Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 949

Chapter 949: Sorry, I Couldn't Control Myself

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That night, Lin Qian stored the necklace away. Now that she knew the story behind 'The Star of Eternity', she couldn't possibly accept it. Since the necklace already proved her identity, it was only right for her to return it.

Inside the bathroom, the sound of running water signalled that Li Jin was having a shower. Dressed in a red silk nightgown, Lin Qian turned around and glanced at the wedding bed that belonged to the two of them.

At this moment, her face suddenly turned red. She was now married, so she understood what was to follow.

Soon, Li Jin stepped out of the bathroom with no clothes covering his upper body. As soon as he saw Lin Qian tidying the room, he approached her from behind and hugged her, "Stop tidying. Get some rest, OK?"

Lin Qian understood the hidden meaning to his words, so she put down the items in her hands.

Seeing this, Li Jin immediately lifted her in his arms and placed her on top of the soft bed. As he was leaving at 5am, he