't like it, I can just leave with her now."

    Qi Zhongliang clenched the muscles around his chin. If Qi Chengzhi left with Song Yu this instant, it would make the spreading rumors worse!

    "Enough!" Grandfather Qi voiced out and sipped his tea, "Since you guys came, sit down nicely. Why are you guys bickering on such a blissful occasion!"

    Qi Zhongliang quieted down with a long face without mentioning anything further since Grandfather Qi intervened.

    There was another family looking worse than Qi Zhongliang's expression.

    Yu Keyao secretly jabbed Liang Lihua who was sitting beside her. Due to the presence of other guests on the same table, Liang Lihua retrieved her gaze from the Qi family's table and patted Yu Keyao's hand, signaling her to endure it.

    Qi Chengyue was in the dressing room where the makeup artist was doing some finishing touches on her look. There were several knocks on the door of the dressing room before Guan Xiaolin entered.

    "Chengyue, you look so beautiful today," Guan Xiaolin walked over and scanned her from top to bottom, "It's true that a bride will always be the prettiest."

    "Thank you," Qi Chengyue smiled so gleefully that both of her dimples were blooming, "Is everything going well outside?"

    "Not bad, all of the guests have arrived. Many people are out there having a good time, the atmosphere's very jolly. Each of the families also showed their support by showing up, including a lot of important individuals," Guan Xiaolin said, before throwing a glance at Qi Chengyue with hesitation and showing an awkward expression—as if she was about to say something but she was holding it back.

    "What, what happened?" Qi Chengyue frowned and shoved the makeup artist who was powdering under her neck away.

    "It's… your big brother brought Song Yu here. They're sitting at the main table of the bride's side. The other guests were quite surprised as they didn't expect Qi Chengzhi to arrive with Song Yu. Even those at my table could recognize Song Yu. They were also wondering: isn't she Qi Chengji's ex-fiancée? Why did she resurface together with Qi Chengzhi holding hands after going radio silent for so many years after their bankruptcy? These were their exact words," Guan Xiaolin placed her hand on Qi Chengyue's exposed shoulder and comforted her softly, "However, you don't have to worry about that. You are the star today, she can't steal your limelight."

    Qi Chengyue sprung up and glared at Guan Xiaolin angrily, "How did my uncles react? Didn't they chase Song Yu out?"

    "This… our table is quite a distance from the main table. That's why I'm not very clear about what happened exactly. I only saw them conversing for a while and Song Yu just remain seated the whole time. When I came to find you, she was still there. I'm guessing that she won't be leaving anytime soon."

    "Get me my parents!" Qi Chengyue told one of the makeup artists.

    "Since aunty and uncle are coming over, I'll stay out of your private matters," Guan Xiaolin left together with the makeup artist.

    The makeup artist went to the main table and scooched down to whisper into Guan Liya's ears. Guan Liya's expression altered slightly and glanced at Song Yu before standing up to leave with the makeup artist hurriedly.

    Once she entered the dressing room, Qi Chengyue ordered the staff members of the wedding reception to leave the room.

    "Mum, why don't you guys chase Song Yu away? Today's my big day, my wedding, but she came to make a scene and became the hot topic of the evening. What is this? Is she stirring up trouble on purpose?"

    "This matter concerns your big brother's family. It's beyond our control, how can we interfere? Also, your uncle already said that she's not welcomed here. Who knew that she was so thick-skinned and would continue to sit there. No one can do a thing as she's under the protection of your big brother. Even Grandfather Qi said let them be if they want to stay. If you chase them away, the rumors will be even worse," Guan Liya explained in disgust.

    How dare Song Yu appeared on her daughter's big day to disrupt her wedding!

    "We can only settle this matter after the wedding's over," Guan Liya comforted Qi Chengyue by rubbing her shoulders. "You should calm down first, don't bother about Song Yu. Today is your wedding day, don't ruin your mood for someone so insignificant. The bride must look gorgeous, you can't walk down the red carpet with such a gloomy face. It's not nice for others to see you like this. You have to value your big day, understand?"

    Qi Chengyue sat back down the chair after being pressed down by Guan Liya, but she could not manage to put on a smile.

    "Just one smile," Guan Liya tried her best to coax and persuade her. She even called for the makeup artist to freshen her up. "Jian Yi's waiting outside. If you walked down the red carpet with your dad putting on this same face, how would Jian Yi feel?" she asked.

    "Jian Yi's outside? Has he seen Song Yu?" Qi Chengyue's expression changed immediately.

    "No, how can he be out there. The wedding hasn't even started yet." Guan Liya wondered why Qi Chengyue reacted so strongly to this and continued, "He has just arrived at the entrance of the red carpet, waiting outside for the wedding to start."

    After much effort, Guan Liya managed to calm Qi Chengyue down and was going to leave her alone. When everything was ready, someone came to cue for the bride. Guan Liya accompanied Qi Chengyue to the entrance of the red carpet where Qi Zhongxun was waiting to walk her in.

    Jian Yi was standing at the end of the red carpet. He saw Song Yu before they played the Wedding March. However, Song Yu was sitting with her back facing him. She did not even look towards his direction.

    When he lowered his gaze, he saw them holding hands under the table.

    In that moment, it was way past the time required to provide heating in B City, but the venue still had central air conditioning. Thus, the temperature was rather comfortable. Song Yu's palm started sweating since they were holding hands. She felt embarrassed as it was getting moist and wanted to let go, but he did not want to release them.

    "My palm is sweaty," Song Yu said softly.

    Qi Chengzhi's expression remained unchanged. He took her hand and wiped it on his pants a few times. Then he did the same to his hand before holding her again. Song Yu stole a glance at him. She thought to herself, 'Why does this man have to hold her hands wherever they go?' and blushed.

    When she turned around, her eyes met with Grandfather Qi who was glaring at her. He saw a blushing Song Yu right after both of them murmured something in secret. His face dropped, with a suppressed voice, he said displeasingly, "What are you guys sneaking around with your hands under the table! Aren't you ashamed if someone sees this!"

    Song Yu wanted to take her hand back once she heard him. However, Qi Chengzhi maintained his tight grip and moved their hands from his lap to the tabletop. He then held her hand openly on the surface of the table.

    "We're not sneaking around, I'm just holding my wife's hand," Qi Chengzhi said it in an indifferent tone and squeezed her hand after he was done.

    "Who are you calling your wife. You guys haven't even gotten married yet!" Grandfather Qi glared at both of them.

    "That's only a matter of time," Qi Chengzhi pouted.

    "We're already stretching out limits, allowing Song Yu to sit here. Don't push it!" Qi Zhongliang felt as if the people around were staring at them and saw how affectionate Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu acted.

    "Sure, if you guys can't take it, we can leave at once," Qi Chengzhi said nonchalantly. Qi Zhongliang was speechless at his comeback.

    They would have let them leave just now if they could. There was no need for them to wait until the last moment when the wedding was about to start.

    Qi Chengzhi was about to stand up when Guan Liya rushed back. She sensed the atmosphere was not right and asked, "What happened?"

    "Sit nicely!" Qi Zhongliang said with a warning glare.

    Qi Chengzhi's bottom that was lifted midway returned to its position. He pouted and continued to hold Song Yu's hand.

    At that moment, the Wedding March started playing, and the main door at the end of the red carpet opened, where Qi Zhongxun walked in together with Qi Chengyue. 

    Guan Liya felt a gush of warmth in her eyes when she saw her daughter dressed in a snowy white wedding gown, looking so innocent and elegant. She felt that it was only yesterday when she was still a toddler, drinking milk on her lap. Yet, she was marrying somebody today and would have her own children one day, forming a new family unit. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    She took the tissue on the table to wipe off her teary eyes discreetly.

    Even Song Yu had to admit that Qi Chengyue looked ravishing today. When she looked at her, her stunning looks almost made her forget how bumptious she acted on ordinary days.

    No wonder people said that the bride would always be the most beautiful person.

    Qi Chengyue's gaze was fixated on Jian Yi. She had totally forgotten about Song Yu in the moment. When she saw that Jian Yi's eyes were also focusing on her, she let out a breath of relief.

    She was relieved when Jian Yi said "I do", her eyes misted over as she could not hold back the urge to cry. 

    When it was her turn, she said "I do" without hesitation. Then, both Jian Yi and her exchanged rings.

    While watching them, Song Yu could not help but imagine if she and Qi Chengzhi would share a moment like this one day. She was immersed in it and her thoughts began drifting away.

    All of a sudden, she felt a slight pain on her arm where someone had pinched her. "Screech", Song Yu exclaimed and came back to her senses. She saw Qi Chengzhi looking at her with a displeased expression on his face. His pair of deep-set eyes were as dark as the night, sharp but with a hint of mockery. His hands that were holding hers moved to her waist and cradled her, not before giving her a pinch.

    "Envious of what you see?" Qi Chengzhi said into her ears. There was a certain degree of coldness in his mellow tone.

    Nevertheless, the way both of them interacted portrayed a very loving sight to the others. They looked like they were lovers who were whispering intimately.

    Song Yu's hand crept up to the back of his waist and pinched with force as a revenge of his jealousy and payback for pinching her just now. Although he did not exert much strength in pinching her, she was still quite crossed about his misplaced jealousy.

    "I'm admiring her that she gets to wear a wedding gown!" Song Yu said softly. Her face blushed instantly when she looked at Qi Chengzhi's charming face, "Just now, I was thinking…"

    "What were you thinking?" Qi Chengzhi saw how her blushed face blossomed gorgeously, her eyes were glazed with a layer of mist. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her embarrassed look, which made him softened his expression. His sharp eyebrows lighted up gradually like ink smearing over.

    "Nothing," Song Yu nudged to escape from his arms but failed.

    His burning lips seared the root of her ears, grazing the fine hairs on her skin. He asked again, "What were you thinking about just now?"

    Song Yu glanced at him, where she was met with his devilish taunting smile. Her face burned even redder as if he could see through all of her thoughts. She was stunned and sealed her lips shut without saying a word.

    "Could it be that you were imagining how it feels if we were in their shoes?" Qi Chengzhi could feel the rising temperature on the top of her ears with his lips when he said this. His stern lips slowly drew into a gentle curvature.

    When he saw that Song Yu remained in silence, he teased in a deep voice, "You want to marry me so badly?"

    He guessed exactly what Song Yu was thinking about. When she was watching Qi Chengyue and Jian Yi exchanging rings and saying "I do", she had no sense of discomfort at all. Instead, she could not help but to imagine them as Qi Chengzhi and her, thinking how would it be like to marry Qi Chengzhi.

    At that very moment, she was so embarrassed that she could feel her face on the verge of exploding. She lowered her head to the extent where it could not be lowered anymore and wanted to bury her head into his neck out of habit. She had forgotten what event they were attending under his teasing.

    Since he had his hands wrapped around her waist, she was almost laying in his arms. All she could see was his firm chest, her senses immersed with his refreshing scent. She felt light-headed as she was so deeply enthralled, losing her sense of direction completely.

    "Ahem!" Grandfather Qi coughed roughly suddenly and warned angrily with a suppressed voice, "Respect the occasion!"

    Song Yu immediately came to her senses and realized that her whole body was almost cradled by Qi Chengzhi's arms. Song Yu felt so embarrassed that she could feel her scalp going numb. She dared not look at the other faces of the Qi family on that table as she knew that their expression would definitely look unpleasant.

    Perhaps they were only one step away from yelling "Shameless!" out loud.

    Song Yu shoved Qi Chengzhi's hand away from her waist hastily. Nonetheless, many of them had caught a glimpse of how intimately both of them acted moments ago.

    Zhou Mingyan gnashed her teeth in anger when she heard the chatters from the table beside, saying that the one who Song Yu entered holding hands with was the eldest grandson of the Qi family, who was also the future heir. If the engagement between Song Yu and Qi Chengji went through successfully, he would be her brother-in-law.

    In spite of that, both of them got together in the end.

    "I never thought that Song Yu was this kind of person!" Zhou Mingyan just could not let this go. Her eyes kept staring at the both of them, judging their public displays of affection and the disrespect for the occasion. "Before this, didn't Yu Qianying said herself that she is interested in Jian Yi? She also kept visiting our place back in the days. Everyone thought that she likes Jian Yi. Now, Jian Yi just got married and she already found someone else! Such a fickle person!" Zhou Mingyan continued.

    As a result of Jian Yi marrying the lady of the Qi family, Zhou Mingyan had a sudden boost in confidence as their family received the glory that they had never experienced before, and all of their relatives were trying to get on their good side.