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    Chapter 1314 Have Some Coffee

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    It was inevitable that the fall of the big man would make a noise. In the silent night, the sound was loud and clear and the surrounding people turned around for a look.

    At the same time, the howling of a wolf rang out not far away. A large wolf, with its head raised up towards the moon, howled as its green eyes glowed. “Owww, Owwww!”

    “F*ck!” Seeing that, Blodwen lashed out, “D*mn it, where did the wolf come from?”

    Another man said hesitantly, “Seems like… seems like they brought their pets. But as I didn’t see very clearly, I cannot be certain…”

    The wolf started howling again and the silent, deserted campsite instantly became livelier.

    The light beams from the eight cars became brighter. The engines started and the big cars started moving. They looked like giant monsters that have been awakened from a deep sleep and switched over to attack mode.

    The cars were split into two groups. A group of four vehicles drove to the outer border of the camp, and another four drove out of the camp. In the wild, the cars sped and ran over everything that got in their way. Instantly, they managed to gain the upper hand.

    Seeing that the plan they had painstakingly crafted was going to be useless, Blodwen stomped on the ground angrily. At the same time, he waved his hands and shouted, “Retreat, retreat! F*ck! Hurry, retreat!”

    To improve their chances of camouflage, they had packed lightly. Other than the weapons they were holding in their hands and the wool coats they were wearing, they did not have other equipment.

    In that situation, the heavy-duty SUVs were equivalent to tanks and armored vehicles. Unarmed men and their basic weapons were no match for the cars.

    It was as though heavily-armored soldiers bumped into infantry. Not only were there great differences in terms of their defense capability, but the gap in terms of their mobility was huge as well. The four SUVs easily broke the group of men into several large parts and successfully blocked their retreat.

    Blodwen wanted to make his escape but a car rushed towards him. The window of the front passenger seat was open and a black gun protruded from it. A gunshot rang out in the wilderness.

    Hearing the shots from a semi-automatic rifle, Blodwen did not have a choice but to stop. A deep voice rang out. “Put down your weapons! Squat down! Hands behind your head! Surrender!”

    The big men looked to Blodwen fearfully. He took off the Russian rifle AN-94 hanging from his chest and threw it down. He shouted, “Put the guns down, there’s no point in resisting them!”

    The big men were relieved at Blodwen’s words. The other party had obviously been waiting for their sneak attack. They had all been prepared. Under such circumstances, if they were to continue resisting stubbornly, they would lose their lives in no time.

    The car stopped and a few big men jumped out. They first picked up all the that had been thrown onto the ground, then rounded up everyone and brought them back to the camp.

    Steve and Li Du made their way out of their tents. When the wind blew, the two of them shivered. “D*mn it, it’s cold!””God, I’ve turned into an ice cube!”

    The two of them walked to the bonfire together. There was a pot suspended over the fire. The two of them scooped out a cup of coffee that was brewing in the pot. After drinking the warm beverage, they felt better.

    Blodwen hugged his arms and tried to look casual as he said, “Hey, buddy! Is this how you Tussenbergs treat your guests? Give me a cup of coffee!”

    Steve flipped his middle finger and laughed coolly. “Why don’t you go to hell?”

    Li Du held him back and said, “Don’t forget you’re a gentleman, Steve. Bro, you should watch your manners. He’s right. The upper class should keep their ways even when dealing with enemies. Wait a bit, I will make him a cup of coffee.”

    Steve looked at him and said, “Have you gone mad?”

    Li Du smiled but said nothing. He went to get the coffee that they had brewed during dinner. There was some left, but it was now so cold that it had frozen into solid ice.

    Li Du took a cup and filled it with some cold water. Then he used a scoop to dig up some of the frozen coffee and threw it into the cup. He mixed it all and pushed the cup towards Blodwen. He smiled and said, “Mr. Blodwen, here’s your coffee.”

    Under the bright light, Blodwen saw the contents in the cup. Even though it was not clear, he could guess what it contained. The sound from the ice knocking into the sides of the cup was loud and clear.

    Blodwen flung his hand at the cup and said in contempt, “Who are you? How dare you to speak to me like that?”

    Li Du was prepared. He waved his arm and instantly activated Time Deceleration so that he could dodge Blodwen’s hands. Not one drop of coffee spilled out.

    With the cup of coffee in his hands, Li Du said cordially, “Oh, seems like Mr. Blodwen is in a bad mood?”

    Without waiting for Blodwen’s response, Li Du turned around and said, “Someone come over. Come and make sure our guest takes some coffee.”

    Godzilla and Big Quinn walked over and finally, Blodwen’s face changed. Godzilla’s and Big Quinn’s physique and appearance looked even scarier under the garish light.

    Blodwen took a few steps back and shouted to Steve, “Hey, Steve! What’s the meaning of this? Why are you hiding at the back? If there’s a problem, come over and talk it out!”

    Godzilla and Big Quinn held onto Blodwen. Blodwen, too, was a big man. He was 185 centimeters tall, had broad shoulders and a thick waist. When he walked, he looked rather menacing.

    However, to Godzilla and Big Quinn, this was nothing. The two men stretched out their muscular arms and held Blodwen still.

    Li Du lifted up the cup of coffee so that it was right before Blodwen’s face. Blodwen yelled, “F*ck you! Son of a b*tch! Don’t you dare! Steve! Steve Tussenberg! You know what will come out of this!”

    Steve thought for a moment and said, “Li, perhaps we should have a word first.”

    Li Du asked him in return, “Have you forgotten that Fly Amanita experience? If we had remained trapped in the hallucination, what do you think would have happened?”

    Steve shrugged his shoulders and said, “I know what you mean. Don’t get me wrong, I’m only saying that we can chat a little. We can have coffee while we talk. And we’d need to add some ice to this coffee. It would taste terrible without ice.”

    There was a small pond on the ground and the water inside had long been frozen. Steve dug out some chunks of ice from there and placed them in the cup. He smiled sinisterly and ordered, “Feed young Mr. Blodwen his coffee.”

    Blodwen was furious. “Steve, if you do this, I will not forget it! Believe me, you scumbag! I will definitely not… wooo…wooo!”

    Brother Wolf had silently propped Blodwen’s head up from behind him. Li Du took the chance while Blodwen was shouting in protest to utilize Time Deceleration and poured the icy cold liquid down his throat.

    Blodwen was held by Godzilla and Big Quinn, and his head was being propped up by Brother Wolf. Blodwen was trying to struggle in vain and could only protest by closing his mouth.

    Seeing his mouth closed, Li Du put the cup down. Blodwen yelled, “D*mn it, I will definitely… woo…. Woo!”

    The moment Blodwen’s mouth opened once more, Li Du used Time Deceleration again to slow down time and the contents of the cup were once again poured into Blodwen’s mouth.

    This time around, Li Du had been quick. Some of the ice cubes, too, were poured into his mouth.

    Steve pried Blodwen’s mouth open with one hand and pushed his forehead back with another. Gurg, grug! Just like that, Blodwen had no choice but drink the icy liquid.