The Reverse Life Of Jiujiu
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    The Reverse Life Of Jiujiu Chapter 55

    Chapter 55: She Must Be Executed For Lese Majeste

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    Translator: Dongqi Nangong
    Proofreader: Prof. Zhu Yuan

    “How dare you!” Ruan Qingqing pointed at Ruan Jiujiu, and trembled like winnowing chaff, rolling her eyes.

    Ruan Jiujiu’s scolding was as harsh as peeling her skin bloodily, which made her feel shocked, painful and frightened, so she glared at her with anger.

    “What? Do you have any questions?” Ruan Jiujiu squinted her eyes and looked at Ruan Qingqing, her momentum like an icy knife, cutting her face, “Ruan Qingqing, I have never forgot all villainies you have done to me these years.”

    Ruan Qingqing paled instantly, stepped back and fell down on the ground.

    Did she mean to avenge now?

    Ruan Qingqing, who had never put Ruan Jiujiu in her eyes, now felt frightened suddenly. Because she felt a hint of killing from Ruan Jiujiu

    Ruan Jiujiu was her deadly foe forever!

    Casting a scornful glance at Ruan Qingqing who was sitting on the ground, Ruan Jiujiu raised her eyebrows leisurely and looked around, then pointed at Concubine Dan and said, “Look, Concubine Dan has been detoxified.”

    Concubine Dan has been detoxified?

    All of them turned to the concubine, and the sixth prince also rushed to her side. At this moment, nobody would care about Ruan Qingqing

    Ruan Qingqing found Empress Xiao was staring at the concubine anxiously; as for Beiming Ting, her future husband, he also passed by coldly, making her feel more depressed and tightly clenching her fists.

    The concubine was saved by Ruan Jiujiu indeed.

    Her face had been covered by the poisonous lines, but now those lines disappeared and her jade white skin showed up.

    Her eyelashes trembled, and she hummed slightly. It seemed that she would wake up soon.

    No one there believed that Ruan Jiujiu can detoxify the poison first, but now the effect was obvious, and they all thought she was amazing.

    Even Imperial Physician Shen was surprised.

    And he was so impressed by her so called “secret recipe.”

    Ruan Qingqing resentfully looked at Concubine Dan, who was about to wake up, and there was a hint of viciousness in her eyes. Then she glanced quickly at Empress Xiao.

    Empress Xiao stood up, and walked toward the concubine.

    “My sis, how do you feel now?”

    The concubine opened her eyes. She saw her son first and then heard the voice of Empress Xiao. So she turned to the Empress and found she was looking at her with concern.

    She frowned slightly and tried to avoid her face, and looked around to find her husband, Emperor Tianlong, and softly said, “My Emperor, what happened to me?”

    “My dear, how do you feel?” The Emperor asked with curiosity.

    She sat up with the support of her son, and smiled, “I just feel weak now, also a little bit dizzy.”

    “Nothing strange?” He asked.

    Actually, he did want her to be fine, but not want her to wake up in this way.

    Because Ruan Jiujiu just kept stressing that she was the maiden of Beiming Xuan, but now he couldn’t find any clues on her, and he also needed to show his gratitude to Beiming Xuan.

    Because her contribution was also owned by her master.

    This made him very uncomfortable and depressed.

    But the concubine shook her head, “Nothing else. I only feel a bit groggy now.”

    Her feelings were real, which made the Emperor feel kind of disappointed, but he could not show up on his face now.

    So he turned to Ruan Jiujiu, who was standing below him.

    She was standing there at ease, which annoyed him very much.

    “Ruan Jiujiu, you saved the concubine, and that is a credit for you, but the Wusi poison...” He spoke so while looking at Beiming Xuan.

    The Wusi poison had been connected with the assassin issue that happened in Yun Palace, so he must investigate it thoroughly. Because it was Raun Jiujiu who found this poison, there must be clues on her.

    Ruan Jiujiu belonged to Beiming Xuan, so he had to investigate the Ming Mansion later, and that must be very annoying.

    The reason why he said so was that he could not just take her away in front of Beiming Xuan.

    But this time, he underestimated his young brother.

    “My elder brother, although she made a contribution, it is her obligation. If you really want to reward her, please don’t be so serious. I am afraid this poor chick could not stand your reward”

    His words silenced the hall.

    Ruan Jiujiu tried her best not to laugh out, because she knew if she did that, Beiming Xuan would slap her face directly.

    The Emperor really wanted to reward her?

    But now he had no choice but to do so!

    And he just said that her detoxification was a credit, so if he refused, wouldn’t he seem like an imperial miser?

    He must have been so depressed at the moment!

    The rewarding section was the second, but now the first thing for him was how to reply Beiminng Xuan.

    “Reward you...” The Emperor’s heart was broken, although Beiming Xuan said he didn’t have to do his honor, if he really follow his order, he would not only be defeated by him, but also make him look niggardly.

    His face turned black and he secretly clenched his teeth.

    “Reward Ruan Jiujiu ten thousand taels of gold, three hundred kilograms of pearl, and ten boxes of jewels!”

    Really? That was a handsome reward!

    Empress Xiao and others were shocked, and even Ruan Jiujiu couldn’t help frowning.

    Although she had no idea about the concept of ancient money, she could still know that she made a fortune now.

    “My Emperor, thank you so much!” She was grateful sincerely.

    Emperor Tianlong looked at her, but winked suddenly, like smiling, “Don’t be harsh, I haven’t finished yet.”


    His words stunned everyone here.

    Normally, that reward was so handsome that they hadn’t seen it for years, and the Emperor wanted to reward more?

    Even Ruan Jiujiu was shocked.

    “Since you can detoxify the Wusi poison, I want to reward you with all the three treasures that I planned to give my brother before, so that you can do me a favor to investigate the poison on them.”

    Once he finished talking, Beiming Xuan squinted his eyes, and Ruan Jiujiu also realized the Emperor’s intention.

    The former part of his reward was a response to Beiming Xuan, because he had no choice, but the latter part was a long-time bet.

    Those treasures were poisonous, so nobody would accept them, even if someone accept, he dared not use them.

    But Ruan Jiujiu could detoxify the poison, and the last sentence of the Emperor was deadly.

    Since you have taken my reward, you must do me this favor.

    The issue of the Wusi poison was still her matter, so she couldn’t refuse.

    But those three treasures were too precious to reward an orphan.

    After all, those treasures were intended to give Lord Ming, and Ruan Jiujiu was inconsequential compared to Lord Ming.

    “Thank you so much, my Emperor.” This time Ruan Jiujiu was speechless.

    Soon, the gold, pearl, jewels and the three treasures were carried by servants here, dazzling her eyes.

    She was about to say something, but Beiming Xuan suddenly commanded, “Bring those back to my mansion.”

    No one would disagree him, even Ruan Jiujiu, as the master of those treasures, could not have a chance to make a sound. Then some servants came and took them away.

    Ruan Jiujiu was unhappy.

    She glared at Beiming Xuan, but he still sat there and leisurely drank his tea.

    “My brother, since the concubine is safe now, I need to go back home with her now. As for the Wusi poison, I’ll wait for your message.”

    The Emperor really wanted to rebut him after hearing that, but he couldn’t.

    It was Beiming Xuan who said Ruan Jiujiu came here for detoxification at the beginning, and the Emperor dared not admit the truth that he kidnapped Ruan Jiujiu here. Now the concubine was safe, he naturally had no excuse to stop him going back home.

    What’s more, Beiming Xuan just regarded him as the culprit behind the Wusi poison issue.

    Ruan Jiujiu didn’t want to stay here either, because the reason why she escaped from the Ming Masion was to go to Ruan Mansion for revenge.

    Noticing Beiming Xuan standing up, she immediately followed up, then looked back at Ruan Qingqing.

    Ruan Qingqing was stunned at first, then tried to avoid her gaze, but suddenly, she seemed to come up with something in mind, and turned to avoid her eyes.

    Her behavior surprised Ruan Jiujiu too, what do you want to do?

    Before figuring out why, she heard a loud thump as she was turning back.


    “My dear sis?”

    “My dear!”

    Ruan Jiujiu looked back and found Concubine Dan falling down on the ground with her eyes closing tightly, and her face turning pale.

    Does she pass out?

    Or her delicate body cannot stand the effect of my antidote which is too much for her?

    While Ruan Jiujiu was still trying to figure out the cause, she saw a white shadow flashing in front of her face. It turned out to be Ruan Qingqing, who was kneeling in front of the Emperor.

    You indeed have brewed a plot!

    Ruan Jiujiu clenched her teeth.

    But Ruan Qingqing spoke directly.

    “My Emperor, Ruan Jiujiu has deceived you, which is unacceptable and she must be executed.”

    Must be executed... She was really a bad ass to ask for her death directly.

    “Any evidence?” At this moment, the Emperor suddenly forgot his beloved concubine and looked at Ruan Qingqing.

    As long as she could prove Ruan Jiujiu was guilty, then her master Beiming Xuan was naturally guilty too.

    But he could not hear the secret sound from Beiming Xuan now.

    He told Ruan Jiujiu coldly, “Deal with your own trouble by yourself.”

    Ruan Jiujiu was in rage, you cold blood son of bitch!

    Share the happiness with me, but leave me along once I am in trouble.

    Don’t you feel ashamed?

    Although the Emperor looked very solemn, he was joyful in mind, and stared at Ruan Qingqing with expectation.

    She didn’t let him down. She used a loud tone to explain it with clear fizz as if she had drilled it for hundred times in her mind.

    “She has deceived you twice! First, she declaimed that there was Wusi poison on the treasures on the city in the day; second, she deceived you that she knew how to detoxify the poison! She knew it was not the Wusi poison, but still pretended to be detoxifying, and also accepted your reward as if she had contributed a lot! She is a completely avaricious liar, and she must be executed!”

    The word “executed” showed a sense of coldness, without any concealment. It looked like that she was trying to vent her anger and resentment.

    Is this for my scolding just now?

    Ruan Jiujiu could not help but laugh out scornfully.

    Her laugh attracted others’ attention. Because her laugh sounded so natural, and she seemed like listening to a joke instead of accusations.

    Was she still OK?