True Martial World

True Martial World Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690 Enemies All Over The Universe

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The Godly Monarchs of the Soul and Ghost races appeared ashamed when they met the two Fey patriarchs.

Against the army horde of the Celestials, with the Ancestor God as their backer, the peak races of the Chaos Heavens became nothing but jokes. The difference in strength was just too great.

The Ghosts had barely resisted the Celestials before they submitted. The Souls quickly capitulated when that happened.

Not everyone had the courage to face the threat of having their race annihilated.

The Ghost patriarch was among the army, standing out because he was different from the typical Ghost Thearch. They often had a corpse-like body after they condensed one, one that was sallow or pale, without any signs of life.

However, this Ghost patriarch had fair and supple skin like he was made of porcelain. He looked extremely young, only with turbid eyes.

His Ghost body was near perfection.

To achieve this, the Ghost patriarch had spent more than a hundred million year transcending numerous Ghost tribulations. Of course, once the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao was devoured, his body would never attain perfection.

“Grand Supremum, Grand Primordium, Ancestor God is aware of Yi Yun’s alliance with the Godly Monarchs of the different races.”

The Ghost patriarch sent a voice transmission to them.

Grand Supremum’s heart sank. “How did the Ancestor God learn of it? Who betrayed us?”

“It might not be a betrayal” The Ghost patriarch sighed. “Perhaps the Ancestor God had left some contingencies or he is truly so powerful that it is beyond our comprehension. In short, we have failed. The Celestial army attacked and threatened the annihilation of my race. I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t fight them and had to submit.”

Compared to having his race annihilated, the inability to attain a perfect body was trivial.

There was hope as long as he survived.

Perhaps the Ancestor God would only rule the Chaos Heavens for hundreds of millions of years, but he would not rule it forever.

This was because after he devoured the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao, the Chaos Heavens would slowly lose its value to the Ancestor God. Therefore, it was possible that he would leave when he was done.

Legend had it that beyond the universe were other universes. Human Emperor Lin Ming had left this universe with Empress Sheng Mei.

Perhaps there would come a day when the Ancestor God would leave as well.

An existence like the Ancestor God would have transcended Samsara and any mortal bindings. It was unlikely he would rigidly stick to this universe.

And once he left, everything could be redone once again.

Experts could be nurtured again after the death of others. Martial heritage could be mended even if they were severed. Even if the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao was devoured, time would eventually allow the Chaos Heavens to restore itself.

As long as they waited billions of years, the lost Yuan Qi would slowly return.

However, if their entire race was annihilated, it would be over. When that happened, there was no way to make a resurgence once the Ancestor God was gone.

It was not worth it to be spiteful.

“All of you still have a wisp of your intrinsic souls with Yi Yun. You can choose to submit to the Ancestor God, but what’s the price of rebelling against Yi Yun? Can you pay that price?” Grand Primordium asked in return.

“Yi Yun isn’t as ruthless as the Ancestor God. He might crush our intrinsic souls, but it would be meaningless for him. Besides even if he does crush our souls, it would only be us who perish. It’s better than having our entire races annihilated”

Upon hearing the Ghost patriarch’s words, Grand Supremum and Grand Primordium found it bitingly ironic. The reason for their betrayal was simply because Yi Yun was likely kinder.

This was probably the prime example of the saying ‘the kind gets bullied.’

Even more ironic of all was that both Grand Supremum and Grand Primordium lacked the courage to resist the Ancestor God despite understanding this principle.

It was fine if they died, but to have the entire Heaven Fey City perish with them?

“Grand Supremum! Grand Primordium!”

At that moment, the reigning Divine Emperor spoke.

“In the Ancestor God’s name, I will be hunting down Yi Yun! Now, I’ll be using your Fey army. Are you agreeable to it?”

The Divine Emperor’s voice resounded through Heaven Fey City.

The words sounded like the most saddening dirge in Grand Supremum’s and Grand Primordium’s ears.

The entire Chaos Heavens was being slowly destroyed by the Ancestor God and the only one who put up a resistance was Yi Yun, but because of his resistance, he was to be hunted across the entire Chaos Heavens!

“Are you defying me with your silence?” asked the Divine Emperor.

Grand Supremum and Grand Primordium remained silent.

The Divine Emperor’s gaze turned cold as a sliver of murderous intent burned. “I’ll give you a minute to consider! The Ancestor God will leave the matter of your betrayal for now, but not again! If there’s another time, your entire race will be annihilated!”

“As for Yi Yun he naively believes that he has wiped away the Ancestor God’s mark on him. In fact, from the moment the Ancestor God began interacting with the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao, nothing in the Chaos Heavens could be kept from him. Yi Yun’s location is already known to the Ancestor God. There is no way he’s escaping! I’ll ask you once more. Are the Fey planning to die with Yi Yun? If that’s the case, I’ll fulfill your wishes!”

The Divine Emperor’s voice was overbearing. Grand Supremum closed his eyes in pain as he felt as though his backbone was being pulled out. He bit down on his lips, and despite being completely unwilling to do so, he said, “The Fey obeys the order”

Grand Supremum felt that he had used all his strength to deliver those words. He felt that the hundreds of millions of years of cultivation had been for nothing!

At that moment, he was not betraying Yi Yun but himself.

“Very good!”

Divine Emperor gave a satisfied smile. “Grand Supremum, hear my orders! The Fey will send twenty Fey Thearchs and a hundred thousand warriors to follow my Celestial army to annihilate the rebel!”

As the Divine Emperor spoke, he led his huge demonic servant army into the territory.

The point of getting the peak races to provide personnel was simply to make them submit. Everyone knew that the peak races would lose their core members, making it impossible for them to resist the Ancestor God again.

Three days later, the Celestial army swept through the Chaos Heavens. Countless warriors saw this astounding scene from afar.

While the Celestial army traveled, demonic servants from every land gathered to meet them.

It went from ten to twenty million to nearly a hundred million!

Such a huge demonic servant army blotted out the sky!

Other than that, the allied army of the various peak races numbered hundreds of thousands. Although the numbers were small, they were not lacking in strength. It was still a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

Having so many people gathered was, in fact, not to wipe out Yi Yun. Instead, it was to guarantee the absolute success of the Ancestor God’s devouring the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao.

Otherwise, once these peak races of the Chaos Heavens took action, even if they were moths hurtling towards a flame, it was still possible for them to interfere in the Ancestor God’s devouring of the Heavenly Dao.

The Ancestor God could not allow any problems to arise as it would lead to imperfection. It would prevent his strength from reaching a peak, and pulverizing the rebels would not remedy the situation at all.

Another day later, the massive army that comprised of the Chaos Heavens’ peak combat forces charged into the Heavenly Courts!

The Heavenly Courts was the core force of humanity.

The grandeur of the scene attracted many warriors in the Chaos Heavens. Although they were afraid, they tailed the army to witness the turn of events that had not happened in a billion years.