Throne Of Magical Arcana Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Three Sighs

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The small scale was a piece of toy. The white and black pan went up and down in turns, and soon they reached the balance. Instantly, the atmosphere around Beyer somehow became very weird.

The wind ropes constraining Beyer suddenly broke into pieces; the big and thick spider net was gone, and the twisted magnetic field had also calmed down. On the other side, the bolts of lightning attached to Deniz’s sword had died out, and the dazzling starlight surrounding Arthen had also disappeared.

In the middle of the hall, Sophia flapped her six pairs of wings. A summoned piece of cloud with the strong power of death had been driven away as soon as it approached Beyer.

Deniz bit his lips tight. He could not feel his power of lightning anymore.

In the range of the power of Justice Scale, any extraordinary power should obey the order!

Beyer felt revitalized again after getting rid of all the constraints. Lifting his green sword named Demon Horn, Beyer said to his enemies loud, “Come and show me your real power! Show me what you’ve got!”

Flapping his wings, Beyer had come to Arthen and raised his sword.

“Without all the items, you are nothing!” Beyer sneered.

So far, the power of the scale had been used up.

Arthen hurriedly lifted his shield to defend himself. But as soon as the shield touched the sword, Beyer disappeared right in front of Arthen.

Arthen had lost his target! Instantly, his heart sank. However, in the next second, he quickly swung his sword backward.


Arthen was unable to resist the great strength. Losing his balance, he was thrown on the ground, and Beyer’s sword was right above his head!

A flash of lightning blocked Beyer’s attack. It was Deniz, who was holding the sword with both his hands. However, this one single confrontation had consumed much of his strength.

In Beyer’s eyes, Deniz, who just became a grand knight and was far away from reaching the level of a radiant knight, was not a threat at all.

Beyer was very confident. Moving fast, he exchanged several blows with Deniz within a few seconds. Deniz could feel that the green sword that Beyer was using was slowing down his speed and weakening his strength.

When Beyer and Deniz were fighting, Sophia did not do much because she was unable to lock onto Beyer. Although some proper spells that Sophia knew could be useful in this scenario, she could not use them as the spells did not fall into the range of magic that she could cast with her blood power.

This was the destiny of a caster. The spells that a caster could use only were decided by his or her blood power, and working hard could not help at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Beyer hacked faster and faster.

Suddenly, Beyer jumped out from his fight against Deniz and came right to Sophia.

“A caster thinks she can kill me?!” shouted Beyer.

Sophia was totally surprised. At that moment, she had forgotten to jump away with the wind!

Under the great force coming from Beyer’s green sword, Sophia’s wind shield started cracking into pieces!

Arthen hurriedly rushed back to his princess and blocked Beyer’s following attacks. Sophia hurriedly stayed away from Beyer to get ready to cast again.

Without all the constraints, Beyer could fully exert his power, and his series of attacks had loaded Sophia, Deniz, and Arthen with great pressure. When he had the chance, Arthen even killed one of the nobles who was fighting against Claire, thus much of Claire’s stress had been removed.

Lucien, however, was right now just a bystander. After seeing Beyer’s power, and he had understood why Sophia decided to make such a complicated plan to kill her brother. Meanwhile, he was also learning some fighting skills from watching Beyer.

Beside Lucien, Relph was very nervous watching the fight, with his hands clenching into fists. Lucien had to say that Relph was not at all a good sorcerer when it came to staying focused. As a sorcerer, Relph’s mind was far from being strong. Comparatively speaking, Sophia was doing a way better job in staying calm during the fight.

Lucien had figured out the rough direction to find the chamber, but it would still take some time for him to find the more accurate location.

“That’s all you’ve got, Sophia?” Beyer’s shouting was as loud as thunder!

Neither Deniz nor Arthen could stop him.

Seeing this, Sophia secretly took a few steps back.

At this time, Lucien, who was right now staring at a piece of gray tile in the middle of the hall,
had also figured out how to get into the secret chamber.

However, what was out of Lucien’s expectation was that, before he could take any action, Sophia had stamped on the tile very decisively. Walking backward, she reached the entrance of the secret chamber!

A low but deep noise came from underneath the hall. One of the stone walls in the hall had turned into an old gate and it opened for them slowly.

Relph was not surprised seeing the secret chamber there, but he had no idea why the princess had chosen to open the gate at that moment.

The knights were still fighting without being distracted, but Beyer had sped up his hacking even further. Clearly, he was rushing to kill the two grand knights as soon as possible before any unexpected changes could take place.

Above the ground, the Duke Ulrich and the rest of the leaders of the family had already noticed the weird changes in the palace, but the dark gate had refused their entry.

“We have to break in! If the prince and the princess died in there, His Majesty would be so furious that who knows what he would do! That might be the end of the Gorse family!” said Count Nuremburk very anxiously. Behind him, there was a cluster of dark air, in which countless dim stars were orbiting.

Nuremburk lifted his hand and the stars followed his order. They fiercely rushed toward the dark gate and hit it with great force!

Bang! The explosive sound was deafening.

However, a legendary archmage’s palace was not that easy to be broken into!

Another count agreed with great anger, “When I get to know who did this, I will peel off his skin, slowly!”

He was not exaggerating. He did skin people! He was Count Wolfgang, the Blood Curse.

“Why Sir Metatron did not control the core of the palace to turn on the magic circles again?” murmured the duke gloomily. Staring at the dark gate, he was not rushing to take any action.

Nuremburk and the rest of the nobles were shocked. One of them hurriedly asked, “You are saying Sir Metatron is involved in this? Is he out of his mind? Many of them down there are from other big families!”

“Many of them are down there, but… not all of them,” said Ulrich gloomily.

“What shall we do then?” asked Count Wolfgang, slightly frowning.

Ulrich mused, “If Sir Metatron’s plan works, the Gorse family will become the biggest supporter of the future emperor, and the entire family will benefit from it. If he fails, we know nothing about this plan. We shall try our best to save them, so if anything happens, the worst scenario will be the emperor killing Sir Metatron and his family members, but the biggest part of the family can still stay safe.”

“I see. We can have your helper here. He is a senior-rank sorcerer, and he’s more resourceful than we are. If he still doesn’t know what to do, we have to have His Majesty here. We cannot let the other legendaries know. We have to make as fewer people know this as possible!” said Nuremburk, who was looking at Ulrich seriously.

The other gold knight of the Gorse family was sent by the emperor to the dimension under the control of the empire. As the descendant of Sun King, the Gorse family, with its many precious magic books and records, could easily attract many sorcerers from the ancient magic system secretly.

Very seriously, Ulrich nodded.

Squeaking, the ancient stone gate slowly opened.

Lucien stopped himself from rushing into the secret chamber as he had no idea if Metatron was in there. But at this time, he sensed the strong smell of blood from the chamber.

What happened? Lucien frowned.

After a while, Relph also noticed the smell. With his nose twitching, Relph said confusedly, “Blood A lot of blood?”

Sophia was still focusing on the fight, helping Deniz and Arthen against Beyer.

As the gate opened more, Lucien and the rest of the nobles finally saw what had happened in the chamber: blood was everywhere on the walls, and the paintings of the family members had all been horribly stained. On the floor, there were pieces of bones and flesh scattered around, and some of them were even on the walls.

The chamber was like a slaughterhouse!

In the slaughterhouse, there was a black figure quite familiar to Lucien. The figure was twitching and writhing as if it felt horribly itchy. When feeling the light, the figure hurriedly turned around.

It had a pale face, covered with many bulging red veins.

The figure looked around the hall and burst out laughing, “Beaulac, I have become a radiant knight! A radiant knight!I have finally become a radiant knight!” The figure became more and more hysterical.

Shocked by the extremely horrible scene, Beyer, Deniz, and Claire had stopped fighting and were staring at the strange man in great alert.

“Frederick?” Lucien recognized him. Fredrick was Beaulac’s secret guard. Why was he there?

At this time, Sophia smiled, “Yes You’ve become a radiant knight. You deserve everything that you want, say, the dukedom, the endless wealth, and marrying a princess like me.”

“Yes I’m a radiant knight now, and I can have everything that I never dared to dream of. Your Highness, my love, tell me, why are you frowning?” Frederick laughed hard.

Watching the scene, a strange idea came to Lucien.

“It’s him! He wants to kill me!” Sophia pointed at Beyer and almost burst into tears.

Frederick heard Sophia’s words and nodded, “I see He’s the prince If I kill you, Your Highness, can I become the emperor?”

It seemed that Frederick was now completely a psycho. Suddenly, he turned to Lucien and grinned, “Thank you for the rite, with Greed.”

His words were like a clap of thunder in Lucien’s brain. Lucien realized what had happened, but he also had no idea how it happened!

As soon as Frederick finished his words, he came to Beyer with an astonishing speed. Within one single punch, Fredrick hit the green sword in front of the prince. The prince was forced to take a few steps back by the great strength.

Seeing this, Sophia sighed with surprise, “Greed”

Above the palace, the duke felt something when he was trying to break the gate. He turned around and looked at the rest of the family leaders, and there was the combination of mercy and sneer in his eyes. He sighed, “Greed”

Putting his right hand into the magic pouch when seeing that Beyer was in great danger in front of Frederick, Lucien also sighed, “Greed”

Relph had no idea what was going on, but when he turned around, he saw Beaulac easily take out a piece of item from the pouch, despite the restraint of the magic effect on him.

It was a black badge, with shining silver stars on it.

One, two, three six! There were six stars!

Relph’s eyeballs almost jumped out. Most of the nobles might not be able to recognize it, but as a sorcerer, Relph knew what the badge was as soon as he saw the stars!

This was an arcana badge! For a senior-rank arcanist!

This was a senior-rank arcanist’s badge enchanted with the constant magic effect, Free Move!