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    Yu Keyao had no choice but to return home first. As she walked through the doorway, the cries of Liang Lihua were heard. "Big brother, sister-in-law, please be reasonable. From the day I joined this family, I was serious and responsible. I was worried sick for the family. If it weren't for me shamelessly running to the Song family begging, what would've happened to Yu Zidong? Even so, for the company, for his own interest, he now wants a divorce!"

    "I've been his wife who shared all his hardships for nearly 30 years now. When he first started the business, I suffered and pushed through with him. Now, he's forgotten all about it. For a measly amount of money, he wants to abandon me! What kind of person is he?" Liang Lihua sobbed, her face drenched in tears.

    Ever since the divorce was suggested, she had no time to care for herself. She had no makeup on now — the spots on her face stood out sorely. She was in a mess.

    "Lihua, rest assured, we'll help you," Liang Lihua's sister-in-law, Ma Yingshu, said passionately. "That Yu Zidong thought there's no one else in the Liang family, so he continued to bully you! Does he think he can get a divorce so easily? I won't allow it! Even if he really wants the divorce, you must split the family property fairly. We won't let him gain a single cent out of this divorce!"

    Liang Lihua wailed. She knew Ma Yingshu's kindness towards her was not sincere. Ma Yingshu was only afraid that the divorce would end with Liang Lihua becoming her family's problem. Her need to settle the money properly was just so that if Liang Lihua had money, she would not need her family's help.

    Long story short, Ma Yingshu was afraid she might be taken advantage of.

    At this time, Yu Keyao walked in. Ma Yingshu stood up immediately. She pointed at her forehead and scolded, "You! Your mother gave birth to you and cared for you your entire life — aren't you the cause of all the conflict we face today? Now, for your own benefit, you stand on Yu Zidong's side, not even bothered if your own mother is dead or alive! Raising an ingrate like you, she couldn't be more heartbroken!"

    Ma Yingshu's finger pointed fiercely at Yu Keyao's forehead. Hurt, Yu Keyao frowned intensely and screamed, "What are you doing?!"

    "What am I doing? What do you think? I'm helping your poor mother teach you a lesson, you unfilial ingrate!" Ma Yingshu pulled up her sleeves, ready to strike. To her surprise, Yu Keyao made the first move and violently shoved her.

    "That's all her fault! What can I do? Anyone with a brain would know you can't apologize to Song Yu at the last minute, then proceed to scold her again!" Yu Keyao shrieked. "If she didn't get on Qi Chengzhi's nerves in the first place, the company would've been fine! Now that things have escalated to this point, who's to be blamed?"

    "You —" Liang Lihua raised her head abruptly to look at Yu Keyao. She could not believe Yu Keyao just dumped all the blame on her.

    "Yu Keyao! Pampering you was just a huge waste of time! Ever since you were a child, I've always stood by you. Even when Song Yu got together with Qi Chengzhi, you wanted to interject, and I supported you, displeased your uncle because of you! You claimed Song Yu stole Qi Chengzhi from you — alright, I supported you. I scolded Song Yu for you, I scolded her parents for you. Now tell me, whom do you think I offended Qi Chengzhi for? It's all because of you that I'm stuck in this situation now. For that measly amount of money, your father wants to divorce me. At a time like this, you chose to betray me."

    "Yu Keyao, I'm not just anybody — I'm your mother! I've done so many things for you, yet you now shift all the blame on me and claim that I brought this on myself!" Liang Lihua stood up. With a face wet with tears, she darted towards Yu Keyao, raised her hand, and gave her a harsh slap across the face. "Are you still human? You truly are from the Yu family — just like your father, you have the heart to do anything for your own benefit!"

    "Where do you think I went just now? I went to plead with Song Yu for you, but someone stopped me! I didn't even get to see her! Still, you call me an ingrate?" Yu Keyao covered her face. Feeling indignant, she burst into tears as well.

    "Did you do that for your mother? You did that for yourself! You're only afraid that even after your parents divorced, the company will still be in shambles! Don't think I don't know what goes on in the mind of yours. Qi Chengzhi merely promised to stop taking action against Dong Hua, but he never said he would take responsibility and help Dong Hua get back on its feet — that's why you went to plead with Song Yu! You shameless thing! Confounding black and white, and right and wrong!" Ma Yingshu scolded, spit spraying everywhere.

    "You… How can you say such ugly things?!" Yu Keyao shook with anger.

    "There's more where that came from. You want to hear more?" Ma Yingshu retorted with spit spattering.

    "Ma Yingshu, this is my house, the Yu family's home. What did you say about me? Who are you to occupy our home, unwilling to leave? Ever since my dad suggested divorce, you and your husband moved in with the excuse of helping my mom. The longer you stay here and make a fuss, the longer my dad is away! Ma Yingshu, this is the Yu family's home, so what do you think you can achieve by staying here? What makes you think you can come to my house to point and shout at me?!" Unwilling to back down, Yu Keyao scolded in a sharp voice.

    "You disrespected your elders, you ill-bred thing!"

    As things grew heated over at the Yu household, Cheng Dongge looked at Qi Chengyue through the rear-view mirror. Her head leaned against the window.

    Her gaze was cast downwards. Her long hair covered her face and hid her expression.

    Cheng Dongge had been driving for a while, but Qi Chengyue did not utter a word throughout the ride.

    "Miss Qi." Cheng Dongge looked into the rear-view mirror. "Where would you like to go?"

    He knew she would not want to go back to the company. The house she shared with Jian Yi did not seem appropriate either. He wondered if he should send her to the Qi family's home.

    Qi Chengyue did not say anything for a long time. Just as Cheng Dongge thought she did not wish to speak, he heard Qi Chengyue's low and frail voice coming from behind. "If possible, just drive me around for a while. I don't feel like going anywhere now, sorry."

    Cheng Dongge glanced at the rear-view mirror. He could not imagine how Qi Chengyue would look when she apologized to someone.

    Her frail and feeble appearance evoked sympathy in others.

    Cheng Dongge drove in silence for a long time. Once again, he glanced at the rear-view mirror and noticed Qi Chengyue had disappeared.

    At long last, he parked the car by a road. Beside the road, a field of luscious green grass surrounded a lake. This was one of the best places for a picnic in B City. However, not many people were around at this time.

    Once in a while, a person or two would walk by the lake, but as it was quite a distance away, they would not be able to make out the situation by the road.

    Cheng Dongge got out of the car, walked towards the back door and opened it. The sight he was met with gave him a shock.

    Qi Chengyue's arms were hugging herself. Her torso stuck firmly to her thighs. Her head nearly touched the seat in front of her, while her face was buried between her knees.

    Not a sound came out of her, but her shoulders and back shook violently.

    Cheng Dongge opened his mouth, wanting to wake her up, but he could not utter a word no matter what. It was as if something was blocking his throat and chest, and it stung.

    He stood by the door for a long time. Qi Chengyue's posture did not change at all, but the tremors grew worse and worse, and it made her seem more and more helpless.

    "Miss Qi, you…" Cheng Dongge kneeled down and gently placed his palm on her shoulders.

    He felt Qi Chengyue's body freeze. She no longer quivered. It felt as if she was desperately holding it back, not wanting to be embarrassed in front of others.

    She seemed to have not realized the car had stopped and that he had opened the door and stood beside her.

    He watched as she stayed in that posture for some time before finally sitting up and raising her head slowly.

    Cheng Dongge saw her appearance and was frozen in place without any reaction.

    Her long curly hair was disheveled, some strands stuck to her tearful face. Her appearance was not at all elegant and attractive, but scruffy and in a mess. Tears left their tracks on her face. Her swollen, red-shot eyes still held tears, which she was desperately holding back.

    Furthermore, seeing Qi Chengyue in such a sorry state, then remembering her arrogant look from before - she had really taken a deep dive. He could not help but pity her. 

    "Sorry, but can you… can you leave me alone…" Before she could finish her sentence, he pulled her into his arms.

    Cheng Dongge's husky voice sounded in her ears, "You can cry." 

    His firm voice had the power to soothe others. After hearing his voice, she suddenly could not hold back her tears anymore, as if the crumbling dam that stood in her heart had suddenly collapsed.

    Tears poured from her eyes, yet Qi Chengyue still clenched her teeth and bit her lips. Only when she had reached the limits of her endurance did she let out a small whimper.

    However, when the warm and steady palm rested on the back of her head and gently caressed her hair; comforted and consoled her wordlessly, the effect on her was even greater.

    Finally, Qi Chengyue gave in. "Waa..." she wailed loudly.

    She cried like a child. Her crying was not melodious at all — it was rough and miserable. She cried so hard that she had hiccups, and her sinuses were blocked. Slowly, her snot merged with her tears and ran down her face.

    "Why… Just because I loved someone, does that mean I deserve to be trampled like this? Why do some people treat marriage as a way to benefit from others? Why must marriage be about benefits? Why would someone use love to deceive others? Why didn't he target someone else? Why did it have to be me?! Even if he just wanted the money and status, couldn't he have at least treated me nicely? Am I unworthy of even a little love and respect?"

    As Cheng Dongge listened to her talk and sob, the body in his arms trembled even more — the crying grew louder and louder.

    He could feel that his shirt was soaked. Some tears even landed on his neck and slowly rolled into his shirt.

    Cheng Dongge did not know how to comfort her. Due to his status, it seemed like whatever he said would be unfitting. Thus, he simply stroked her hair and consoled her in silence.

    Qi Chengyue wept for a long time. Suddenly, he heard her say his name, "Cheng Dongge…"

    Cheng Dongge was shocked. Previously, she had always called him Special Assistant Cheng, but to hear her call him by his full name felt a little weird.

    "The way your fiancée treated you… don't you feel hurt? She also went behind your back and found a rich man who she thinks can give her more. Why… why are they all like this? The things she wanted, couldn't you give it to her? How much until she's satisfied? Why is a man who sincerely loves her and can provide her a comfortable life without worries not enough for her?"

    "I… I don't know." Cheng Dongge's voice was hoarse. His throat felt extremely dry.

    "How long… have you two been together?" Qi Chengyue asked as she cried.

    "Three years. When we first met, I was in my senior year while she was a new student in freshman year. One day, she suddenly showed up in front of me and shouted that she liked me in front of the whole school, then ran away with a flushed face. She has always been a shy girl, yet she had the guts to do something like that.

    "After that, she would always appear by my side. She didn't talk much. When I played basketball, she'd hand me towels and water — she volunteered to help out the basketball team just for me. During self-study periods, she would save a seat for me. Whenever my classes ended, she would wait by the door then follow me. She'd talk to me a little sometimes, but she'd always be blushing heavily. At that time, I've already found a job as Chengzhi's assistant. Nevertheless, I was a poor student back then. I could make a living for myself in B City, but I couldn't give a girl a good life yet.

    "Even though I couldn't provide her with a good life, and a luxurious one was out of the question, I thought the least I could do was to not let her suffer with me. Why should I drag her with me when I wasn't even capable of providing for her yet? Therefore, up till my graduation, we still didn't end up together. We only texted occasionally.

    "After that, my career got better and better, and she still stayed single in all those years. Only until the student reunion did we officially get together. I held out on proposing until I was capable of giving her a good life. I felt that proposing to her while I couldn't provide her with a happy marriage is extremely irresponsible. I never thought that after so many years, she chose to give up now.

    "You asked if I felt hurt — of course, it hurts a lot. After all, she's the one who accompanied me through three years of my life. In those three years, she's always by my side, and I've grown accustomed to her presence in my life. All the effort I put in, it was all so that I could provide her an easy life. I feel discontent that she couldn't persevere until the end with me. Just when I could satisfy her every need, she left me. I'm also angry with myself. Why didn't I work harder, marry her sooner, and gave her better? Maybe then she wouldn't have felt the need to find another man.

    "You're in so much pain now. I think your view is similar to mine. After all, he's someone you loved, and perhaps you still do. He's the one you spent your life with, the one you're willing to marry. Now that things have ended like this, disappointment and sorrow wells up in your heart.

    "Truthfully, it's not that you're unworthy of love, but that he's unworthy of yours. You deserve better. My fiancée…" Cheng Dongge stopped. Qi Chengyue seemed to have heard his pained chuckle. "My ex-fiancée thinks she deserves better, so she let me. Thus, you leaving him is also because you deserve better. Jian Yi doesn't know how to love someone at all, you deserve someone who does. It's him who's not good enough for you."

    "It's not like that," Qi Chengyue murmured with her forehead still pressed against his chest.

    Her refutation surprised him. He looked down but could only see her hair and not her face.

    "You're wonderful. Your fiancée… your ex-fiancée didn't leave you because you weren't good enough, neither was it because she deserves better. It's because she couldn't cherish what she had. She didn't know how to be content, and she placed herself on too high a pedestal. I think her choice of leaving you is a huge mistake. She'll regret it," spoke Qi Chengyue with confidence.

    Cheng Dongge froze. He did not expect her to say that. He thought she was refuting his last sentence. He smiled, unsure of how to receive her words.

    Usually, the two of them do not interact with each other much, so he did not know she had such a high opinion of him.

    After Qi Chengyue said that, she felt a little awkward. She thought she might have said too much.

    Even so, after talking to him, her pain was eased. Even though she was still hurt, at least it became bearable.

    Qi Chengyue sniffled. However, her nose was completely blocked. No matter how much she tried to suck in her snot, she could not, so she had to breathe through her mouth. Even so, swallowing her saliva was already difficult enough. The instant she swallowed, her ears felt like they were blocked.

    Suddenly, a neatly-folded grey checkered handkerchief appeared in front of her eyes. The fingers holding the handkerchief were long, slender, and clean. The bones were distinct, and the fair skin covering them added to the air of elegance.

    Qi Chengyue could not help but imagine how many girls must have thought of him as Prince Charming when he was in university!

    Lost in thoughts, it took her a while to realize she was still leaning against her chest and held tight in his arms. Quickly, she moved away and took the handkerchief from his awkwardly.

    His warmth lingered on the handkerchief, and so did the smell of his cologne. Nowadays, not many men would have things like this on them. Even women no longer carried handkerchiefs as often. 

    She saw how clean the handkerchief was and felt bad for using it.

    While the air was still thick with awkwardness, Cheng Dongge's phone rang. She heard him answered, "Young Master Cheng."



    After hanging up, he told her, "Young Master Cheng requested that I send you back to the old mansion."

    Qi Chengyue nodded. Cheng Dongge tried to stand up but, unexpectedly, he could not. He fell on his butt with a 'bam'.

    Qi Chengyue watched him in shock. She tried to catch him but was too slow — the hand she reached out caught nothing but air. 

    Cheng Dongge let out an embarrassed chuckle. "I've been kneeling for too long, I can't feel my legs."

    Qi Chengyue could not help but smile. She shifted to one side, leaving the seat by the door empty and said, "Sit here for a while, and let your legs recover."

    Cheng Dongge held onto the car door and pulled himself up. Seated next to Qi Chengyue, he massaged his numb legs.

    The two of them were not close so the atmosphere was quite awkward. Qi Chengyue looked down while using Cheng Dongge's handkerchief to wipe off her tears. Although she felt bad about it, she still had to sneeze out the mucus blocking her nose.

    "This… I'll bring it home and wash it. I'll return it to you tomorrow," Qi Chengyue said shyly.

    With a quick "mm", Cheng Dongge got out of his seat and moved to the driver seat.

    The car stopped in front of the Qi family manor, where Qi Chengyue got out and Cheng Dongge followed.

    Before leaving, Qi Chengyue said, "Thank you for today."

    Even though it was all under the command of Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu, it did not change the fact that he was willing to stay with her for so long. She was touched, and at the same time, felt sorry for him.

    Cheng Dongge smiled. He watched as Qi Chengyue entered the courtyard. Then, he moved to the courtyard entrance where he could see Qi Chengyue walked toward the front door and pressed the doorbell.

    Not long after, the door opened. Guan Liya appeared at the doorway. When she saw Qi Chengyue, she immediately embraced her.

    Only then did Cheng Dongge turn away. He got in the car and drove away.

    "Mom…" Qi Chengyue's lips trembled. Her sore throat started to quiver again.

    Guan Liya loosened her but her hand stayed firmly on her back. "My dear child, you've been through so much pain. Why didn't you tell your family? Come, let's get you inside."

    Guan Liya brought Qi Chengyue into the house. She realized that everyone was gathered there. The atmosphere in the living room was heavy. 

    Perplexed, she stared blankly at them. Grandmother Qi's eyes were red. She waved at Qi Chengyue. "Chengyue, come, have a seat. No matter what happens, you'll always have us! It's going to be okay!"