Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 36

    Chapter 36: Chapter 36. Conflict

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    Chapter 36. Conflict

    The next day, Ren was very nervous when he came to the company.

    White bear besides him was the same, he also had a nervous face. They both were thinking of the thing that had happened yesterday.

    As Ren was thinking of calling Jiang Wan about the things that happened yesterday, he suddenly got a call from him.

    "Hello, I wanted to ask...."

    -Don't worry about it and come to the CEO's office.

    "The CEO? Why?"

    -You will know once you get here and one more thing, come alone.

    Before Ren could ask anything else, the phone call ended. He was asked to come to the CEO's office so abruptly, he could not help but feel nervous.

    Although he felt nervous, he had a feeling that it was related to the thing they had discussed yesterday.

    "Wait for me in the meeting room. I will be back."

    White bear just nodded at this. He had already heard the contents of the phone call.

    Slowly, Ren boarded the elevator and in the elevator, he started thinking of yesterday's discussion.

    Yesterday, when he had explained to Jiang Wan about Xiao Rin's harassing, he had made a unscrupulous face but after that he had told Ren that he would talk to the director of the acting department and try to get to the bottom of it.

    After that, he had left with Xiao Rin to talk with the Director. Ren also wanted to come with them but Jiang Wan had rejected him.

    He didn't knew what happened after that but he had a feeling that all of that would be revealed in the CEO's office.

    With strange and complicated emotions, Ren exited the elevator.

    After entering the hall, Ren was greeted with the secretary that he had met the last time.

    "This way, the CEO is waiting for you."

    Ren nodded and followed the secretary to the CEO's office.

    "Do you know anything about what's going on?"

    "I don't know anything. Please go in."

    The secretary said that as she left. Ren wanted to ask more but she had already left. He now has no choice but to enter the office alone.

    With a slightly faster beating heart, Ren entered the office.

    As soon as he lifted his head, he found all the people in the room staring at him.

    A bearded man who was standing to the side was even bearing holes in him with his stares.

    Ignoring his stares, Ren glanced around the office. It was the same as the last time Ren had entered it but now, there were many people in the room making it look more cramped.

    There was Jiang Wan and standing besides him was a man with a tall stature and brown hair. Ren had saw him once, he was the Director of the acting department.

    'He was called Director Zhao.'

    Although he was the director, Ren wasn't looking at him, he was staring at the girl standing in the middle of the room, she was Xiao Rin.

    Seeing her Ren was sure that this meeting was about her. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

    'Jiang Wan must have found something and reported to the CEO.'

    Ren thought like that as he stared at Xiao Rin, her face was stiff until now but when she saw Ren, some brightness returned to her face.

    "Now, that you have come, let's start the topic."

    The CEO said while looking at him and Ren swiftly walked right next to Jiang Wan.

    "CEO, you have to listen to me, I didn't did anything. I knew nothing about that she was being bullied."

    "Can you really say that when the one bullying her was your niece. You are really a shameless bastard."

    Director Zhao said that with a scowling expression. He was looking like he was really disgusted with him and hearing the talk, Ren also felt some disgust.

    'So, he's that bastard.'

    The bearded man was the Director whose niece had harassed Xiao Rin and he had not done anything despite knowing anything about it.

    "CEO, trust me, I didn't knew anything about it and how can you even believe this nonsense, she can be lying, right."

    "Lying my ass. We already have someone gave a testimony. She was really bullied by your niece."

    'It looks like Cei Xin had given her testimony.'

    Ren thought that as he watched the commotion. Both the director's were not holding back and showering each other with insults while Xiao Rin, Jiang Wan and Ren was just standing there.

    Ren wanted to say something but he knew that it can't talk until someone said him to. He was not on the level to blatantly talk in front of the CEO.

    "Enough. Let's hear it from the person who was the victim."

    CEO Xu said with an annoyed expression as she looked at Xiao Rin and she just looked back in surprise as she started at the CEO.

    After a while, Xiao Rin opened her mouth to say something but before she could say anything, she again closed her mouth.

    As Ren was wondering what was going on, Xiao Rin suddenly looked at Ren.

    'What? Why is she staring at me?'

    Ren was confused by her stare but he didn't have much time to think about it. He just gave her a confident stare as If he was saying to go on and speak.

    After that, Xiao Rin finally opened her mouth and started speaking.

    Hearing her words, Ren was speechless. Not only him but Jiang Wan and Director Zhao also had surprised faces.

    Only the face of the CEO was calm but Ren could see some anger in it.

    The most infuriating face was of the bearded director. He was staring daggers at Xiao Rin but she still continued to talk.

    At first, Ren had thought that the things done to her was still closing at the line of bullying and harassing but after hearing her words, he was 100 percent sure that it was harassing.

    That senior bitch had not only harassed her by isolating her, she had done much worse things.

    Not only she had openly abused her, she had also beaten her up until she had changed her course.

    Even after that, the harassing had continued, the senior who had harassed her was already in the level of being a criminal.

    Ren was sure that if Xiao Rin reported a case, then that senior would be behind the bars.

    Although he felt that the senior who had harassed Xiao Rin was disgusting, Ren also thought that Xiao Rin was a very strong girl to endure it.

    He knew that the future Xiao Rin would be a actress with a strong will but he didn't knew that her mentality was that strong from the start.

    No, maybe her mentality has increased after getting harassed. Either way, Ren felt that the Xiao Rin standing before him was a strong girl.

    "It, it's bullshit, it didn't happen. She is just making some shi....."

    The bearded director shouted after Xiao Rin finished her words. He was enraged and veins could be seem from his neck.

    But before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by the CEO's shout which was far more scarier than his.

    "Shut up!! Do you think I can't see what is going on here. Do you think that I am a dumb woman who knows nothing."

    CEO Xu said that with an expression that sent chills through the spine of everyone present in the room.

    Ren suddenly remembered the advice Jiang Wan had given him when he had first came here.

    'Never go against the CEO.'

    He had just glossed it over before but it looks like he will now see the consequences of going against the CEO.

    No matter what, Ren was happy for Xiao Rin.