The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 838

    Chapter 838 A Million Times For You 200

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    Chapter 838: A Million Times for You (200)
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    Ill go there for a while.

    An Xiaoning could tell that Jin Qingyan was just intentionally trying to get Gu Beicheng out of the way.

    Why arent you wearing a suit?

    Dont I look dashing in this?

    An Xiaoning scanned him from head to toe and said, You do, but I like it when you wear a white shirt beneath a black suit.

    I wear that all the time. Arent you sick of it at all?

    She tiptoed to lean closer to him and said with a wink, You look uniquely charming when youre wearing a white shirt. Absolutely dashing.

    Jin Qingyan smiled at the unexpected compliment, causing his dimples to show.


    Of course.

    Therell be an interesting show tonight. Care to watch it?

    Who is it about?

    Make a guess.

    An Xiaoning placed her glass down and turned around to walk toward the washroom. Cant be bothered to, she said.

    As soon as she finished answering natures call, she heard the sound of an ongoing conversation outside her cubicle.

    I think I saw An Xiaoning before coming in just now. She was standing beside Mr. Jin. Whats going on? Didnt they already divorce each other twice?

    Lin Mingyuan gibed, This woman is legendary. Jin Qingyan must be blind. He can have any sort of woman he wants, yet he insists on being together with her. Its not like shes embellished with diamonds from head to toe. Whats so charming about her?

    I heard shes very well-rounded. Shes a psychic clairvoyant whos capable of fortune-telling. She can even crack cases and is proficient in martial arts.

    In my opinion, shes best at seducing men! said Lin Mingyuan, who detested An Xiaoning because the latter was associated with Lin Mingxi and Gu Beicheng. She felt as if she had just released her pent-up anger.

    Lets stop talking about her. Itd be so awkward if she hears us.

    Whats wrong with stating facts? said Lin Mingyuan. As soon as she finished speaking, she opened the door of a cubicle, only to make eye contact with An Xiaoning.

    She retreated backwards, and a sullen expression immediately formed on her face.

    Stating facts? An Xiaoning exited the cubicle and glared at Lin Mingyuan before glancing at the other woman beside her, whom she had recognized. Mrs. Zhou, do you think shes stating facts too? An Xiaoning questioned.

    The woman beside Lin Mingyuan frantically explained, Of course not, I think shes being absolutely ridiculous. How could I possibly agree with her? I dont at all.

    An Xiaoning smiled and said sarcastically, I knew you had eyes to see for yourself, unlike someone over here. All she does is criticize others and end up embarrassing herself. No amount of makeup can hide her ugly personality.

    Lin Mingyuan knew better than to retaliate and instead stood rooted to the ground, frozen in shock. An Xiaoning then left the washroom.

    Clutching her chest, Mrs. Zhou said, I got a great shock, how could there be such a coincidence?

    Lin Mingyuan pulled the door open angrily and exclaimed, Just my luck!

    An Xiaoning exited from the washroom and did not see Jin Qingyan in sight. She scanned her surroundings carefully to see that he was being surrounded by a crowd.

    She stepped forward and caught sight of a dolled-up woman who was throwing herself at Jin Qingyan. An Xiaoning pulled the woman away and took her spot.

    The woman was wearing stilettos and almost lost her balance. However, she dared not express her anger after realizing that An Xiaoning was the one whod pulled her away.

    Whats going on? Why is there such a crowd?

    Jin Qingyan was thrilled to see her act of jealousy. However, he contained his happiness and said calmly, Nothing, its just a casual chat.

    Its so boring here. Ill get going first.

    Why are you in such a hurry? He whispered into her ear, The show has yet to start, youre not allowed to leave.

    An Xiaoning looked up and held his gaze while nodding gently.

    The event continued to proceed accordingly, and there had yet to be any unusual incidents.

    As An Xiaoning was sitting idly on the couch, bored out of her wits, the lights were switched off all of a sudden and the deafening sound of gunshots filled the air while the crowd broke into hysterics.

    Everyone began running out of the venue while shrieking in terror. At this very moment, the lights were switched on again.

    All eyes were on the man who had passed out and was lying motionless on the ground. It was none other than Ye Xiaotian.

    He had been shot twice in non-fatal spots of his body.

    He was immediately rushed to the hospital, after which the police soon arrived. However, they did not manage to find any clues.

    On the way home, An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan returned in the same car that Fan Shixin was in charge of driving while the bodyguards were riding in a separate car.


    Why didnt I just kill him? Jin Qingyan asked, despite already knowing the answer.

    An Xiaoning rolled down the window a little and asked, Whats your purpose for doing this?

    To scare him a little. We shall see if hes got more backbone than my bullet, Jin Qingyan said in a sexy, alluring voice. He resented me for introducing Mo Li to Byron back then and so hed decided to hire a top hitman to kill me. However, the hitman failed to kill me and instead abducted you and Qingyue before making me choose between the two of you. At that point, he should have guessed that this day would come eventually, he continued.

    Hes become so much more haggard than before. It must be a torment for him to witness the downfall of the Ye Corporation happening before his very own eyes. The greatest pain is to live in a living hell.

    An Xiaoning understood that Jin Qingyan did not kill Ye Xiaotian straight away, simply because he wanted to put him through a living hell.

    A businessman who enjoys handling major situations will be nothing without his career. No amount of money can buy the kind of happiness he derives from running a company. He should be very clear about what it feels like to be in hell. If it werent for him, we wouldnt have gotten a divorce back then and you wouldnt have suffered the miscarriage of our first child. Your health wouldnt have deteriorated to the state its in now either. He was the cause of everything. Its such a shame that I didnt manage to find out earlier that he was the culprit and mastermind behind that act, said Jin Qingyan.

    A man like him seems to care a lot for Mo Li on the surface, yet he was also the same person who hurt her the most, as usual. Such men are usually the most heartless of them all, regardless of how devoted they may seem to be. Hes nowhere comparable to you, An Xiaoning said with a smile.

    Beaming with joy, Jin Qingyan said, Good that you know. Dont leave me ever again. If you leave me, you wont be able to find someone who loves you as much as I do.

    Okay, I wont leave you, ever, she said abidingly.

    Just as the car pulled over in the garage of Wei Ni Estate, An Xiaoning said, Im going home to sleep.

    He grabbed her wrist and countered, No.

    An Xiaoning chuckled and released the safety belt. Ill see you tomorrow.

    No, he repeated.

    You dont want to see me tomorrow? The day after tomorrow, then. The day after tomorrows tomorrow would be fine too.

    You know I wasnt referring to that. Dont leave tonight.

    She raised her chin and said while smiling, Try and persuade me with a convincing reason then. Otherwise, Im not staying.

    Ill pleasure you from every angle, including blind spots.

    Ive thought of a new position that Id like to invite you to try with me.

    Xiaoning Xiaoning