To Walk The Mist

To Walk The Mist Chapter 86

86 The Mass Elimination Battles 4

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Jia Lin turned to look at the person and his eyes met, Heavenly Rain.

Heavenly rain saw the look in his eyes and frowned.

"What are you thinking of doing?" her voice lowered dangerously.

"Step down." he said to her. she had already expected these words, but when he said it, she still could not help but pale.

"You can't fight me. You will loose." he stated. This only made her angrier.

"You dare say such words? You care not for my father's anger?" she asked.

"You are wasting time. Step down. Nothing you say will make me change my mind. If you feel you are worthy to stay, pick an opponent and earn your place. If not, step down!" her face turned green at this. Looking around at those remaining on the stage, she noticed they did not even bother to look her way. It was as though they had decided that it was either her or Jia Lin.

Seeing her stall, he knew she did not want to be eliminated the early in the competition. He saw her look back at him with arrogant eyes. For some reason, it angered him more than it usually did. Without thinking twice, he raised his leg and kicked her out of the stage.

Heavenly Raine felt a sharp kick and felt her body in the air the next moment. Till she touched the ground, she could not believe that Jia Lin kicked her out. Some in the audience wanted to sympathize with the beauty, but this was a competition. It was only natural for this to happen.

Gate master Ma looked at his daughter's sorry state and sighed. He had petted her since she was born. This had caused her head to never leave the clouds. Her attitude towards others never bothered him, but he had always hoped she would put down her pride for Jia Lin since the day he took in this disciple. Looking at his cold disciple on the stage, Gate master Ma understood that even if she had lowered her pride to be his woman, the result would still be the same. This disciple of his was ambitious.

"Stage two complete." the officiating elder said. Many trained their eyes on the second stage, as if to cram the faces of those who stood on it. Soon, their eyes moved to stage five, where Di Wong stood leisurely. On the stage, Eh Nam had gotten too emersed in fighting, he had beaten two people off the stage.

"Stop! We are complete!" someone said, but the two epople had already been thrown out the stage.

"Stage five, complete!" the officiating elder announced. Those two on the floor spat blood when they heard those words. Why did he not speak up sooner? Now that they had been beaten this badly, would they be able to fight at full strength in the next competition?

"Stage one complete!" the officiating elder could not even be bothered about their thoughts. Many looked round all the stages and frowned.

What was going on?

Stages three and five have been complete for a long time, yet the officiating elder has not announced it. Yet, the other stages were irregular. Stage one had nineteen people on the stage and one hovering in the sky above the stage with divine armament wings. Naturally, they were complete. Stage two had twenty people on the stage and stage five have eighteen.

Many looked at the officiating elder with a frown, why were stages three and four not called complete by now? They had twenty people on each stage.

Those on the stages that were not called were confused. But one of them laughed subtly.

"It seems we are not complete." he said, lifting his leg and kicking someone out of the stage without hesitation. The person he kicked was in a daze. Not as to being kicked off the stage, but how it happened. Many could not understand how the man from before moved.

"It's him." someone said in awe.

"Arm of the west. Young master Nai Ika."

"Impossible. I thought it was said that he could no more cultivate?" many started to whisper, they had not even realized that a person had been kicked off the stage.

"Stage three, complete!" the officiating elder announced and many went confused. They immediately forgot about this young master that had resurfaced and looked to the elder for an explanation.

"The top hundred has stood out from the rest. The team stage will begin immediately." was all the officiating elder said.

"The contestant in the air, those not part of the top hundred are to clear the centre." he said and they al paused.

Many turned to look at person the elder spoke off. He was the one hovering above the stage on his divine armament wings, away from the fight.

The person in question, frowned.

"You never specified how we intend to remain on the stage." he countered the elder. Though he had not fought, he still did not wish to be taken out of the competition for this.

"You are not on the stage." the officiating elder said coldly.

At that moment, people seemed to gain a realization. The rules said you must be the last twenty standing on the stage and he was not. It took the contestant a while to figure this out. When he did, he paled.

"If I get kicked out, the numbers will be reduced."

"The top hundred has been set. Step away!" the elder had lost his patience. The contestant and the rest looked down at the stages and counted one hundred people. Leaving the arena centre, he moved away.

Many started to whisper. There were clearly not complete before, how did they level up? Many looked around, trying to recognize if there s a new face amongst the top hundred. Before they could lament, Tie Nse's voice sounded out.