To Walk The Mist

To Walk The Mist Chapter 107

107 Ten Years Holding Up A Feather 2

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Taking in a deep breath, Ed looked at the serious Tie Nse.

"What will I be doing till then?" Ed asked.

"Edward, is there any side effect from staying in this world this long?" Tie Nse asked. It seemed that he had read Ed's mind. He had seen into Ed's fear of staying here this long.

"You claim to be capable of seeing into my mind now?" Ed asked.

"Now I know you are not from here, and from what that boy said, it seems you did not really came here by choice, seeing you react that way to hearing you will stay in the light realm for five thousand years, it seems there is more to this than you have said." Tie Nse said. Ed sighed a little, before looking away from Tie Nse's inquiring eyes.

"I feel my mind become hazy. It it is not strong, but I can feel it." Ed said.

"It is the effect of the mist. It will start to seem as though you can not see where you came from. Then where you are going. Then, It will get t a point where you can not see your own legs as you walk through it." The person who spoke was Nti Anem. He was perched on top of the tree Ed was sitting under. Tie Nse looked up to see him and an embarrassed Old Iba on the tree.

"It seems I can not even feel when an energy manipulator is spying on me." Tie Nse said dangerously and Nti Anem shrugged.

"He convinced me to come listen." he pointed at Old Iba who went into a coughing fit.

"But, I am right. I have been in the mist for six thousand years. I have been dragged here and there. I do feel the haze. But it is not as strong as it would be for you. After all, I am dead. I have walked the land of the dead. It is hard for me to get lost. A simple goal in mind can keep my mind clear for a long time. But it will not be the same for you. You will feel the mist penetrate your mind. The longer you stay in it, the stronger it takes over. And like I said before, if you loose yourself in here, you will die." Nti Anem said.

"Then you must train your mind. I know ten years is not enough, but it is necessary. Come, we are going to the the sinking mountain." Tie Nse said, getting up from the ground.

"What? No! I have a cottage to run. I will go back and run it. We will meet ten years from now at the desolate city. Bye." Old Iba hurriedly said, stepping into a teleportation array and vanishing.

"Coward." Tie Nse scoffed.

"What is this sinking mountain?" Ed asked.

"I have heard of it in my travels, but I'm not sure how this will help him." Nti Anem said.

"That is because no one understands why the mountain is called sinking mountain. It is...a mountain... sinking!" Tie Nse said solemnly, his position still as he tried to portray a sense of gloom and Nti Anem raised a brow.

"You are usually called Old Pervert. I can see why." Nti Anem said and Tie Nse almost choked on his teeth.

"This is even a better look on him." Ed said without interest and Tie Nse coughed awkwardly.

"That mountain was a glorious training ground. But is now cursed to be as heavy as ten worlds. One man is holding the mountain up not allowing it to touch the ground. You will replace him for ten years." Tie Nse said and they all paused.

"Will I die there?" Ed asked.

"Probably..." Tie Nse said innocently, looking away.

"How does this help me?" Ed asked.

"It is not the weight of the mountain that is the trial. It is holding it up that long. Your mental strength is what is being trained here." Nti Anem said.

"I see." Ed said.

"What will you do while he is holding up the mountain?" Tie Nse asked Nti Anem.

"I will stand guard." he answered. Tie Nse only frowned lightly at this.

"You expect me to leave the person trying to posses my disciple with him?" Tie Nse asked dangerously.

"Possessing him was a thing of the past. The him now, no one could possess. The moment I perceived his energy I knew. If I enter that body, I would burn away." Nti Anem said and they all descended into silence.

"And this friend of yours will give him the mountain to hold?" Nti Anem asked Tie Nse.

"Of course, I have prepared a gift to give him for his help." Tie Nse said righteously.

"What gift?" Ed frowned.