Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 947

Chapter 947: Marrying A Pair Of Worn Shoes

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No one dared to stick up for Feng Jing because Superstar Media were too intimidating. They simply threw their first attack and it was already enough to destroy Feng Jing. Yet...Tangning still had more to come.

Even so, Feng Jing still wasn't afraid of playing with fire. No matter how the outside world judged her, she still persisted with her one-man show. In fact, she claimed that Superstar Media were slandering her and harassing her. There were people in this world that everyone viewed as shameless, yet they continued to stick around and disgust everyone.

They even said some disgusting things.

Of course, Feng Jing may have thought that she could hurt Lin Qian, but in reality, Lin Qian didn't care about a word she said.

She was getting married the next day, so any free time she had, was spent on making final confirmations for her wedding.

After all, Tangning had already relieved some of her anger.

In regards to Lin Qian's background, the public di