The Story Of Kaira And The Dragon Chapter 6

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    Kaira had no fear, just like the first time she saw him. Behind his cold, stern eyes, she could see, as she had always seen, his wise ancient nature. She smiled wearily and approached him. Her hand stroked his neck. He put his sleepy head on her shoulder and squinted his eyes. She was home. At last.

    After an endless moment, Kaira took the sack from her back. Keeping an eye on the dragon, she took out the finest chainmail the world had ever seen. Dragon's neck was his weakest place. Whenever he turned his head, the slightest specks of his naked skin got uncovered. Dragon's skin was harder than iron and yet, the scales covered it for a reason.

    The dragon arched his brow, trying to guess her intention. An image of them together in the sky flashed through her to his mind. For the first time, he received a response to his mind-talking from a human being. He flew out of the cave with Kaira on his back. She was holding tight onto the chainmail that protected her dragon and served her as a comfortable seat with handles at the same time.

    The first snow was falling, covering the rocks with a thin fluffy layer. Kaira laughed in her silver voice, thrilled with joy. They were flying over the forest, the fields, and the village where she had mastered the new craft. The people looked like tiny dots on the ground. The thick grey pillar of smoke distinguished the forge from any other house. The blacksmith ran out from the smithy when people started to gather outside, pointing to the sky. Far above, the dragon was flying in circles above the village. A beautiful fearless girl was sitting on his back.
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    "What is this mesh for, girl. Stop this nonsense. It's a waste of magic metal." - The blacksmith used to grumble at her. Now that he looked up in the sky, he felt proud of his young apprentice. He waved to her and sent her a warm fatherly kiss.

    Kaira waved back to the people underneath. They were throwing their hats up, saluting her, the girl who was riding the dragon. Somewhere among them, the granny was admiring her, wiping away a tear of happiness.