True Martial World

True Martial World Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640 Outright Snatching

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At that moment, in Yuchan Manor north of the city a few hundred kilometers away, a group of young men and women were sitting around a long table. Placed on the table were Ambrosia Jade Dew, Spirit Tea, and Immortal Fruits.

Sitting at the seat of honor was a man in a colorful attire. It was weaved by countless feathers.

He was none other than Jiang Yuchan, descendant of the Luo King.

At the banquet Jiang Yuchan hosted, the attendants were all princes and princesses who lacked sufficient strength, resulting in them having to depend on Jiang Yuchan. There were also capable people from all walks of life, top geniuses, and quasi-Godly Monarch senior experts.

These people shared common interests with Yuchan Manor, so they had the intention of aiding Jiang Yuchan in attaining the spot of crown prince.

At that moment, a flame lit up in front of Jiang Yuchan.


Jiang Xiaorou pricked up his brows as a strange glint flashed in his eyes. “Jiang Xiaorou actually appeared in the Fey Blood Plains.”

Jiang Yuchan’s words immediately made many people cast their gazes over.

“What is she doing in the Fey Blood Plains? Did she bring along that brother of hers?” a middle-aged man asked. He was dressed in white robes which were embroidered with stars. It looked like the pattern contained some mystical law and he was a guest elder of the Luo King, Jiang Yuebai.

Jiang Yuebai was also of royal blood, but his lineage was very far from the direct line. It was extremely hard for him to make a name for himself with his birthright, but he had both talent and opportunities, allowing him to cultivate into a quasi-Fey Thearch.

Jiang Yuchan chuckled and said, “Teacher, how wise of you. It is indeed the case!”

As Jiang Yuchan had received Jiang Yuebai’s guidance in his younger days, he addressed him as teacher.

“Jiang Xiaorou’s brother seems to be named Lin Yun. He probably went to the Fey Blood Plains as a show of force. It’s likely because of the Golden Feather Immortal Pistil.”

Jiang Yuchan sipped the wine in his cup as he stood up. A derisive smile curved across the corners of his lips.

A guest beneath him echoed, “I heard that this Lin Yun made the Treasure Fey Pagoda gather a bunch of treasured herbs on his behalf. They are staggeringly valuable herbs. How can Her Highness Soft Clouds be able to buy so much for him? He’s probably feeling anxious and hopes to win some Chaos Crystal at Your Highness Yuchan’s Fey Blood Plains.”

“He wishes to win at my Fey Blood Plains?” Jiang Yuchan shook his head with a laugh. Gambling was a losing enterprise. As the house, how could he lose when the Fey Blood Plains could dynamically control the payoff rates?

“If he wishes to win some funds by betting on himself, then the scale he is working at is way too disappointing. If I just let him earn large amounts of Chaos Crystals at the Fey Blood Plains, I can forget about my title!”

“Let’s go. I am curious to see what act my beloved sister is putting up.”

Jiang Yuchan got up and walked towards Heaven Fey City.

Everyone present were experts. Even without flying, just a casual stroll would allow them to traverse space quickly. Hundreds of kilometers was nothing.

Meanwhile, in the Fey Blood Plains arena, Yi Yun stood with his arms behind his back. In front of him was a flaming red Hou.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Shouts reverberated from the surrounding stands. They were filled with gusto.

Many a time, the weaker Fey with thinner bloodlines showed more contempt and racism towards humans. From their point of view, the beast colosseum was a battlefield for Fey. It was a contest of bodies and the powers of lifeblood. Human warriors were not qualified to do battle here.

“Rip him up! Tear!” A Fey warrior shouted at the top of his lungs.

“It would be such a pity if this punk with smooth skin and tender meat were to die. He might as well be eaten by me.”

The Fey warriors said all sorts of things like this, but all Yi Yun paid attention to was the betting situation. The payoff rates no longer moved, indicating that whoever wanted to bet had bet.

Earning a few dozen Chaos Crystals was better than not earning anything.

“Jiang Yuchan must have received the news and is likely rushing here.” Jiang Xiaorou sent Yi Yun a voice transmission.

Yi Yun thought nothing of it. He looked at the Red Hou in front of him and grinned. “I’ll use you as my opening gambit.”

The red Hou let out a prolonged roar. In order to allow the spectators to place their bets, it had been restrained for a full fifteen minutes. It was now fully enraged!

At that moment, the restraints on the red Hou’s Yuan Qi were released!


The red Hou leaped up into the sky, blotting out the sun like a tiny mountain. Its churning lifeblood forces surged down at Yi Yun like a spate of molten steel. The ground even melted as a result of the lifeblood’s pressure!

Lifeblood transmuted into fire?

The Fey were not completely incapable of comprehending laws. Just as how humans would not completely abandon body-tempering, this red Hou was an ancient Fey with fire affinity. Its lifeblood had transmuted into a flaming cage that enveloped Yi Yun.

At that instant, Yi Yun flipped his hand as the gigantic black Ascending Dragon Cauldron floated above his hand. He held it with one hand as he took a step forward. The space beneath his feet turned chaotic as Yi Yun’s figure seemed to distort.


The lifeblood flames smashed down, burning through Yi Yun who seemed to be just standing there. However, he subsequently vanished.

An after image!

Simultaneously, Yi Yun had appeared behind the red Hou like a ghost!

He held the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and smashed it downwards like a heavy star.

At that instant, all of Yi Yun’s lifeblood boiled over as the Dragon Emperor’s phantom surfaced behind him. The churning and violent powers surged downwards maniacally.


A loud crack resounded throughout the Fey Blood Plains. It sounded like thunder, but it was the sound of cracking bones!

Everyone watched with their own eyes as the gigantic red Hou’s back curved into a strange depression. Blood splattered as the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in Yi Yun’s hand had been dyed a deep red by the Fey blood!

The red Hou’s spine had been broken by Yi Yun’s smash!

Everyone widened their eyes. The lifeblood powers that erupted from Yi Yun left their hearts palpitating. All the hundreds of thousands of spectators around whose cultivation level was below that of Fey Lord felt that their lifeblood were being stirred, as though it would tear out of their bodies. Even their heart beats were resonating with Yi Yun’s lifeblood.

This human had actually cultivated his body? Furthermore, it had reached such a state!?

As they reeled in shock, they saw Yi Yun shake his hand, pulling out a golden chain from his interspatial ring. The chain was covered in complicated array patterns.

This was a Fey chaining lock?

Before anyone could react to Yi Yun’s taking out of the chain, they saw him wrap the Fey chaining lock around the red Hou’s neck. The array patterns were activated!

The red Hou struggled frantically, but it could not rid itself of the shackles!

If this were any other time, just a Fey chaining lock would naturally not be enough to hold down the red Hou. But at that moment, its spine had been broken by Yi Yun. Not only so, Yi Yun had released his potent Dragon Emperor bloodline which suppressed it into a shuddering state.

It knew deep down that the terrifying human had strength far above itself. He could even easily determine its life and death.


Just as the red Hou was showing apprehension in battle, Yi Yun took out a Fey beast bag and threw the red Hou in!

The Fey beast bag was a treasure used by the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins to capture Fey beasts. Yi Yun had prepared several bags before coming to the Fey Blood Plains. Each bag was of excellent quality.

After the Fey beast bag sealed the Hou, Yi Yun immediately conjured array patterns to seal it, preventing any escape from the Fey beast bag. In a few seconds, the Fey beast bag shrank to the size of a palm.

Immediately following that, Yi Yun’s fingers tapped gently, tearing apart the void. A spatial passageway appeared as Yi Yun threw the Fey beast bag in, sending it off!

It was gone!

Upon seeing this situation play out, the hundreds of thousands of spectators were dumbfounded.

What was going on!?

The human punk had made a gigantic red Hou vanish in a blink of an eye!

No! To be precise, it had been captured!

Furthermore, he had sent the captured Fey beast away

In the Fey Blood Plains’ arena, the battle between the warriors and Fey beasts could lead to death. All of them had to sign a liability waiver prior to the battle. No one had was responsible regardless of any deaths.

However, they never expected the human to do something as unexpected as he did. Yi Yun did not kill the Fey beast, but instead captured it on his first trip to the Fey Blood Plains.

He was actually using the Fey Blood Plains as a venue to capture Fey beasts.

Once one entered the Fey Blood Plains’ arena, life and death depended on their own abilities. As long as one could win, any method could be used. No one had made the rule that a live capture was disallowed. Wasn’t a live capture also considered a win?

“Why Why did he capture the red Hou?” Many Fey warriors felt as though they had eaten a fly. A live capture was much harder than killing!

They originally believed that the human was courting death, but they never expected his strength to reach such a remarkable realm.

However, why did he go through all that effort? It was clear that he could easily win.

“Is he flaunting his strength?” Many people were rendered speechless. The human punk was too arrogant. But he did have the right to be arrogant.

Jiang Xiaorou laughed inwardly when she heard the discussions of the people around her. Flaunting his strength was just a figment of their imagination.

His live capture of the Fey beast was obviously to sell it off.

A live Fey beast was worth several times a dead one.

Yi Yun was outright snatching from the Fey Blood Plains. However, he had signed a waiver, so the snatching could not be considered theft. After all, it was the Fey Blood Plains’ fault for enforcing the rule of a liability waiver before fighting in the arena. Instead of straight-up killing, it was better captured alive.