Trapped On A Death World
OngoingChapter 43

    Trapped On A Death World Chapter 43

    Chapter 43: Kicking The Cat

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    The scream of Armageddon's Chainsaw roared from my fists. I sucked in a breath and whispered several spells. I clenched my teeth; this was going to hurt. Life Gift and Spirit Link attached easily to my fists and began draining my aura pool. White aura glowed from my fists ripe with the enchantments I planned to slap Bas with.

    Diabla appeared beside me tapping her foot. "Why aren't you using me. I can cut that freak into ribbons for you." Diabla said.

    She puffed her cheeks when I ignored her. Fighting with a blade would defeat the point of the load out. Could I swing my blade fast enough to catch the agile cat? I could do it with area effect and about 20% Aura Rush.

    I bent down feeling my joints pop while I loosened up. This was going to be intense. I was sure my perception was better, but that cat's speed was something else. Even my reflexes might not be able to match his.

    The soft ground remained undisturbed by my charge. Aura Rush pushed me forward and I skated over the ground. I twisted and reached my arm out for a close line.

    Bas ducked under my blow. I felt my arm brush the hair on his ears before he clawed my back. Thick flames solid as steel racked against my rips cutting and burning. He followed up with a dash with his claws outstretched.

    I upped my Aura Rush to 5% and twisted. My aura continued to push me while he dashed. I clapped both sides of his face while his claws dug into my chest. Despite the heat of his claws and speed, the wounds he left on me were shallow.

    "Abolish," his eyes widened, and his claws vanished. I grabbed the scruff of his neck and delivered a powerful blow to his face. The wounds on my back closed while I delivered punch after punch. All the while life gift recovered Bas's HP. My every blow tore his head apart, but life gift healed him afterwards

    Bas growled and his fur stood on end. His yellow green eyes narrowed into slits and pulled a knife from his vest. Knife in hand he stabbed me in the chest before turning the blade and slashing at the joint in arm holding him. I punted him while he fell gaining another cut across my leg.

    "I'm going to fuck you and carve you up like a fish." Bas shrieked while crouching. Fire leaked from his blade and his claws elongated.

    I kept my fists up and began jabbing with my left hand. Green aura gathered around the cat before he moved. Bas vanished from sight to appear on my right side then vanish to my left. He was faster than ever before. Not only was he naturally faster than me but he added a technique on top of that. I had no idea if those claws had any cursed effects but the wound in my chest was healing slowly. An agonizing fractured bone was slower to heal than normal. Two slashes on my wings were still healing.

    It was time to gamble. I was on the back foot and I'd never have a better chance.


    Quest: Defeat Bas

    Reward: +50 AGL

    Diabla stood beside me and stared at Bas. "That guy is wearing a fish on his dick. I don't want that guy's blood on my blade. You might have been right not to draw me." Diabla said.

    "Funny," I said.

    Bas practically vanished. Slashes appeared around my body ripping open my flesh and tearing my muscles apart. Blow after blow rained down and tore apart my scaled skin and ripped ribbons across my flesh. Muscles tore and bones cracked all over my body.

    Bas danced back dozens of meters before shooting forward his knife outstretched. Flames danced around Bas's knife before transforming it into a fiery lance. Bas shot forward like a missile.

    "Field on," I called bringing up a barrier of aura, static, and decay. The lance's flames went out halfway before stabbing deep in my chest. Despite the power of the attack my field had stopped most damage. Still it hurt like hell. The knife stabbed deep into the solid plate of my chest. Bas slammed a clawed foot into my guts ripping them open. He yanked his knife free as my barrier dissipated.

    My body was on fire. Every cell screamed at me to do something. Sticking to the plan became a faint wish distant like a floating castle.

    Once again Bas gained some distance. His knife became a fiery lance and he charged. My hand twitched. I prepared to use his attack to take an opening. Just before his attack would have landed purple telekinesis smashed into the cat's legs.

    I threw a punch and managed to hit the cat man in the chest. For a second, he was off balanced.

    I went on the attack. My fists smashed into soft flesh and cracked skin. Despite my wound my body moved. Muscle didn't move me. Aura pushed my arms and legs. It forced air into my lungs and kept my blood from leaking out. Aura closed the worst wounds and kept blood out of my lungs. I pounded the cat man and felt bones break and heal. The time had come.

    I backhanded the knife from the cat man's grip. A smile spread across my face. The cat froze in shock as I laid my trump card on the table.

    "Abolish, Heaven's Balance," I called the spells and destabilized Bas. The cat's eyes widened when the light of balance landed. All the damage I'd taken was inflicted upon Bas. It was like throwing the cat man in front of a speeding big rig. Spirit Link played an important hand in this battle. My body healed rapidly as all the health lost by Bas went to me.

    I tapped him and used black aura. His eyes widened in confusion as a black aura surrounded his body. My hand stretched out and glowed with a deadly white light. "Purge," I called and blasted him with white nuclear light.

    "Meow," the cat screeched as his fur burned away. His skin cracked and split, blood evaporated, and muscles cooked. I poured on the purge and charred he muscles into coal.


    Quest completed: Defeat Bas

    Rewarded: +50 AGL

    Agility 296


    Level Up

    Jacob lvl65 Black Sol Imp

    HP and AP recovered

    +150 to HP and AP

    +15 to all stats

    "Pyre," purifying flames surrounded the cat man reducing what bones remained to ash. I pushed the ash pile aside and pulled out a key. I unzipped my pants and pissed on the ash pile before they scattered.

    Another stream joined mine tar black and greasy. I turned my head to see Doppel. She looked back at me with a raised eyebrow. Gwen made a strange hacking sound before spitting on the pile. Both of us stared at her.

    Gwen shrugged her shoulders. "I haven't eaten in a couple days. There isn't much I can add to the pile." She paused for a second. "He was weak minded and annoying." She paused again. "That's about all the piss I can take on him."


    Mage lvl45


    Multicaster Combined spells gain 10% more effectiveness.

    Spell Chain You can customize command names of chained spells.

    Researcher +25% spell learning speed.

    Color Proficiency You gain proficiency skills in color series when you use a color series spell.


    White Proficiency lvl1 Skill with white series spells. +1% effect and +1 CON per proficiency level.

    As great as that was it was time to choose another form of magic. I needed to branch out if I was going to win. That and getting the shit kicked out of me by a cat just to pull a fast one at the end hurt like hell. The look of surprise on his face had been rewarding. The pain I had to deal with before that last spell wasn't worth it. If the cat man was also a magician, he could have canceled or countered that last spell. That's why I hit him with an abolish first.

    I wanted my next set to give me a surer chance of victory. Hopefully, the next guardian won't be quite so annoying.


    Red Spells

    Blaze A Tier 2 spell that gathers red aura from around a target and sets them on fire. The more Aura gathered the more damage. Red Aura = DMG

    Volcanic Volatility A tier 2 spell that stores red aura in a target disturbing their aura control if they are unused to red aura. The user infuses Red Aura directly on a target or the spell can gather aura from detonated red spells.

    Haste A tier 1 spell that increases speed by 50%.

    Charge A tier 1 spell that allows multiple red spells of the same name to be stacked. Doubles the cost per spell stacked. Limit 10.

    Creeping Flames A tier 1 spells that inflicts burn damage on enemies. 100DMG/10s (+1% x INT)

    Flame Fairy A tier 2 spell that conjures minor mischievous spirits of fire. When you cast a red series spell tier 2 or lower flame fairies duplicate. Stats 1/25th of user.

    The difference in the power of the spells was easy to see. The white series could still beat it if the user was tough enough. With this load out I felt confident about my next fight. There was no reason to hold back now that my trump card wasn't reliant upon taking damage.

    "I hate this guy." Gwen muttered. The door ahead was gilded and covered in mysterious glyphs. This time there were symbols for pride, rulership, and miracles. I didn't really know what was beyond the door.

    "Who will I fight this time?" Gwen sucked on her lip in a very human expression on anxiety.