The Runaway Bride's Love Story
OngoingBook 1 Chapter 267

    The Runaway Bride's Love Story Book 1 Chapter 267

    Volume 1 Chapter 267 Perfection In Every Imperfection

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    "Waa~ Your skin looks so smooth.. I'm envious!"

    Staring at the fairy like face before her, amidst the heavy mist from the hot tub, Su Yin squealed. She had a look of admiration and marvel in her large black orbs. Her voice echoing in the large private indoor onsen.

    After nearly an hour of relaxing massage the girls are now soaking in the steaming hot tub, clad in short white towels covering their upper body and lower body separately. Their hair were tied into buns preventing them from falling into the hot tub.

    "Heh! As if you're not blessed with silky smooth skin.. Look at your slender back, it's so sensuous!"

    Blushing shyly, Sera giggled softly before darting her eyes around Su Yin's curvy body.

    Waddling forward in the pool Sera raised her hand, she ran her finger along Su Yin's shoulder making her stifle a laugh. She turned her around in one swift motion and almost gasped in delight.

    Su Yin undoubtedly had an oh-so sexy back that drove Adrian crazy! Obviously she had no idea..

    "Oh c'mon.. I don't have such shapely thighs, mine are thick!!"

    Swatting her hand away Su Yin turned to face Sera with a sheepish smile. She abruptly pulled Sera's ankle almost scaring the latter, earning a light scream.

    Su Yin laughed like a naughty kid caught by his mom doing mischief, she then eyed her bestfriend's creamy but shapely thighs with an envious gaze. She sweeped a glance at her own fair legs under water, her lips faintly curved downwards.

    What Su Yin didn't know was that her thick thighs have become a piece of every man's fantasy since long!

    Even Adrian loved them, each and every part of her body along with her heart and soul was worshipped by the man!

    "But you're reasonably well endowed than others, just look at your chest.."

    Not at all affected by the sad smile on Su Yin's face, Sera teasingly extended her fingers wiggling them, she tried to pull her towel while stating with a desirous tone.

    Of course Sera had her fair share, she was just trying to boost her friend's morale by saying such words. After all everyone knew that Su Yin was a sensitive person in regards to her heavy upper body.

    "Sshhh.. Don't say like that, you know that I'm really conscious about it"

    Instantly interjecting Sera's word by shushing her, Su Yin had a mild frown on her clean face. It was evident that she was greatly bothered by her huge assets for she was always teased by the jealous girls around her, except Sera who loved her as it is.

    If only Su Yin had an inkling how her voluptuous body evoked sinful thoughts in the head of the ever stoic faced man, Adrian!


    Shrugging her shoulders Sera went silent for a while, she looked deeply at Su Yin who had her eyes closed soaking blissfully in the hot tub.

    "Yinyin, I believe that we should be comfortable and proud of our body.. After all there is perfection in every imperfection!"

    Sera's eyes flashed, she had a confident light in her clear eyes that reflected in her words. She laughed at the end of her statement with a playful wink directed towards the gaping Su Yin. It was a silvery laughter extremely pleasing to one's ears.

    "Tch, how can you say such extraordinary words with such ease! Praise the Queen Lu.."

    Clicking her tongue exaggeratedly Su Yin had an enlightened expression on her flushed face from the steam. leaning back she raised both her hands in the air and sang praises calling Sera her queen.

    They broke into bell like giggles and laughter akin to two little girls while playing with the soap bubbles, they seemed to have travelled back in time.


    *knock* *knock*

    While the girls were playing around with carefree smiles on their beautiful faces a couple of knocks resounded. They turned towards the door, it was pushed open with a small head peeking out.

    "Excuse me, Miss Lu and Miss Su.."

    A young female attendant with a bright red face met their confused gazes. She coughed awkwardly and lowered her head feeling abashed, she coughed again before speaking in a polite tone.

    "Yes, come in.."

    Exchanging glances Sera and Su Yin nodded in tacit understanding. Sera jutted her chin with a sunshiny smile gesturing her to enter inside, she nodded slowly and obliged.

    "Miss Lu, your cellphone.. It's been ringing for a while, I thought it's important.."

    Stumbling forward in small steps she revealed a shiny cellphone, a faint smile on her still blushing face.

    "It's okay, thank you.. You can go now"

    Sensing the young female attendant's difficulty in forming proper sentences to communicate Sera intervened.

    She had an assuring smile that made the attendant's heart race, she hurriedly kept the cellphone on the table far away from the hot tub and left.

    Su Yin saw the whole exchange with an amused expression on her face, her eyebrows quirked up with a smile in her eyes.

    It was rather comical but Su Yin could clearly understand the poor attendant's situation.

    Anyone would feel intimidated when facing a dazzling beauty like Seraphina Lu!

    After the door clicked softly indicating that it was closed Sera slowly climbed out of the hot tub. She wrapped herself into a short pink robe and picked up her cellphone.

    "Who is it?"

    Su Yin being the busybody couldn't stop herself from posing forth a question. She was preparing to leave the hot tub as she cleaned her hands with water.

    "Ah~ Xia, Xia Ruo Lan.. I'll go talk to her"

    Flustered by her question, Sera felt her heart jolt against her chest. She cast a glance at the caller id, it was Lucifer. She forced a small smile, lying through her teeth with a raspy tone.

    It was excruciating to lie on the face without feeling guilty about it.

    Su Yin beamed happily after finding out that it was Xia Ruo Lan.

    "Huh? Ask her to join us later.. It'll be fun!"

    Wiping her face with a small dry towel Su Yin suggested with a wide grin. She could literally imagine the 'fun' with Sera and Ruo Lan, her eyes glittering in anticipation.

    "Hmm.. I'll be back"

    Humming absentmindedly Sera had a meek smile on her face, it was unnaturally red when the phone in her hands started ringing. She looked at the oblivious Su Yin before darting inside the changing room.