Throne Of Magical Arcana Chapter 380

Chapter 380 The God Of Steam

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The light became brighter, and the figure also became clearer, but the light rippled in the air and covered the face and the upper body of the figure.

At this time, the figure suddenly disappeared. Only the white pure light still lit up the whole hall.
The Elder, Harold, Aquinas and the rest of the dwarves did not see that since they were still prostrating on the ground, but Tess, Galata, Wells, and Edith saw it.

“Haha, their god has disappeared! Their god has just abandoned them again!” Wells released a long sigh and said with wild joy.

When the altar lit up, Wells freaked out. For a moment, he thought that the dwarf’s god did come to save them.Wells could not read, and because of all the stories he had heard, he believed in the existence of God. Although he was a blood servant of his noble kindred master, facing the unimaginable power of God, as a traitor, Wells’ heart was still filled with fear.

Edith laughed very hard, “See haha, your god is not going to bless you anymore. The kindred is the chosen one!”

When the altar lit up, Edith was just as nervous.

The dwarves hurriedly looked up and saw the empty altar.

“Did the God of Steam abandon us?”

“What did we do?”

Desperation spread out among the dwarves who were still alive. For a moment, they thought they were saved.

“Senior-rank Invisibility! He is a sorcerer!” The profound butler suddenly realized what was going on, “That is a teleportation circle! A space joint!”

“Galata, kill him! I am going to inform the count!” Tess got nervous, and the black bat wings stretched out behind her. She hurriedly turned around and left the underground hall immediately.

The space joint was like the gate for a castle. Therefore, controlling as many space joints as possible was very important to safeguard one’s territory. Usually, a space joint would change hands many times between the different powers.

Both Tess and Galata knew how important it was to control the space joint!

At the same time, since they did not know how powerful the sorcerer was, Tess had decided to go back to seek the help of the count. Galata should be able to win some time for them.

Although Vlad had been tortured by the divine power for a long time, as a senior-rank vampire, he was the most powerful kindred in the area.

Usually, the power of a vampire was directly linked to his or her title. A baron vampire’s power was about the level of a level one knight or a dark mage; a viscount vampire had the power of a middle-rank mage; a vampire count or marquis was as powerful as a senior-rank mage; a duke’s power could be compared to that of an archmage or a gold knight; a vampire prince was of the same level as a legendary archmage.

However, the titles did not work all the time. Many vampires had been living in the human society or living alone for a very long time, and even though they had become more powerful, they would not bother reporting this to the Vampire High Council. As for Rhine, who had been living for more than thousands of years, he simply preferred the count title. In fact, he was well-qualified for the title of a vampire prince.

Galata hesitated for a moment, but in the next second, he jumped on the altar with great determination. He was totally loyal to the count, and of course, he would obey Ms. Tess’ command.

A vampire was very sensitive to life force. Galata was sure that the sorcerer was still on the altar.
As soon as Lucien was sent here, he saw the dwarves prostrating on the ground, praying and crying around him. He was so confused for a moment that he thought he just jumped into another world again!

However, Lucien still immediately cast on himself the fourth-circle spell, Invisibility (Advanced), to hide.

When Lucien realized that he could still use magic, he was certain that he was still in the same world.

After becoming invisible, he started to calm down. As an expert in language, it was not difficult for him to tell the fact that the dwarves were using the ancient language, which shared the same origin with the modern dwarf language.

Lucien wondered what the dwarves were doing. However, before he figured out the answer for all of his questions, he heard the vampires saying the words “space joint”.

When he saw the vampires, Lucien became certain that he had indeed arrived at Night Highland. In the next second, he saw a male vampire coming directly at him.

Lucien’s eyes slightly squinted. He raised his hand to point at the vampire. He could not let others know the existence of the space joint!

He still needed the space joint on Night Highland to make some more jumps between the dimensions. If this was discovered by the vampire princes, Lucien would be in great trouble.

Rhine did not tell him which vampire was trustworthy, and that meant he could trust nobody.

Harold stared at the empty altar and the pure light that was slowly disappearing. He started to accept the fact that they had been completely abandoned by their god.

Was it because they were not devout enough?

Was it because the cruel vampires had won the favor of gods?

Was their fate doomed already?

Biting hard, his lips started to bleed. He felt extremely desperate, confused, and lost. Harold wished to die right away.

Only death could end the great pain!

Only death could bring him the forever peace!

Harold was not alone here. All the dwarves felt the same way, even including the Elder, who had lost all of his fate.

A shadow suddenly swept over them toward the altar.

They knew it was Galata, but that was also the only thing that they could come up with.

All of a sudden, a dazzling light lit up the Elder’s turbid pupils! Galata was covered in a colorful light!

Red, black, and green The light spots burst out. Some turned into gas very quickly; some smelled like sulfur; some changed colors very fast and fell on the ground flat.

Within a second, Galata disappeared completely. Only the light spots were left.

“What is that?!” Tess was totally shocked. Galata had been killed even before she had the chance to fully stretch out her wings. How was that possible?!

She had never seen magic like that before!

Was that a legendary archmage? She once heard the legend that Hathaway, the Lord of Elements, had the power to break someone down into countless elements!

A great fear seized her mind. She knew that she must run, right now!

A cluster of black smoke suddenly rose, and countless small bats flew out in all directions.
It happened so quickly that Wells and Edith did not even have any time to take actions.
Seeing that their god decomposed Galata so easily, Harold’s heart was filled with joy and surprise.

Their god was still with them!

The God of Steam still remembered them!

He burst into tears. A gentle, warm stream flowed in his body, and it felt like the nice pat that he received from his parents when he was young.

“Is this the power of God?” Harold murmured.

He could not think clearly, but he heard a bitter scream. He turned around hurriedly and saw that the white smoke rose out of Wells’ body, and his rotten pieces of flesh were falling on the ground. Soon, there was only his skeleton left on the ground, and the same thing happened to the maid named Edith as well.

Close to the passage, all the small bats had also fallen on the ground, cramping and twitching. Then, the bats quickly disappeared in the holy light.

Exorcist Halo!

A few seconds later, Harold heard the scream from Tess.

“Tess and Galata died?” The dwarves could not believe it was real.

They were vampires, the nightmare that had been torturing them for so many years!

Was this the power of God? They did not know.

Aquinas was very close to the altar, and the remaining pieces of Galata were right in front of them. He carefully picked up one of the black pieces.

His eyes suddenly opened wide, and his hands were trembling. “This is iron! And coal! The real God of Steam has come to us!”

He hurriedly threw the pieces in his hands away and prostrated himself on the ground, praying aloud, “The great master of life and death, have mercy on us, just like you have the ultimate power.”

“We will get out of the pain and sufferings under your blessing and glory!”

The dwarves looked around and became certain that their god had arrived here for them!

“The mortal eyes cannot see the true god; the ordinary painting brush cannot portray the ultimate power; the real master never appears in front of the mortal!” The Elder came up with the reason why they could not see their god, and exclaimed aloud.

“You rule everything, from life to death. You are the king of kings, the god of gods.”

The rest of the dwarves also hit their head against the ground with ecstasy toward the altar following the Elder. Lucien still did not understand fully what was going on here.

“Our glory, our life, and our power, all go to you! The almighty God of Steam!”

The dwarves exclaimed aloud together in a very devout manner.

God was as gracious as the sea and as mighty as the mountains!