Trash Techniques Are Actually Pretty Efficient Book 1 Chapter 45

    Volume 1 Chapter 45 I Might Turn

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    The second day of the final exams.

    "Hello, guys. I'm your proctor for today."

    The class sighed. Their proctor for today was another familiar face. It was Ning Fan, their PreCal teacher.

    Ning Fan turned his attention to Lan Xiang, who was sleeping once more. He shook his head and chuckled. "Someone please wake Student Lan up."

    When he felt a poke on his side, Lan Xiang raised his head, revealing the large eyebags underneath his reddish eyes.

    "He must've studied the night to pass!" Ning Fan found the situation pitiful, yet he was also full of hope. Since a few all-nighters made Lan Xiang a genius at Pre Calculus, surely he could do the same for the other subjects?

    "Here's the papers."

    Soon after, the papers reached the grubby hands of the students as they started ogling the test papers.

    Lan Xiang, on the other hand, was unenthusiastic. He just wanted to finish the test and go back to sleep already.

    "Hm, poor student." Ning Fan felt endless pity for Lan Xiang. Only by working hard could he get decent results.

    All of a sudden, someone at the corner of the room stood up and stared at the papers of his seatmate. Ning Fan stood up and slammed the table.

    "Student, what exactly are you doing?!" Ning Fan thought the situation was outrageous.

    "Ah... force of habit. Sorry, teach." The student clicked his tongue and walked back to his seat.

    "Force of habit? Stop, stop right there. You think you can just sit back down after that blatant attempt at cheating?" Ning Fan was infuriated. It had barely been two minutes since the exams started and someone was already trying to cheat! And so shamelessly too!

    "You, Student Han. Come here, give me your paper."

    Student Han bit his lip and gave his blank test paper to Ning Fan. The teacher immediately tore it in two.

    With cold eyes, Ning Fan glanced at the shocked student. "You get a 0 for this subject. Now, you can check your fellow students' papers without worry."

    Student Han didn't know what to do, frozen in place.

    Lan Xiang yawned. He was too sleepy for this kind of drama. His hands continued writing the answers seamlessly.

    "So? What are you still doing here? You can stroll around now."

    Looking at the large dose of embarrassment Student Han received from Ning Fan, the other students dispelled any thought of cheating in their minds. "Shit. We got used to our adviser's lackadaisical way of monitoring us. Now we can only depend on ourselves."

    After some time, Student Han indignantly walked back to his seat, crossing his arms.

    "Anyone else? No one?" Ning Fan had a sharp gaze, unusual for the easygoing teacher.

    Lan Xiang yawned once more as he wrote down the answer to the last question. As he finished the test, he failed to lift the pen, resulting in it writing across the paper as his head smashed on the desk.

    "Uh... Student Lan?" Ning Fan scratched his head and looked at the clock. It had only been about twenty minutes since the test started. "Someone wake him up, please."

    "Uh, sir, I think he's finished." Ren Weiwei couldn't help but interject. She saw Lan Xiang's extremely tired expression earlier and felt that he would be pitiful if woken up now that he was having a good sleep.

    Ning Fan raised his eyebrow. "Finished? In this short amount of time?"

    The other students sneered.

    "Finished? In twenty minutes? It's more likely he gave up, missy."

    "If he actually finished this test, I'll eat my shoe."

    "Even if he did finish the test it would be random gibberish answers!"

    Of course, they kept their thoughts to themselves, but some couldn't hold back silently laughing.

    This did not escape the ears of Lu Xifa and the gang, so they also raised their hands. "We also think he's finished, sir."

    The students saw which classmates of theirs stood up for Lan Xiang.

    All of our class beauties?? This mofo...

    Seeing multiple people preventing him from waking Lan Xiang up, he gave in.

    "Hai, I know he must be tired from studying all night, but what's the point if he doesn't finish the paper? Although, it might be that he finished it early like last time... No, no. That can't be comparable. My special test last time was only a set of 25 questions, but this is the final exams! Not to mention that it's harder, there's also 6 times more questions to answer!" Ning Fan argued with himself.

    Seeing their teacher giving up on waking Lan Xiang, they went back to focusing on their test.

    And so, this trend continued on for the next two tests. Essentially, in the 3 hours allocated for test taking and lunch, Lan Xiang spent two-thirds of that snoring loudly on his desk.

    This got on Ning Fan's nerves a bit. "I thought Student Lan had changed, turns out he's as lazy and as uninterested as ever."

    As he took the last batch of exams for the day, he went outside.

    Ren Weiwei shook Lan Xiang's shoulder.

    "Hm, ha? Wha?" Drool acc.u.mulated on the corner of his lip, about to drop to the floor.

    Ye Qingle caught his saliva with a tissue and wiped the rest off his lip.

    "Ah, thanks. Say, you really do bring tissues with you all around, huh?" Lan Xiang absentmindedly mentioned.

    "Uh, yeah, sure, ha... haha." Ye Qingle forgot to be discreet again.

    Zhang Xiaoqin interrupted. "Ahem, I think you should go straight home, Xiang. You aren't in the best condition right now..."

    "I know, right." Lan Xiang yawned one more time. "I'm active during the night, and sleep in the day. At this rate, I might turn into a vampire, haha."

    The three girls turned silent. Meanwhile, Ren Weiwei pursed her lips.

    Lan Xiang swore he could hear the sounds of a cricket chirping amidst the silence. "Tough crowd, eh?"

    Ye Qingle let out a sigh of relief. So he's just joking, dear goodness. Vampires are popular in pop culture after all. Zhang Xiaoqin wiped the sweat off her forehead, while Lu Xifa shook her head to regain her rationality.

    "Yeah, it wasn't that funny." Ren Weiwei clicked her tongue.