To Be A Power In The Shadows!
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    To Be A Power In The Shadows! Chapter 173

    To Be A Power In The Shadows! Chapter 173

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    "What?" Father-in-law, is this the famous Limitless Sword Art from back then? "

    Xiao Changtian's face changed, and called out in a low voice.

    "It can't be wrong." Jin Moluo said: "There are countless good people in Sword World who can control the sword, but for those who can do so, they can't control the 100 swords, and the 1000 swords are already their peak, furthermore, the Imperial Sword Technique is considered a low tier sword technique in the Sword World, it cannot be considered a stage, but the Imperial Sword Technique that he used, is not only powerful, but the number of swords he can control is also extremely shocking, it must be the Limitless Sword Art!" He looked at the wall. I don't know what to say. br/>

    "I never thought that this man was actually the descendant of the Limitless Sword Ancestor."

    Xiao Changtian's face turned ugly.

    When the Sword Dragon attacked, it immediately stopped Long Jiang's attack, causing the two swords in Su Yun's hand to approach, one black and one white, the two swords danced causing the sword to lose sight of the image, while the sword itself became dimmer, and the people could only see the afterimage of Su Yun appearing beside Long Jiang, and at the back, they could no longer catch sight of his figure.

    "So fast!"

    Realm Master could not help but open her eyes, looking at the battle, she lowered her head and muttered.

    "Is this the true strength of Su Yun? How is it different from when we were fighting Zi Ming? "

    "It feels like a completely different person …"

    "What's going on?"

    people of Realm Tree was puzzled.

    However, there was no doubt that everyone's heart was filled with joy. Su Yun's swift and fierce attacks had more or less allowed them to see some hope.

    Perhaps, he would be able to win this round.

    There might be hope!

    Seeing that, Xiao Changtian's face was filled with worry.

    "Could it be that Su Yun had always been hiding his methods, and now is the time for him to truly use them?"

    "Changtian, you don't have to worry. It won't be that easy for Su Yun to win."

    Looking at her, she did not seem to be nervous at all, as if she was not worried for Long Jiang at all.

    "Oh? "Why?" Xiao Changtian asked.

    Phoenix Lady chuckled. "Just watch."

    Su Yun's speed was extremely fast, and could be said to have exceeded Long Jiang's expectations.

    Long Jiang was in a completely pa.s.sive state, but the white Sword Cloth on his body seemed to be a kind of Imperial Equipment.

    Even so, it was enough for Su Yun. To activate the Imperial Equipment, he needed the profound qi, and the fiercer Su Yun's attack, the faster Long Jiang's profound qi would be exhausted.

    Long Jiang waved the light sword, but it was unable to keep up with Su Yun's movements. After resisting for a while, he extended his hand, and activated the Sword Cloth on his body with all his strength, and actually gave up on dancing.

    In every breath of time, there were over a thousand sword images attacking Long Jiang's body.

    If this continued, Long Jiang would definitely lose.

    The people of Realm Tree was getting more and more happy, while the people of Sword World were getting more and more worried.

    The situation seemed to have become clear.

    "It's time to end this!"

    Just then, Long Jiang suddenly shouted out.

    After which, he raised his left hand as he rapidly chanted something. A golden sword imprint actually appeared on his forehead.

    "Li Emperor Sword!"

    Shouts and exclamations immediately came from the Sword World.

    "Is that the divine sword that Prince of Li Emperor used? Why is it on Long Jiang? "

    "It is said that Long Jiang once saved Prince of Li Emperor's life. When he failed his tribulation and fell, he pa.s.sed down this sword, which seems to be for Long Jiang."

    "I never thought that Long Jiang would have such good fortune! Rumor has it that this sword is a real divine sword, it contains the power of the Holy G.o.d and is able to destroy the heaven and earth! If Long Jiang were to use this sword, wouldn't the outcome of the battle be decided?"

    "No wonder the Elders wanted Long Jiang to battle. With this sword, there is no suspense for this battle!"

    "Hehe, Senior Brother Long Jiang has been toying with Su Yun?"

    "Su Yun is able to hold on, I guess he has some ability, but if you say that he is able to win against Master Long Jiang who possesses Li Emperor's sword, I do not believe it."

    As the scattered voices came out, the people of Realm Tree looked worried after hearing it.

    divine sword?

    That must be an incredible treasure!

    The golden sword imprint rapidly spun out from his forehead and quickly enlarged. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a golden-red short sword.

    This sword had no edge. The sword was several inches thick, seemingly unable to injure anyone. However, the bold and powerful force exuding from the sword caused fear in the hearts of the onlookers.

    Long Jiang grabbed onto the sword hilt, staring at Su Yun's crazy attacks, he suddenly waved his hand.

    Dong long!

    The sword suddenly exploded as a ring of red-gold energy shot out in all directions.

    The air trembled, as though it was about to be shattered by the power, and it was difficult for Su Yun to resist, her entire body was struck away, and she was pushed back more than a hundred meters!

    What a strong explosive force.

    Su Yun who was holding onto both swords tightly frowned, he stared at the Long Jiang in the distance.

    He looked down at his chest, only to see that it was charred, his robe burnt, his skin exposed.

    And the temperature wasn't low either.

    "Ever since I obtained this Li Emperor Sword, I have partic.i.p.ated in seventy-nine life and death battles with it." Long Jiang threw away the sword from before, held onto Li Emperor with one hand and said indifferently: "Up till now, I have not lost a single match!"

    How confident was he?

    "Perhaps you will fail today!"

    Su Yun said, he rushed forward again like an eagle.

    "The ignorant are truly fearless!"

    Long Jiang shook his head and said, and then waved his sword again.

    Dong dong dong

    It was as if the sword had detonated the void. Wherever the sword went, there was a series of explosions. Each explosion was extremely terrifying and had a wide range. No one dared to approach it!

    However …

    Su Yun was like a wild horse that had just escaped from its restraints, he was unable to pull it back at all.

    He held the Lotus Star Sword in one hand, staring at the incoming chain of explosions, pointing the tip of the sword forward, activating profound strength, hoping to form it …


    A dazzling white light appeared at the tip of the sword. The white light fluctuated, and in a moment it formed a gigantic Lotus Seal. With the support of the Lotus Star Sword, it swept towards the explosion.


    Su Yun bellowed.

    The lotus seed actually absorbed all of the roiling destructive aura, causing all the explosions to immediately disappear and return to a calm state.

    "Lotus Star Sword Art!"

    Shouts of surprise came from the direction of the Realm Tree.


    Long Jiang frowned, he was surprised.

    He never thought that there would still be a technique that could block Li Emperor's sword attack.

    "Do you think this is the end? Let's see the true might of Li Emperor's sword!

    Long Jiang's expression became serious, he roared and held onto Li Emperor's sword, his lips moved once again, urging the profound technique, he looked at the sword body of Li Emperor's sword that had a serrated pattern on it, it extended along the sword blade's edge and filled it up, then, Long Jiang fiercely waved at Su Yun who was rushing over. Clang clang clang clang clang.

    A red light exploded out from the sword, approaching Su Yun, and immediately spread out, forming a huge square barrier, enveloping Su Yun inside.

    The Lotus Star Sword Art that Su Yun used had the effect of breaking the chain explosion. When Long Jiang changed moves, the lotus imprint was already useless, as it struck the edge of the strange red light screen barrier and immediately dissipated.

    Seeing that, Su Yun held his death sword and slashed at the barrier.


    The blade of the sword had a small hole in it.

    Su Yun immediately waved his sword again, wanting to cut it apart.

    But at this time, Long Jiang made his move again.

    He formed a hand seal and the hand seal appeared. A strange profound strength shot out like a bullet into the red light screen barrier, and in that moment, the destructive aura inside the red light screen barrier surged like a tide, increasing greatly.

    Sensing that there was something wrong, Su Yun's face changed, and he immediately stopped his attack on the Red light screen.

    At this time, the destructive aura had already reached its peak, just like boiling water, and it began to boil …

    "Void Break!"

    Long Jiang bellowed.

    Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! 

    Countless explosions sounded out from within the red light screen barrier, the destructive force wreaked havoc on it, filling up the interior completely. Su Yun's body was instantly engulfed by the destructive force and sank into the endless explosion.

    The people of Realm Tree opened their eyes wide as he nervously looked at the red light screen barrier.

    On the Sword World's side, however, he was overjoyed.

    Such a terrifying move, the existence of an ordinary third grade of Sky Spirit Master, would definitely mean that there would not even be a corpse left! This time, Su Yun was definitely going to die!

    "Big brother!"

    Seeing that, Hu Qianmei's heart felt as if it was being ripped apart, her peach blossom eyes became red, and she could not help but rush forward.

    But as soon as she stood up, she was stopped by a soft little hand.

    Hu Qianmei turned her slightly red eyes and saw that it was Realm Master.

    "Don't worry, Su Yun is fine."

    Realm Master said softly.

    Hearing that, Hu Qianmei bit her lips, and looked at the battlefield which was gradually crumbling and trembling in the sky, the anxiousness in her eyes still did not decrease.

    However, she would still believe in the words of the Realm Master, since her cultivation was extremely high.

    The explosion gradually subsided, and the trembling s.p.a.ce also calmed down.

    As the destructive aura gradually dissipated, the crowd focused their attention on the person who was engulfed by the explosion, only to see him slowly appear before their eyes.

    When they clearly saw who it was, everyone was stunned.

    Su Yun! He was safe and sound!


    Long Jiang frowned, a look of surprise appearing on his face.

    At that moment, a black and a white sword floated around Su Yun, while both of his hands were holding onto a small flag. He was activating the flag with all of his strength, and there was a faint layer of Qi Cover around his body …

    "Imperial Equipment!"

    Long Jiang immediately understood!

    Su Yun used the Imperial Equipment to defend against his attack.

    It was just that, Long Jiang understood that this technique, 'Void Break', was a sword strength that activated the 'Li Emperor Sword'. Its power was astonishing, and even normal Imperial Equipment would be smashed into pieces.

    An extremely high grade? Could it be Imperial Equipment below the tenth rank?

    A trace of greed swept past Long Jiang's eyes.

    This kind of Imperial Equipment, even in Sword World, was a treasure that everyone drooled over.

    "Looks like I have to kill you today!"

    Long Jiang's expression became more and more serious. Report broken chapters