Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 948

Chapter 948: How's It Any Of Your Business Who I Marry

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"Wasn't this sold to a rich billionaire for 1.4 billion dollars? Why is it sitting around her neck?"

"Is it a fake?"

"No, I can guarantee that that's the real thing."

The guests were filled with discussions. Even though some of the guests and media didn't know much about the necklace, they could still tell that it was worth a lot of money.

After all, it was made from 108 diamonds and they were cut using the finest cutting techniques in the world.

Tangning scanned her eyes across the guests and leaned into Mo Ting's embrace. After adjusting herself into a comfortable position, she sat back and waited to watch Li Jin perform.

"Before the ceremony starts, I have something I want to clarify with everyone," Li Jin said as he held onto Lin Qian's hand, "I know you've all seen news about Qian Qian recently and think that the circumstances around her birth are complicated and undesirable."

"I even heard some of the guests complaining about her just