The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 33

27 Just Another Shopping Trip....oh Wait Its You Again

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The Shopping District was situated in the common realm, a place where commoners as well as nobles went to do their shopping. Max had seen it only once when Asta, Noelle, and Vanessa went shopping. Though this was a small detail, a blip on the timeline of the entire show, Max still regretted not learning about it sooner. Partly because he was travelling rather blindly, and another part was because he now had to follow the girls wherever they went, and they seemed intent on leaving him out of the conversation. At least until they ran into trouble.

Max had always wondered why, if he had such great luck when it came to the Spinning Wheel, then why in the hell did he jave such bad luck in this world. Trouble always found him even when he was on his day off. The trouble this time seemed to be a group of five people, three of whom Max wasnt to thrilled to see.

They had been walking towards one of the shops, Mimosa and Noelle leaving him completely out of the conversation. Max was already holding five heavy bags on each arm, each one containing five outfits. They had even thought to buy Mereleona some outfits that she could wear though Max hadn't been allowed to see it. It was these bags that the girls told Max to protect with his life when he saw her. A wavy set of red hair, towing two children behind her and a little boy strapped to her back. She was in the middle of being harassed by a group of 6 people, three of whom looked rather familiar. Normally Max wouldn't have stopped but they had even begun to harass the kids and that was something Max couldnt stand.

If he had to call himself something, it wouldnt be a hero, as heroes always stuck their neck out for others, but he wouldn't call himself a villain either. He was just somone who did what he wanted in a world that he chose of his own free will. He began walking towards the girl, which was actually pretty easy considering it was a group of nobles. As this in the common realm is contained more commoners then nobles. Nobles commanded respect in this territory and those in the market usually gave them a wide berth or would approach them with caution.

"Let go of Marco right now," The red head screamed as one of the guys grabbed the boy by the hair. The other two guys were holding the girl back from doing anything. This was when Max decided to cut into their little dance, grabbing the wrist if the assailant and saying the thing that ran through his mind whenever he saw an anime. "Where the hell are the law enforcers?"

The guy whose hand was stuck in Max's grasp tried to free his hand from the vice-like grip, but as he was unable to do that he was forced to let go of Marcos hair. He pulled back his fist and tried to punch Max but was far too slow to actually hit him, the punch just sailin past him. Max smiled and punched the creep lightly in his throat before kicking away.

Some commoners had actually stopped to watch Max fight, a few even egged him on, encouraging him to kick their asses. He laughed and moved towards the guys who were holding onto the redhead. "Okay, I'll tell you what, you let her go and I'll be so kind as to let you go as well."

"Well thats not gonna happen Mr. Commoner!!" A familiar voice came from behind two of the other nobles. When the two move, an equally familiar face stepped out. "I'm afraid this bitch needs to be taught a lesson. She got in our way before and then refused to apologize." Caitlin smiled with a smug expression. "If you dont want to get beat again then I suggest you beat it and male sure I dont see your face here again."

Caitlin??!! What the hell was this side character doing here? And she even brought along her two goons, idiots number one and two moved to stand beside her looking uglier then last time, at least in Max's eyes as he stared them down. However, in reality it didnt really bother him as Max was an entirely different person from a week ago.

Max smiled and activated his grimoire that had been strapped to his waist. "Well, lets see if you can manage that without your entourage of noble rejects. Speed Magic- God Speed." The world began to move much more slowly, the sound becoming much duller.

"Can't believe I have to use my magic to deal with chumps like you idiots." Max said as he approached the two holding the redhead, cirling around and punching them in the side of the head. Due to time slowing down, they didnt go flying but instead began moving sideways ever so slowly.

After comfirming that they were hit hard enough, Max moved on to the other three guys who had hurriedly moved in front of Caitlin after Max had activated his grimoire, though they were thugs it seemed that they had a form of hierarchy to their group. Max would've admired it if they werent stupid morons with huge egos that picked on the weak. These guys picked on anyone who made eye contact with them and it was about time somone taught them a lesson.

Max calmly strolled up and punched each one in the back of the head with enough force to knock them out. He debated on whether ot not to deliver the finishing blow to Caitlin as well, but decided that scaring her was more then enough punishment so she never tried this again.

He thought about what to do next as his magic was draining pretty fast. He decided to just leave things as they were and just go back to where he originally was. He turned around and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Time Resume." He said releasing the spell.

Everything happened very quickly once his speed magic was cut off. There were 5 cracking sounds that rang out one after another, followed by a number of thuds, the sounds of bodies hitting the ground followed by a bunch of screams. The surrounding crowd grew eerily silent, most of them no doubt were confused as to what happened, why five of the nobles were just lying there unconscious.

Max smiled at the shocked Caitlin as the crowd looked on at the only two standing fighters, no one even bothering to glance at the redhead fleeing the scene with her three younger siblings. The thing everyone had witnessed was five guys falling unconscious due to some blow that they couldnt see, and that left them wondering, who were these people.

"Max," Screamed out a voice from the crowd which made the former freeze up turning around slowly. The only thing he saw was a blur of vermilion colored hair before he felt something connect to his gut, knocking the wind out of him. "Oh, hey Mimosa, whats up?"

"Don't you whats up me!" Exclaimed Mimosa, completely ignoring the crowd. "Your supposed to be hanging out with me and Noelle, but instead you go and play hero again?" She grabbed his hand and lead him back to where he dropped the bags. "Pick them up and lets go."

Max groaned as he picked up the bags. "I thought you were mad at me, why are you suddenly talking to me again." He ignored Caitlin as she was harmless and unable to do anything to anyone on her own, deciding to leave with Mimosa instead.

"I wasn't mad at you," She sighed as they left the circle of people, heading for a nearby restaurant. "I was just too embarassed and a bit too jealous to face you. If you heard me going at it with some guy last night, could you face me the next morning like nothing happened?"

Max thought about it seriously for a couple minutes as they walked inside of a nearby pub. He already knew the answer to her question, a big fat NO. He wouldn't have been able to stand it, not to mention it wouldve beem awkward the next day, with him acting the same way she had been. "Well I guess I wouldn't have acted any different then you did. I'm sorry for making things awkward."

"Dont be," Mimosa said as she took a seat next to Noelle who was calmly sipping her coffee. "Things were bound to escalate into that kinda thing sooner or later, you habe that kinda effect on others, but next time try to be a bit more quiet about it."

Max nodded before looking over at Noelle who still had a slight blush on her face, however when she caught him looking she immediately began putting on her usual act. "Don't look at me bug, you shouldn't expect royalty like me to apologize. You brought this on yourself, doing something so vulgar while we're underneath the same roof."

Max laughed a little and shook his head. "Glad to see you haven't changed very much Noelle. I want things to go back to how we had it before the incident last night, so how about we just go back to training tomorrow and get you stronger. So strong that your brothers will not only acknowledge you but also worship you."

Noelle flicked her hair with the back of her hand before responding. "Well I AM royalty after all so worship would only be natural. Its not like I need a mere commoner like you to teach me much, but I'll humor you for now if it shuts you up." She took another sip of her coffee, before pulling out three black boxes. "I got what you asked for but I'm still confused as to why you want them."

Max was suddenly very excited when she put them down, but first he needed to do something. Reaching around his neck, he took off his Black Bulls necklace, and without so much as a warning, placed around Noelle's neck. "Here, I want you to have this. I figured since you didnt have one before you'd feel left out. This is also for you!" He slid one of the boxes towards her. Though she had bought it, hs figured it would still be a slightly kind gesture.